The San Francisco 49ers' veterans are a hungry group. They want their delicious snacks, and it's the jobs of the rookies to provide them. One of the members from the 49ers' 2018 draft class has not been fulfilling his duty in the eyes of two team veterans.

Cornerback Richard Sherman and wide receiver Marquise Goodwin joined Steve Smith Sr. on NFL Network on Tuesday and identified the rookie who better hurry up and head to the store.

"Dante Pettis needs to go ahead and get on that," Goodwin said as Sherman started to look around the practice field for the rookie receiver. "He just got drafted in the second round this year and he ain't bought one snack. No snacks."

In Pettis' defense, he didn't sign his four-year rookie deal until the night before the team's first practice of training camp. So maybe he just hasn't had a chance to head to the store. Or maybe it is something else.

"They just don't have the same respect they used to," Sherman added.

While the players do their best to eat healthy during training camp, the veteran corner explains that sometimes you need to indulge in something like a Rice Krispies Treat.

Said Sherman: "You put all this work in, eat healthy all the time, you take your Turmeric, your multivitamins, eat your kale and all that. But every now and then you need an unhealthy snack to give you that spark."

Pettis has officially been put on notice.