Tom Brady or Joe Montana? Your answer to that question may be dependent on which team you support. For San Francisco 49ers fans, the question is still worthy of a debate. For many others, the debate ended when Brady hoisted Lombardi number five.

On February 4, Brady will look to build on his already impressive legacy by adding a sixth championship to his resume when he and the New England Patriots play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. Is he the greatest of all time? Legendary NFL wide receiver, Jerry Rice, who played for the 49ers from 1985 through 2000, was asked to share his opinion on the debate during a segment on NFL Network. Of course, Rice, who can also be added to the "greatest ever" discussion, played the majority of his career with two Hall of Fame quarterbacks in Montana and Steve Young.

What did Rice have to say when asked if Brady was better than Montana and Young?

"I'm being asked that a lot but I think it's a whole different era," Rice answered. "I would have loved to see Tom Brady play in the era that we did. At that time, I don't think quarterbacks were protected as much, but you cannot deny that he's one of the greatest. And he's putting up outstanding numbers. This would be ring number six for him, and he makes everybody better around him.

"Who's the best quarterback to ever play the game? I think you can't really decide that because it's a whole different era."

Jerry Rice likens San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, 49ers great Joe Montana

As for the new quarterback in San Francisco, Rice was asked about his former team having Jimmy Garoppolo.

"I see Jimmy G just like Tom Brady," he said. "Coolness, just like Joe Montana. He makes everybody better around him, and when he got the opportunity to step on that football field, you could just tell that it was a whole different team, confidence-wise. He went out, he won some football games, and hopefully, the San Francisco 49ers sign him long-term because they can start building around this guy because he has that 'it' factor."

While Rice would not straight out answer the Brady versus Montana question, comparing Garoppolo to both is quite an endorsement from the Hall of Fame receiver.