Jimmy Garoppolo showed off some mobility during Monday's practice. He was chased from the pocket on one play, scrambled up the middle, and gave the signal for a slide before being touched down by safety Adrian Colbert, per the San Francisco Chronicle.

Now, hearing something like that may make a San Francisco 49ers fan's heart skip a beat. Memories of Garoppolo going down with an ACL injury last year might come to mind. But seeing Garoppolo moving around on the practice field is a good sign when it comes to the quarterback's health. It means he is getting more comfortable.

Garoppolo, who joined KNBR on Monday, is practicing with a brace and will continue wearing the gear over his leg into the regular season.

He likes the brace. It is lighter than any contraption he's put on in the past, and he barely notices it is there.

"I had a couple of scrambles today; I didn't even think about it," Garoppolo said on the "Papa and Lund" show. "That's really what you want. The technology today, the titanium is unbelievable."

Garoppolo likes it so much that he can envision wearing it for the remainder of his career. Although, the quarterback will take it year-by-year.

How comfortable is Garoppolo getting out on the practice field? Pretty comfortable, he says.

"Honestly, I had two reps today that one guy was right at my knees, and I kind of side-stepped him and took off running," Garoppolo said. "After the play, I kind of smiled. Me and Kyle kind of looked at each other. It was a good feeling."

The 49ers this offseason added a couple of rookie receiving weapons to Garoppolo's arsenal. The quarterback described Deebo Samuel as a physical receiver who can catch the football in tight windows. Jalen Hurd is the bigger-bodied guy.

"All these pieces are really starting to come together," Garoppolo added. "It's exciting, as a quarterback, to have that many different options to go to. It's a luxury, and I'm very thankful for it."

Garoppolo will play during the preseason. Head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed that much on Monday. Whether or not that includes the August 24 matchup in Kansas City, the scene of last year's injury, remains to be seen.

Garoppolo was asked if he's going to step out of bounds next time.

"Amen," he responded.

You can listen to the entire conversation with Garoppolo below.