I'm a bit shocked that the controversial tweets by Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen exploded in the news today. They aren't exactly new. I remember reading the questionable tweets, which were posted when Allen was in high school, nearly a year ago when the San Francisco 49ers were still in dire need of a quarterback.

It's shocking to me because I find it hard to believe that NFL teams are just barely becoming aware of the tweets considering the amount of research they do in draft prospects – especially quarterbacks. It happens to become news on the eve of the draft.

While the tweets gave me pause at the time, I didn't think too much about them after that because the kid was a teenager at the time and everything I had heard about Allen up to that point made me confident the quarterback had grown. Were the tweets ok? No. But it was a long time ago for someone like Allen, who is still just 21 years old.

Apparently, 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman feels the same way. ESPN's Josina Anderson asked Sherman his thoughts on the tweets.

"He was a kid," Sherman told her. "If you gave most of us a platform early in high school, I'm sure our immaturity would have shown as his did."

The media is reporting that the overall feeling from NFL teams is along the same lines. They've already met with Allen and have likely already discussed the situation with him. Allen is still expected to be among the top quarterbacks selected after the 2018 NFL Draft kicks off just hours from now.