Joe Staley is entering his 12th NFL season. The veteran left tackle has been an excellent resource for rookie right tackle Mike McGlinchey. The two have formed a (very) close friendship, and Staley calls the first-round pick his little brother.

McGlinchey told reporters on Saturday that he probably asks Staley between 20 and 30 football-related questions a day.

"I probably get on his nerves," he said.

That may be true.

Staley and McGlinchey joined Steve Smith Sr. on NFL Network after practice on Tuesday. Smith was directing the questions from McGlinchey to Staley and explained the reasoning behind the curious on-air interaction between the two.

"The reason I'm having Mike talk to Joe is because his rookie deal today is not to speak to Joe," Smith shared. "So I'm making him speak to Joe."

McGlinchey said on Saturday that he never leaves Staley alone and until Staley tells him to shut up, McGlinchey is going to keep asking questions. So at their next meeting, Staley told him to shut up.

"There've been about 30 seconds this whole entire camp where I've had probably 30 seconds to myself without him in my ear asking me questions," Staley told Smith. "He actually was in front of the media [on Saturday] and was like, 'Aw man, I'm just asking Joe so many questions. Until he tells me to shut up, I'm just going to keep asking them.'"

Hopefully, Staley enjoyed the little break. McGlinchey will probably be back at it with questions on Wednesday. He better watch out though because Staley was asking Smith for more rookie hazing ideas. McGlinchey may end up singing in front of the team in a penguin costume.

Never retire, Joe.