Television cameras caught a glimpse of a frustrated Kyle Shanahan having a passionate discussion with an official during the third quarter of Sunday's 43-16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the team's 10th loss of the season. The "conversation" earned the San Francisco 49ers head coach a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

You can view the exchange below, courtesy of Melissa Jacobs. It's not hard to figure out what Shanahan says at the end.

While Shanahan was understandably frustrated with some horrific officiating during the game, he regretted the on-field outburst.

"There was a number of things that added up, that were building up and I made a dumb mistake and said something I shouldn't of," Shanahan told reporters after the game "It won't happen again."

One Niner great loved seeing a fired-up Shanahan on the sidelines. Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice joined 95.7 The Game on Monday morning and explained why he has no problem with the coach putting on an emotional display like the one on Sunday.

"Yesterday, for the first time, I really saw some emotion from Kyle Shanahan," Rice said on the "Joe, Lo & Dibs" show. "It was a play that he totally disagreed with, and he was upset. That's what I want to see on the football field. That's what I want to see at the facility, in the classroom, all of that, because the players are going to follow him. And if he's emotionally into the game and he wants to win like that, they're going to do the same thing."

You can listen to the entire conversation with Rice below.