Antone Exum Jr. was never a teammate of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick but is inspired by his stance against social injustice. The current 49ers safety is so inspired, in fact, that he's about to release a song entitled "Officer Kaepernick."

Exum writes and produces rap music during his off time from football and plans to release the song in the next week or two, he says.

"I feel like if his whole movement had a score, it would be this song," Exum recently told TMZ. "If his followers and his whole movement of following had a soundtrack, it would be this song."

Exum said he wrote the song a while ago and wanted to bring more awareness toward "excessive police brutality and some of the injustices in the police force." He acknowledges and appreciates the officers who don't cross the line and knows there are many of those types of cops.

"But we also have some that are involved in some really unfortunate situations," Exum continued. "And I think some of those instances stem from a place of fear and a little bit of hate sometimes, too. I think we should just move forward with love."

How does Exum feel about any potential backlash from fans, players, or NFL owners?

"That's one of the reasons [the song is] named what it's named," Exum responded. "Kaepernick didn't have any fear when he first took a knee, so I'm not really a fearful person myself, or I try not to show that on the exterior, at least. I think I'll be okay no matter what happens."

You can watch the entire interview with Exum below.

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