The San Francisco 49ers offense ranked No. 32 in the NFL last year in red-zone efficiency. The unit converted a league-low 41.18 percent of its drives into touchdowns. By comparison, the top team in the category, the Pittsburgh Steelers, converted 73.47 percent of their drives.

So, the 49ers were bad last year in the red zone. Really bad.

Improving red-zone play has been emphasized during training camp. Of course, red-zone drills are always part of training-camp practices, but the 49ers know that to turn a corner, to reach their potential, they need to figure out ways to punch the football into the end zone more consistently than last year.

Jimmy Garoppolo was recently asked what the key might be to improved play in the red zone.

"I wouldn't say there's one specific key," the quarterback responded, "but I think just honing in on the details and making those important to us. Everything's so tight down there; coverage is tight, tight windows to throw, it's just you've got to be on your p's and q's."

The 49ers offense has tight end George Kittle at its disposal. Sorry, I mean NFL record-breaking Pro Bowl tight end, George Kittle. The team also added two receivers, Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd, via the draft. Let's not forget second-year wideout Dante Pettis and veteran speedster Marquise Goodwin.

Kittle recently sat down with Lindsay Jones of The Athletic and discussed the receivers' chemistry with Garoppolo.

"One thing I love about Jimmy is he just gives guys a chance to make plays," Kittle said, "whether that's me, Dante, Deebo, Marquis, he's giving us the opportunity, and if you take advantage of that opportunity, he keeps feeding you and keeps feeding you. That's all you can ask for."

There is, however, one teammate Kittle hopes sees less of a role in 2019. That is kicker Robbie Gould, who recently re-signed with San Francisco. It's nothing personal.

"Our biggest thing is we have to score when we're in the red zone," Kittle told Jones. "That's something we struggled with the last two years. I love Robbie Gould, but I'd rather him kick less field goals and more extra points. So that's one thing we've really got to focus on, staying on the field, finishing when we get down to the red zone."

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