The following are select post-game quotes from San Francisco 49ers players following Thursday night's 24-21 preseason win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Safety Adrian Colbert

Can you talk about the energy that the guys on the sidelines had towards the end of the game?

"That is what it is all about. That is how you build a great foundation by supporting each other from top to bottom, from bottom to top. That is how it is supposed to be. If you see people on the sideline not showing love, showing support, thinking about some other stuff and not paying attention to the game. How do you think that will make your teammates feel? If they feel like they don't have any support then they are not going to want to play for you. If they don't want to play for you then they will not be able to go out there and do stuff for you like that."

I think I saw someone put San Francisco 49ers QB Nick Mullens on their shoulders after. I thought about all the times you guys talk about how good the locker room is?

"Yes. It is way better. The chemistry, the connection between everybody and how everyone just relates and hangs out with each other, it is fun."

A lot of people worried, will this team carry over the good vibes throughout this season?

"Yes. 100-percent. That is how we have to bring it in. That is how we have to finish and we are going to finish that way. We are going to keep the train rolling."

Were the starters in on the defense long enough to draw any conclusions?

"Not at all. People will try to draw conclusions on both sides of the ball because on how long the starters were in. It takes time to get back in a rhythm as a defense and an offense."

Wide Receiver Richie James Jr.

Can you talk about the game-winning catch?

"We just put it in the zone. We had been driving down the field all day and wasn't able to put it in. We had three turnovers and it is hard to win a game with three turnovers, but we did it."

What did you think when you got in the end zone?

"Yes, it was on my mind. I just really have to give credit to [San Francisco 49ers QB] Nick [Mullens]. That was a good ball. It was in the right window. He did a really good job."

So what is next, some recovery, film?

"We are right back at it next week. We have to get going."

Running Back Jeremy McNichols

Is the plan for the running backs to rotate throughout the preseason so that in the next game you would get a little bit more playing time than you got this game?

"I am not exactly sure how the rotations are game-to-game. Our coaches tell us that. [San Francisco 49ers head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] and the coaching staff would know more about that than me."

Are you a little bit lighter than you were about a year ago?

"Yes, I think I lightened up a little bit, and I feel a lot faster and quicker this year than I did last year."

So you would be better suited in this offense with what they want the running backs to do in this offense?

"That is why they wanted me around 205 and 206, so I cut down some body fat. I got quicker on my feet, lighter on my feet. I am a lot better in this offense this year than I was last year."

Give me a sense of the last drive, what it was like. It just seemed like you guys had both the momentum and confidence.

"It all starts with the quarterback. [San Francisco 49ers QB] Nick [Mullens] came in confident with us in the huddle. I think that just carried on with everyone else. He went in and said, 'We are going to win this game.' Everybody felt that energy and we went down and won."

Defensive Lineman Jullian Taylor

Obviously there were some highs and lows. I know early on there was a running play where you went the wrong way. I don't know what happened, but I want you to take me back through that.

"It was probably just me getting the jitters out honestly. This was my first game and I started so it was kind of like whoa. Once I settled down and really got my feet under me, it got easier. It was just playing football at the end of the day."

When it got easy you got your sack. Can you take me back to that?

"I just literally ran the play that was called. We set the run and we executed perfectly. It worked out. It wouldn't have worked without the D-Line as a unit and all of the coaches so I am thankful for them for calling the play and giving me the opportunity to make it."

I was at practice the other day when you guys were hitting the sled and it seems to me that every time you hit it, it had a different sound. Like you have some natural strength to you.

"I always say that it is just my mentality. I am not really that strong. That is just how I approach football. I am just really aggressive and give it 100-percent whenever I can. That is just my mentality to hit you and push you back."

Running Back Joe Williams

On that two-point conversion, what did you see?

"I saw a hole for a split second, I think one of the linebackers on the back side shot the gap. Definitely, we probably need to work on me jumping over the top so we can eliminate any
stuffage. We got to punch that in"

That sideline, for what they call a meaningless preseason game, everyone seemed pretty excited with that comeback?

"Definitely, [San Francisco 49ers QB] Nick [Mullens] did a hell of a job rallying the troops and just driving down the field. I think he was like six for six or seven for seven, But the composure he had to manage us and get us down the field and secure the victory, that was crazy. Even though it is the first game, that is the mentality you want to have, cause that will carry into the season."

* Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers