The video of San Francisco 49ers fan favorite Marquise Goodwin buying his mother, Tamina, and sister, Deja, a new home in Texas went viral this past week. The Goodwin family knows about adversity. Cerebral palsy has confined Deja to a wheelchair for her whole life.

Goodwin joined ESPN's SportsCenter this week and discussed the heartwarming moment shared on Instagram. The video itself has no audio, so the receiver was asked what his family said.

"Really, no words," Goodwin said. "All actions. That's why I wanted to post the video with no sound on it because I wanted everybody to see the true reaction that my mom and my sister had. They were so appreciative of that moment, especially coming from where we come from. Never owning a house, never owning really anything.

"Being able to have the opportunity to make extra money in the league and come in and support my family like I do, this video says a lot without even saying anything at all."

Goodwin shared that he was tearful after seeing the video for the first time because he knew what his family has been through during his life.

"We've pretty much been at a deficit my whole life, having to make it from the bottom," he continued. "Whatever we needed to do, we just had to do it to get to where we are today.

"Watching this video brings back a lot of memories from when I was younger, all the times that I told my mom that everything would be alright when I had to wipe her tears growing up, when I had to encourage her. Even back to the times when she had to encourage me, give me a lot of love and a lot of words when I was going through some things through high school, and college, and even through my adulthood.

"Those tears represent a lot of pain and the sacrifices that she's made so that I would have the things that I have today."

Doctors told Goodwin's mother that his sister would not live beyond six months of age. She is 26 years old today.

"My sister inspires me daily, man," Goodwin said. "No excuses for me. I would wake up every day when I used to live with my mom, and I would hear my sister talking to herself at four and five o'clock in the morning, wishing that she could walk, wishing that she could do the things that I do, some of the things that we take for granted. Having somebody like that right next door to you is a huge inspiration."

Goodwin's story and humble nature have helped make him a favorite among the Niner Faithful. It doesn't hurt that he had a breakout season last year, which was his first with San Francisco. Goodwin is appreciative of the opportunity that 49ers general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan – along with CEO Jed York – have given him.

"The organization has definitely allowed me more opportunities to play in this league," he said.

You can watch the reactions of Goodwin's mother and sister below in the receiver's original Instagram post.

Below, you can watch the extended version of what went into the reveal and the family's reaction.