Rookie San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Trent Taylor is small when compared to other NFL players at his position. The 5-foot-8 receiver has been proving himself throughout his entire career.

Taylor, who was a fifth-round draft pick by the 49ers, was one of college football's best receivers last year. As a senior, he had 136 catches for 1,803 yards and 12 touchdowns through 14 games for Louisiana Tech. His reception yards led the nation and his reception total ranked second to East Carolina wide receiver Zay Jones' record-breaking 158 catches.

Taylor was largely responsible for the Bulldogs' success and three bowl game victories from 2014 through 2016. Yet, it was his size that kept him from being selected higher in the draft.

Taylor did enough during the 49ers' offseason program to catch the attention of the media, who identified him as a standout rookie. They had a chance to talk to Taylor following 49ers practice on Wednesday. He described what it has been like going from college to Kyle Shanahan's complex offense.

"It's a lot of studying for sure," Taylor said. "A lot different than college. Way more detail oriented for sure, which I'm sure it's like that a bunch of places in the NFL. But, it's a great offense and once you get used to it, once you get the flow of it. I know I'm going to fit in well. I'm loving it right now.

"I can tell just the plays that I'm used to running, I can already tell the difference for me running them in day five than the way I was running them in day one. As we progress in the offense, as I get more used to it, more comfortable in it, I know it's going to work out great."

Taylor is widely expected to make the 49ers' final 53-man roster. He knows that can be solidified by playing well on special teams, particularly in the return game.

"It's a place I can make a name for myself there," Taylor said. "It's something that I did all throughout college and it's something that I plan on doing here in the NFL. And I know that's a crucial way for me to get out on the field – as punt returner. If I can be successful in that, then it's going to go a long way for me, that's for sure."

While Taylor has enjoyed playing in Shanahan's offense, he admits that he is still trying to get out of the deep end of learning the system.

"Practices are fun with Coach Shanahan and having a guy like Brian (Hoyer), who's comfortable in the offense," Taylor said. "Just seeing the way that them two click together out there just from being on the offense together, that's where I want to be. I'm out there just trying to learn as much as I can so I can have that same comfortable mindset and then you can just go out there full speed, not think about it, and play 100-percent."