Expectations are high for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo as he heads into his second season with the San Francisco 49ers. Some would argue that maybe the expectations are a little too high. After all, the quarterback has only started seven career NFL games and just five with the 49ers. While he has yet to experience defeat as a starter, the sample size remains small.

Garoppolo led the 49ers on a five-game win streak to end last season, and he did so with limited knowledge of head coach Kyle Shanahan's playbook. He went into each game with just enough information to be effective. Much of the reasoning behind the high expectations in 2018 is due to his abbreviated season with San Francisco last year. If Garoppolo saw that much success with just a few weeks worth of work, imagine what he can do with an entire offseason.

Are you among those who believe Garoppolo is slated for an exceptional year? Shanahan says you'll be even more impressed with 2019.

"I think he'll be even better next year," Shanahan said of his quarterback on Sunday. "This is his first training camp. I know we've thrown everything at him and it's the second time going through it because the first time was OTAs. We're done with the install, so now we're isolating out a few more things that we come back to that we haven't since like day one.

"But, (Garoppolo is) much further along, obviously, than he was last year. I think he'll be much further along next year, too, at this time."

While many will argue that Garoppolo has not even gotten close to his full potential within Shanahan's offense yet, others will be quick to point out that there is finally a significant amount of game film on the quarterback. Those resources could help opposing defensive coordinators stop Garoppolo.

Shanahan believes the traits that make his quarterback so talented will continue to lead to success.

"You hear that all the time with quarterbacks," he said. "You figure the scheme out and then you stop plays. Then, you put other stuff in to get other people open, and you see if the quarterback is capable of doing other stuff.

"I think Jimmy's capable of making any type of throw. I think he sees the field very well. It's not like they're going to learn how to stop him from running with the ball and then stop him from throwing it. Jimmy has a very talented arm. He knows how to play in the pocket.

"Hopefully, we can continue to get guys here to separate, help get people open in zone and give him time to go through progressions and give him a running game not to put all the pressure on him."

As good as Garoppolo can be in 2018, Shanahan believes he will be even better in the years that follow.