New defensive line coach Kris Kocurek is making an impact on the San Francisco 49ers and is doing so with his vocal and often not-safe-for-work style of teaching. It's who he is. Kocurek is loud, full of energy, and his players love him.

The 49ers are in Denver taking part in joint practices with the Broncos before Monday night's preseason game at Mile High Stadium. Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area caught a video of Kocurek working on individual drills with his defensive linemen. The video also shows Broncos players walking by and taking notice of the very vocal and "colorful" coaching style of Kocurek.

The 49ers hired Kocurek in January to replace former defensive line coach Jeff Zgonina. He spent last year with the Miami Dolphins and coached the Lions defensive line from 2010 through 2017. He was an assistant defensive line coach with Detroit in 2009.

Kocurek was asked in May to describe what a Kocurek-coached defensive line is.

"Aggressive, physical, a group that you see four D-linemen on the field, pursuing the ball wherever it's at on the field," Kocurek responded. "Trying to be the hardest playing position group in the National Football League, that's what we strive for every single day. A group that plays together, a group that's unselfish, and a group that you see, when they're on the field, they're playing with their hair on fire."