Head coach Mike Nolan held his weekly press conference today. He hit some key points that fans may be interested to know about.

Nolan stated that offensive coordinator Jim Hostler would remain the one calling the plays for the offense against the New York Giants, the team's road game following the upcoming bye week. Defending Hostler, he stated that there would not be a change in that area this season. Of course, if you remember, back on October 2, 2006, Nolan dismissed rumors that the team would get rid of defensive coordinator Billy Davis. Davis was fired the next day. Hostler has contributed to the 49ers offense being ranked last in the league averaging only 203 yards per game.

Tackle Jonas Jennings has returned to the team and will take part in practices this week. He will start against the Giants.

When asked why wide receiver Ashley Lelie, who has averaged more than 17 yards per catch during his career, has not played much, Nolan answered, "Good question. We have a week to work on that." When asked if that meant that he would get more playing time, Nolan answered, "Good question. We have a week to work on that."

Nolan hopes to have quarterback Alex Smith and tight end Vernon Davis back for the Giants game and hopes that Alex will be ready to start.

Nolan repeatedly stressed that the team would work to correct their problem areas, but as usual, did not give many hints at what those corrections might be. He simply stated that the team would need to do what it can to limit the mistakes made during games.

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