First, there is no guarantee that the New York Giants trade wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to another team. However, Adam Schefter of ESPN recently stated on the Ross Tucker Football Podcast that he believes the possibility of New York moving Beckham is "very real."

"I think it's absolutely real," Schefter said. "I think it's very real -- the prospect, the idea of Odell getting traded ... You know they've been asking for two first-round draft picks in return. And then you know the fact that they either have to pay him like the wide receivers from Odell Beckham Jr.'s draft class have been paid. Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins? They have been paid. Odell hasn't. The Giants have to pay him or trade him."

Schefter made it clear that it's his guess, and not a report, that the Giants will trade Beckham. Any team that deals for Beckham would have to give up a lot. After that, they would need to make sure Beckham stays with the team for the long-term, meaning signing him to a new deal that makes him the highest-paid receiver in the league. Antonio Brown of the Steelers, who is the top-paid receiver, averages $17 million per year while the two receivers Schefter mentioned, Evans and Watkins, average $16.5 and $16 million respectively.

The San Francisco 49ers own the ninth-overall pick in this month's draft. Should the team offer up the high-value selection in return for Beckham? They also have over $42 million in salary cap space according to the latest estimate from

During a segment naming the best spots for the disgruntled receiver, Peter Schrager of Good Morning Football thinks the 49ers should trade for Beckham and would love to see head coach Kyle Shanahan add such a dynamic receiver to his offense, and steal him away from an NFC West rival.

"Everyone's talking about the Rams," Schrager said. "And the Rams have this great little rivalry going on with the 49ers right now where they're both building up their teams. (Rams head coach Sean) McVay was the tight ends coach for Kyle Shanahan in Washington. Would it not be the greatest little sub-rivalry move to take the rug right out [from under] the Rams? And the Niners say, 'Hey, we've got a top-10 pick. We'll give it to you right now straight up for Odell Beckham. Come to the 49ers.'

"(Jimmy) Garoppolo, (Jerick) McKinnon, (Marquise) Goodwin, (Pierre) Garçon. You add Beckham. Kyle Juszczyk. Suddenly, the Niners become the team and Kyle Shanahan, who can draw up plays for everyone and get you free, Odell Beckham in Kyle Shanahan's offense?

"I'm just saying, if the Niners were to do that, it would be a double whammy. It would, one, get them better, and B, it would crush the Rams."

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported in March that Beckham would not set foot on a football field for any NFL team without a new contract. He is coming off of a season-ending fractured left ankle, which was sustained last year during a Week 5 contest against the Los Angeles Chargers. Beckham finished 2017 with 25 receptions for 302 yards and three touchdowns. During his four-year career with the Giants, he registered 313 receptions for 4,424 yards and 38 touchdowns.