The Indianapolis Colts could select former Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith at the sixth-overall pick, or he could fall to nine or ten, where the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders sit. Andrew Siciliano stated on NFL Network's Up to the Minute Live that both teams are said to covet Smith.

February's coin flip between the two teams, which determined who would select ninth and tenth, could end up meaning a lot – assuming Smith falls to nine.

Smith, who is in Dallas for the draft, spoke with Siciliano via video conference on Wednesday and was asked how he feels about a coin flip possibly playing a big part in determining his NFL future.

"It's pretty crazy just thinking about it," Smith said. "Something that comes down to a coin toss and just saying, 'Wow, that determines where my future is and where I go.' So it's pretty awesome."

Where does Smith envision himself being selected? What has he heard from NFL teams?

"I'm just hearing pretty much anywhere from six to 13, 14, anywhere in that area," he answered. "It will be awesome wherever I go. I just want the best fit and where I feel like I can flourish as a player on and off the field."

While that is the draft range Smith is hearing, is there an NFL team he would prefer to go to?

"I'll be grateful for anywhere," Smith said. "It's business at the end of the day. It's not like I'm like, 'Hey, I need to go here or I need to go there,' you know what I mean?"

Smith and Tremaine Edmunds of Virginia Tech are considered to be the top two linebackers available in this draft. What is it that sets Smith apart from his competition?

"I feel like my film speaks for me, my on- and off-the-field, leadership abilities, the way how when I get to the ball carrier, how I arrive with bad intentions," he said.