Peter King of NBC Sports is very high on the San Francisco 49ers as NFL teams prepare for the 2019 season. So high, in fact, that he lists them No. 7 among all 32 teams in his recent power ranking.

It may be the 49ers' highest ranking on such a list. King does warn that he expects to be "wildly incorrect," and notes that fans should react accordingly.

The only NFC West team which ranks higher than the 49ers is the defending division champion Los Angeles Rams, who come in at No. 4.

Below is what King has to say about his surprisingly high placement of the 49ers. Much of the reasoning has to do with the team's returning quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo.

"In 2017 and 2018, the Niners were 6-2 when Jimmy Garoppolo started and 4-18 when he didn't. In his fateful last start, when he ran left and tore his ACL at Kansas City, these were the last four drives he executed that afternoon, going head to head with Patrick Mahomes at rabid Arrowhead: 54 yards to a field goal, 87 yards to a touchdown, 77 yards to a touchdown, 58 yards to a field goal. In his 10 NFL starts, he's a 66-percent passer. I have no problem making two statements: I think the 49ers are a playoff team if Garappolo plays a full season. And I think Garoppolo will be seen as a top 10 NFL quarterback if he plays a full season this year. Still, the fact that he hasn't done it leaves the question in everyone's mind: The kid's started only 10 games in five NFL seasons, he's been rewarded ridiculously for what the Niners expect him to do … and now, can he do it? The future of so many people in San Francisco—including joined-at-the-hip coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch—are riding on Garoppolo's right arm. And his health. I'm fine gambling on him."

We're still nearly four months away from finding out if the 49ers' rising offseason hype is justified or not.

Garoppolo was recently asked during an ESPN interview if he expects to be ready for the regular-season opener.

"I sure hope so," Garoppolo answered. "Yeah, it's trending that way. We've still got a little while, about four months or so. OTAs start here in a couple of weeks.

"The trainers, coaches, they're all putting together a pretty good plan of just how we're going to attack it. I'm excited to get back out there, finally."

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