San Francisco 49ers rookie linebacker Dre Greenlaw, who has quickly become a fan-favorite, took what looks like a lot of time to answer questions from fans via Instagram. No topic seemed off limits.

The 49ers made Greenlaw a fifth-round pick out of Arkansas in April. He received a significant amount of reps during the team's offseason program after injuries impacted the linebacker group.

Below are the questions sent to Greenlaw, which have been edited for legibility. The linebackers answers, however, are quoted exactly as they appeared within his Instagram story.

What do you think of the linebackers we've got on the squad?

Dre Greenlaw: "They GanG hardest LB's in the league"

How are you liking the 49ers?

DG: "Tbh I couldn't have asked for a better orginazatiin best coaching staff in NFL LOOKEM UP!

How did you choose your jersey number? Do you plan to change it?

DG: "Growing into it so nahhh"

I need your jersey. I like what you stand for.

DG: "Go get that thang and I'm built different"

How do you like the Bay Area?

DG: "Loving it so far!!!"

Which quarterback do you hope to smack first?

DG: "He know me from College but I'm gone get him again on this level @patrickmahomes"

Who have you connected with the most since joining the Niners?

DG: "Everybody!! I show everybody love"

Are you starting this year or what?

DG: "I'm learning from the best rn!!"

Photo of Kwon Alexander in the background

Are they playing you in all three linebacker positions?

DG: "Will&Sam"

Can you give me advice on how to get faster? I am a defensive back in college.

DG: "Don't stop running.. nah man it just depends your hip flexors probably weak so do band work and they're prolly tight so stretch"

Does the defensive line look crazy?

DG: "It's really crazy nothing like I've ever seen before!!!"

Were there any times going into college ball that you weren't sure whether or not you would achieve your dream?

DG: "All the time so it made me go harder!!!"

Who is the best player on the team besides you?

DG: "The D-Line is insane!!"

Are you single?

DG: "BIG SINGLE!!! I got trust issues part of where I come from..!"

Can you predict your stats for the season?

DG: "Make the team"

Are you ready for that starting outside linebacker job?

DG: "I just know I'm a Hitta so whether it's that or coming in but I'm gone make some shake"

What's one thing about the Bay Area or California that made you say, "Really? Like are y'all for real?"

DG: "Waffle House far away and the iHop is over priced"

Does Jimmy Garoppolo look good?

DG: "He the next Tom Brady of our generation and that's a fact!!"

How hard did you work to get where you are today?

DG: "There was night I didn't go out but best believe I was working out. It was a mental thing for me made me think I was ahead of the comp."

What's your real 40-time?

DG: "I'm real deal 4.5 I just pulled my hamstring 2 weeks before combine and hadn't run since I was over weighted at 237 I played at 228"

Who is your favorite player of all time?

DG: "Supermannnnn"

Photo of Cam Newton in the background

I appreciate you answering out questions.

DG: "I'm blessed to be in this position so it's only right"

How did you come in last place in go-kart racing? (Several 49ers platers recently raced together as a group activity)

DG: "I was looking to hit people it's in my DNA"

Remember, you're the only person who can put limits on yourself so strive for greatness.

DG: "Facts it's only to the top from here fam!!"

How important is God to you? Do you pray often?

DG: "Best one yet! God is my bf like I talk to myself but really I'm talking to him! I think he blessed me because when I could of blamed others it made my trust for him grow and never looked back!"

Hey man, I'm 13 years old and from a small town in Idaho. I look up to you, and am happy my team got you. You're special.

DG: "Hey I appreciate that! If you want to do the same thing you can you know that right? Just takes descipline sacrifice and patience!!"

How is life treating you?

DG: "Blessed and highly favored"

Do you think Jacolby Criswell will do well at North Carolina even though he is already a GOAT?

DG: "I know he will he built just like me never satisfied always hungry just built different. Won't stop till he get it."

Who was your favorite linebacker growing up?

DG: "Lol Ray and Pratrick!!! I was a safety so I liked DB's growing up"

What was your favorite course in college?

DG: "(lots of laughing emojis) Football"

Who do you model your game after?


Photo of Kwon Alexander in the background

What is it like being an NFL player?

DG: "I'm not a true NFL player till I make the squad so I'm working everyday hard to take it in"

What is your favorite book or movie?

DG: "The whole series"

Photo of Underworld with Kate Beckinsale in the background

What's your favorite bible verse?

Photo of a tattoo of Philippians 4:13 in the background, which reads, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

I read a great article about you helping a girl out of a tough spot at a party. Cool way to use your spotlight.

DG: "I know what they've been tru, been going thru it my whole life I just want them to know they still can achieve anything and they're the right kids to do because they're already tough"

How many years until you become the best linebacker in the league?

DG: "Gods plan but best believe they gone know my name real soon"

What was the best moment from you senior year?

DG: "Awh man I love everything about not what I wanted but the best thing was how bad I was injured but I just kept going!! Story of my life! And still made it!! And guess what? Far from done"

What came first? The chick or the egg?

DG: "The chicken God placed two of everything down"

How big of a jump is it from college to the pros?

DG: "In my personal opinion the speed ain't different just the mental part when you get formation changes the checks and stuff you make that happens fast"

How can we talk more about your public relations and community goals?

DG: "Umh just ask me?.. There's certain I want to be able to do to help the community but I really want to go in the focus of foster kids because I can really relate to that"

What's the scariest part about the NFL to you?

DG: "I mean you can be cut at any moment I'm not worried about it but it's tough to think about"

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