San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman DeForest Buckner ranked second last year among interior defenders when it comes to total pressures (52), according to Pro Football Focus. Bucker also led interior defenders when it came to quarterback hits with 19.

While those numbers are impressive, Buckner was credited with just three sacks last season, which is a drop from the six he had during his rookie campaign and far short of his goal of 10 set last offseason.

Buckner spent the offseason sharpening his technique, focusing on the little things that it takes to get to the quarterback, and working on his footwork. He also worked on improving his play against the run.

Part of Buckner's offseason improvement involved working out with Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett in Hawaii for the third straight offseason. He has done so since his rookie offseason when Bennett was a member of the Seattle Seahawks. Bucker was joined last year by a group of 49ers that included Arik Armstead, Eli Harold, and Ronald Blair.

"While I was in Hawaii, I was working out with Mike Bennett," Buckner shared on Wednesday. "I was working with Mike. I was working on a lot of technique, and that's what I've been saying. That's what I really need to work on, you know, cleaning up my technique from every standpoint.

"My get-off, my first step, closing that distance, and doing my move and taking those steps after I make my move toward the quarterback. We've been working on all that kind of stuff."

Buckner was asked what it is like working with players from other NFL teams.

"As D-lineman, we like to see everybody on the D-line succeed, whether it's on your team or other teams," he said. "Being able to pick some guys' brains, whether it's a veteran or even a young guy, just the little things that they do or look for when they're rushing. Being able to take little things away from those guys and apply it to your own game always helps a lot."

Does Buckner have a new goal for 2018 when it comes to bringing down opposing quarterbacks?

"There's a number, but I'm not going to tell you guys that number," joked Buckner.