If you had to pick one NFL kicker to grab a drink with, it might be Robbie Gould of the San Francisco 49ers. Veteran tackle Joe Staley, who stars in the online series, The Joe Show, may be known as the team's funny man, but maybe Gould deserves some screen time as well.

During the team's State of the Franchise event in May, Gould joked that kickers have a lot of free time.

"Kickers have a lot of time on their hands," Gould said. "We've probably got like four spare jobs that we do. Bringing these guys water and a towel ... [Richard Sherman], whenever he needs (to be) stretched, we'll get him stretched out."

Maybe Gould wasn't joking.

As reported earlier today, 49ers Studios, the team's in-house video production studio, released a video of cornerback Richard Sherman mic'd up during the first of the team's two minicamp practices last week. If Sherman is the star of the show, Gould is more than entertaining in his supporting role. You can see Gould continually joking with Sherman in the video, including acting like Sherman's water boy.

"Do you need some water, sir?" Gould asks Sherman as he runs up to him with a smile on his face and a water bottle in his hand. "Are you having a rough day? Long day? Hydrate."

Sherman denies the water, so Gould hands it to defensive coordinator Robert Saleh.

"I just wanted to make sure Sherm was hydrated, you know?" Gould tells Saleh.

Later in the video, you can see Gould, joined by punters Bradley Pinion and Jeff Locke, trying to make sure Sherman gets a much-needed snack during practice. Gould then tries to get Sherman to admit he is his favorite teammate of all time.

"Robbie Gould is a phenomenal professional, and they need a separate (NFL) Top 100 just for kickers and specialists," Sherman says into the camera.

"Who else gives you a snack in the middle of practice?" adds Gould.

You can watch the video below.