San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Arik Armstead is entering his fifth NFL season. It's a contract year for the Sacramento-area native, and he hopes a new defensive line coach can help him make it a productive one.

There has been a lot of indecision during Armstead's four NFL seasons on where to play him. He's played at the LEO spot, the big end, and along the interior. While it's allowed Armstead to show off his versatility, it's never allowed him to settle into a specific role.

The 49ers added Kris Kocurek to the coaching staff in January. He didn't travel with the team when it coached the Senior Bowl later that month. Instead, he stayed in Santa Clara and watched film on his new players, including Armstead, to determine their strengths and fit along the defensive line and within his scheme.

Armstead, who recently joined the 49ers Insider Podcast, has had a little time to get to know his new position coach.

"There's read defenses. There's attacking defenses," Armstead told Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area. "And he really wants us to attack, and get off the ball, and establish a new line of scrimmage, and be violent and physical out there, and kind of wreak havoc. That's the mentality that he's preaching and how he wants us to play."

What is the best way to use Armstead along the 49ers defensive front?

"I think I am a base defensive end," he answered. "I can play a 9, I can play a 5, and then on third down, I think I'm an inside dominant pass rusher rushing against guards. I think that's kind of the game plan they have for me."

The 49ers added a player they hope will become a dominant pass rusher in Dee Ford. The team will probably add another via the draft. With the ends likely to be figured out by Saturday, how does Armstead feel he fits into what could be a very different looking defensive front?

"I think inside pass rushing, I'm going to be productive when I'm on the field, and get pressure, and get sacks, and do my job," Armstead responded. "It's going to make it easier having a lot of talent around me, but I think that's what I can do. I think that's my role, and that's what I'm going to go out and do."

You can listen to the entire interview with Armstead below.