Wide receiver Marquise Goodwin is often touted as the fastest player on the San Francisco 49ers roster, maybe in the NFL. He is, after all, a former Olympian (maybe soon to be again) and recently won the "40 Yards of Gold" competition against other speedy NFL receivers.

One teammate believes he could beat Goodwin in a race. 49ers play-by-play announcer, Greg Papa, on Sunday asked safety Tarvarius Moore who would win in a race between Goodwin and himself.

"Me, definitely," Moore said without hesitation. "I'm calling it me."

Papa asked the second-year player if that could be set up with defensive coordinator Robert Saleh.

"Set it up," Moore responded. "Let's set it up. I'm all for it."

Would Moore want to put the million-dollar cash prize Goodwin earned from the "40 Yards of Gold" competition (but maybe has not received) on the line? The safety wasn't too willing to do that just yet.

"We might have to wait," Moore said. "I don't know about the one mil just yet. I need to get a mil first so I can set it up, but we definitely can set it up. I'm all for it."