Former NFL defensive end Dexter Manley is a two-time Super Bowl champion. Best known for his time with the Washington Redskins, he is a Pro Bowl (1986) player and All-Pro (1986). His name adorns the Washington Redskins Ring of Fame.

Manley brought down quarterbacks 97.5 times over his 11-year NFL career. He had eight more sacks during postseason play. Manley sat down for an interview with NBC Sports Washington and was asked about the quarterbacks he faced during his NFL career. Which one did he enjoy hitting the most?

"Joe Montana," Manley answered without hesitation. "He was absolutely the best."

That's when the now-59-year-old went on a pretty entertaining rant about Montana versus Tom Brady -- without even being asked to compare the two.

"See, these people talk about Tom Brady," Manley began to exclaim. "He's not a Joe Montana. He's not the greatest of all time! Joe Montana, probably to me, is the greatest of all time!"

After his initial comments, Manley was asked about Brady and how he compares to Montana.

"Well, I just think people give Tom Brady too much credit," Manley said. "It is a team effort. Number one, he gets the ball out of his hand quick. He has good mechanics, but he's no Joe Montana. My daughter could out-run Tom Brady. Joe Montana is the best of all-time. He's the best passer -- him and Dan Marino. [Brady] don't fit in those categories. I don't care what they say!"

Following his nine years in Washington, Manley spent single seasons with the then-Phoenix Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.