Adam Rank angered several fanbases earlier this offseason with his record predictions for all 32 NFL teams. He had the San Francisco 49ers, who are much-improved in many opinions, finishing the 2019 season with three wins — one fewer than the team had last season without quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for the majority of the season.

He later downgraded the win total to two games and defended the prediction.

"I know it probably won't end up that way," Rank said on KNBR, "and I think it's more of an indication of where I feel that they are compared to the other teams in their division and the NFC. It didn't work out very well."

The 49ers remain one of the hottest offseason picks to turn things around. They, after all, are getting their franchise quarterback back, beefed-up the defensive line with two talented pass rushers, added to an already deep group of running backs, and drafted two incredibly fascinating wide receivers.

Most analysts have the team finishing at least around the .500 mark.

"I don't get the San Francisco 49ers," admits Rank in a recent column, which calls the Bay Area team "overhyped."

Rank wrote that he loves Garoppolo, but has questions about his experience level. He points out the quarterback's rough start to the 2018 season after mentioning his impressive five-game run to end 2017.

"I will say he was looking great against the Chiefs in Week 3, but the Chiefs' defense was 'Madden' rookie level last year," Rank wrote. "Just being honest. Garoppolo is still developing as a quarterback. He's going to be very good in this league, but it's a process."

Rank isn't very impressed with running back Tevin Coleman, one of several offseason additions, notes that Jerick McKinnon is coming off of an injury, and calls Matt Breida "frustrating." Yup.

Then you have Rank discussing the 49ers' inexperienced group of wide receivers. Although, he didn't really call them "inexperienced."

"But outside of [TE George Kittle], I can't identify any of the receivers," Rank wrote. "I mean, I can, because it's my job. But the layperson would be hard-pressed to name one, which is kind of depressing for a team that has had guys like Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens and Isaac Bruce in its history. And yes, I might be joking about Bruce, but he would be the best receiver on this team. Like, modern-day Isaac Bruce at age 46. That's not to say Marquise Goodwin, Dante Pettis, Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd aren't talented. Hurd especially is an intriguing prospect, but he's still a prospect at this point."

Rank goes on to attack the 49ers defense, which set NFL-record lows for getting turnovers last season. The team added Dee Ford and Nick Bosa to help improve the pass rush, and in turn, potentially cause more turnovers. It also added linebacker Kwon Alexander to come in and replace first-round blunder, Reuben Foster.

"I think, more than anything, in my career, turnovers happen when you're hitting the quarterback," general manager John Lynch said on NFL Network over the weekend. "I really believe we're going to be able to do that. That speeds up the clock of those quarterbacks, makes them throw a tick early. As a defensive back, you can take some chances."

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