San Francisco residents are proud of their city and want you to call it by its proper name (or an acceptable alternative). Following a press conference after being traded to the team in October, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo got an earful from his friends and the Niner Faithful after incorrectly referring to the fanbase as the "Niner Nation."

On Friday, Garoppolo made another Bay Area rookie mistake. He referred to the city of San Francisco as "San Fran" while discussing what he and his family did after he signed his new NFL-record five-year, $137.5 million deal.

"We just got in yesterday, me and my family," Garoppolo said in a media-packed auditorium at Levi's Stadium. "We had a nice little dinner up in San Fran. Still trying to experience some of the Bay Area. I'm excited to make this my home for the next five years, hopefully, more."

The miscue off a flurry of social media responses from fans. KPIX 5's Len Ramirez had an opportunity to ask Garoppolo about the comment.

"It's The City. It's The City," Garoppolo told Ramirez with a smile on his face. "I learned that. You've got to live and learn. I haven't had a chance to experience the Bay Area yet, but it's a work in progress. I'm excited about it."

Garoppolo hasn't had much time to take in the sights of the Bay Area because, since being traded to the 49ers on October 30, 2017, he was busy playing catchup when it comes to learning head coach Kyle Shanahan's offense. After the season, Garoppolo returned home to the Chicago area. The quarterback grew up in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

With his financial future secure, Garoppolo plans to make a move from Illinois to the Bay Area. If he helps win a championship for the 49ers, fans probably won't care what he calls his new city. Well, perhaps not "Frisco."