Will the San Francisco 49ers suffer from inflated offseason expectations? Don't tell that to Pro Football Talk. While the team enters the second year of a roster overhaul, the hype surrounding the Kyle Shanahan-led squad has not been this high in years. Much of that has to do with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and how the 49ers finished the 2017 season.

During Monday's PFT Live, Mike Florio and Chris Simms went head-to-head naming teams which they believe can win the next two Super Bowls. That means one franchise capable of winning the championship over the next two seasons. The NFC West didn't enter the conversation until they were three rounds deep in the debate, but that's where we will start.

Simms kicked off the third round of selections by naming the Los Angeles Rams as a team with a good enough chance to win Super Bowl LIII and LIV. Florio went with a different NFC West team.

"Look at what the Falcons did in the second year with Kyle Shanahan running the offense," Florio said. "Look at how they went through the roof, off the charts, and they had the Super Bowl won but for a defensive collapse that preceeded some horrible offensive play calling.

"But if we're looking at teams likely to ascend, teams likely to be winning moving forward, I've got to -- boy I hate to pass on the Eagles but it would mean they have won three in a row -- 49ers. Put me down for the 49ers. And yes, part of it is pandering to stats but I am influenced by the fact that I think between the 49ers and the Rams, I think the 49ers are in a better position to win.

"I just feel like, with the Rams, too many combustible personalities, too many competing agendas, and I don't think Sean McVay is going to be able -- despite the fact that he's already one of the best coaches in the NFL -- I don't think he's going to be able to hold it all together."

Simms offered his thoughts on Florio's 49ers pick.

"The 49ers, I do think make a big jump," he said. "I think everybody's expectations are a little high."

Who did Florio and Simms pick over the 49ers and Rams? You can view each of their selections below.

Mike Florio Chris Simms
1 New England Patriots New Orleans Saints
2 Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers
3 San Francisco 49ers Los Angeles Rams