The San Francisco 49ers defensive line is expected to be much-improved in 2019. Defensive tackle D.J. Jones hopes to be a big part of the beefed-up unit and has been impressed by the offseason additions.

The 49ers made it a point this year to improve the pass rush. The team tied for No. 22 in the league last year when it comes to getting to opposing quarterbacks. San Francisco already had Pro Bowl defensive tackle DeForest Buckner, who recorded a career-high and team-high 12 sacks last season. No one else on the roster even came close.

Buckner is the uncontested leader among the group. In just three NFL seasons, he has cemented himself as one of the best defensive linemen in the game, no matter what NFL Network might try to tell you.

Jones, who is entering his third NFL season, is learning a lot form his typically soft-spoken Pro Bowl teammate, who prefers to lead and teach by example.

"I feel like [Buckner is] a guy that goes out there and shows you what to do," Jones told reporters on Sunday. "He ain't got to be the vocal leader, but he shows you better than he can tell you."

The 49ers added pass rushers Dee Ford and Nick Bosa to add more pressure on opposing quarterbacks, hopefully freeing up Buckner to have another breakout season.

Jones hopes the upgrades will also create more opportunities for him. He believes the defensive front now has unbelievable depth and potential. They just need to put it all together, now.

"Everybody on the D-line is capable of starting, is capable of going out there and making plays," Jones said. "It doesn't matter if you're with the ones, twos, or threes, there's guys out there that can help you, and you can help them."

Jones does not have a quarterback sack on his resume despite appearing in 19 games with four starts in his two NFL seasons. He used this offseason to work on improving his pass rush skills.

"I need to get to the quarterback," Jones told reporters. "We all do."

The pass rush wasn't the only area with room for improvement. The 49ers defense set new NFL records for the fewest turnovers in a single season with seven, four fewer than the previous record. That included a league-low two interceptions, also a new NFL record for the fewest in a single season. Creating turnovers has become a point of emphasis this offseason.

"You've just got to be aggressive," Jones said. "Turnovers are going to come as long as you play good defense. Get the offense to second-and-long, third-and-long, you'll make turnovers. Just keying in on that.

"We're trying to attack the ball, and go for the ball every time. The D-line is running to the ball. Guys like Damontre Moore are pushing us to rip the ball every time."