San Francisco 49ers rookies Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel recently offered fans a first glimpse of themselves in their full team uniforms.

The NFL and Panini trading card company have given the Niner Faithful a better look via social media of the 49ers' top two selections in this year's draft.

The following is a photo of Bosa, the No. 2 overall pick, which was posted on the league's official Facebook account.

Panini tweeted a video of Bosa, a defensive end, tossing the football.

More of Bosa…

The following is a trading card mock-up of Samuel, San Francisco's second-round pick, provided by Panini.

Both Bosa and Samuel are in the photo below. Bosa is in the last row to the far right while Samuel is in the second row, also to the far right.

H/t to Patrick Tulini for the find.