San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin joined NFL Total Access on Tuesday and spoke with Lindsay Rhodes about his quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, and his expectations for the team heading into the 2018 season.

Rhodes asked Goodwin what it was last season that clicked so well between himself and Garoppolo.

"Just chemistry, play calling," Goodwin said. "We studied our plays. We worked on our craft in practice. We just mesh well with one another. That goes to say, Jimmy, as well as the other quarterbacks on the team and other receivers and tight ends, anybody who has the ball in their hands, all the work is put in throughout the week, and we get to showcase that on Sundays. So that's a testament to all the hard work and preparation that we were able to do each week and we just were able to connect on Sundays."

Goodwin was an asset to Garoppolo and the other 49ers quarterbacks last season. When targeting him on throws of 40-or-more yards, his quarterbacks combined for a phenomenal passer rating of 120.8 in 2017, which ranked first in the league.

Goodwin was then asked about his expectations for the upcoming season.

"My expectations are to do better than we did last year, to make it as far as our talent will allow us to," he responded. "Our preparation, the things that some people overlook, it's not always the most talented team, it's really the team that plays as a team the best and puts up the most points and stops the other team from scoring more points. So as long as we can coordinate that offensively, defensively, special teams-wise, I think we have a great future."

Goodwin also discussed buying his mother and sister a new home. It was something he has been preparing for since he was young.

"I always wanted to buy my mom a house," Goodwin said. "I always wanted to make sure my sister was taken care of. I wanted to make sure I could help in any way possible. It was a no-brainer for me, whenever I got a contract extension, I knew that I was going to buy my mom a house."