It is not that long ago following the St. Louis Rams comeback in the fourth quarter for a total of seventeen points back in the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri that we need to be concerned with having some rust proofing done to our league wide known defensive steel wall. If the St. Louis Rams are able, you darn well can count on the most explosive offense in the NFL via the New Orleans Saints can. Nothing could be more anticipated and surreal as having the two Goliath heavyweights in offense and defense coming together for a monumental clash of the titans so to speak. Every analyst and fan in the nation and internationally is set to watch this telecast as being one of the most dynamic scenarios ready to play out with favor going both ways.

New Orleans Saints veteran quarterback stud in Drew Brees is the best prolific passer in the NFL today in almost every known statistic with an emphasis on completions and pure yardage as he gets ready to set foot on hallowed ground in San Francisco inside Candlestick Park which hasn't seen any kind of playoff action since 2002. Brees pure tenacity and talent combined are unique components to an offensive chemistry that hasn't yet been duplicated amongst any NFL team year to date as of yet.

He is emotional and spiritual as he moves the locker room with a known candor and comradeship that seems to be unequaled. His teammates adore and appreciate him and are willing to do anything to protect him. It will be a pure colossal battle in the trenches from the first New Orleans Saints offensive snap as Drew Brees rears back to pinpoint his vast arsenal of waiting weapons of choice.

San Francisco 49er defensive coordinator Vic Fangio along with Head Coach Jim Harbaugh will be emotionally and mentally drained in trying to paint the bulls-eye on the very chest of Drew Brees as he attempts to surgically cut through our standing armada of defensive stalwarts and score at will. Every snap and every play will have enormous meaning to the outcome of this game and it is in most opinions this is the very game of the week in terms of unique playoff contests to watch.

As San Francisco 49er die hard enthusiasts we have nothing but pure adrenaline and excitement coursing through our veins as we pray for this contest to be a solid stepping stone to the hierarchy of championship execution at its best with all the focus being the Super Bowl. New Orleans will be more than a staunch and worthy opponent, they will define what we are and will be moving forward as a franchise reimaging itself.

This is why we play the game of professional football to look at every individual game with true focus and meaning as Jim Harbaugh has steadfastly set in stone that no one is ever overlooked as the next contest at hand is the only importance to be concerned about. Every workout, every practice, every game film analysis, every inspirational discussion will be of true meaning and the ultimate outcome of this game. Like Frank Gore stated earlier: "We just need to go out and play 49er football, everything then will take care of itself."

Back in the pre-season game we played against the New Orleans Saints many a blitz package was thrown against our young offensive line that seemed to rattle it from time to time. Today that line has finally compressed together into a real shield that is noticeably improved as games have been fought and won along the distance of the regular season. The execution and individual performance of our offensive line will be a pivotal key to the outcome of this game as we find solutions to the blitz happy New Orleans Saints.

No one can dispute that this game will come down to turnovers, our number one rating in creating these will be a need we must create and exploit all in one. The ability to reach the center numbers of Drew Brees jersey and bring him down via the hands of our defensive superstars is a focal point all of our coaches and players will have once the whistle is blown. Deflecting and punching out balls will also be on the minds of our staff as the battles ensue.

Alex Smith simply needs to do what he has done all season long, secure the ball and not make costly mistakes and sometimes use his gifted ability to use his legs when his eyes are full of Saint defensive players barreling down on him. His passes will have to be extremely accurate and not overthrown as his tendency has been to do that during stressful situations that require a conversion on third down to sustain the drive and keep Drew Brees off the field.

Keeping the New Orleans Saints offense off the field will be keys to winning the game ultimately in time of possession and field position. As every unit special teams will make or break the bank in the forecasting of a victory in any game. Every kick, punt and tackle will count in a game that is most often defined by pure inches. To be writing about the San Francisco 49ers in January is both a privilege and a distinct honor in that the locker rooms are still full of equipment and the golf courses have not yet seen the dejected coaches and players faces of what could have been. Our love and prayers go forth to you our beloved San Francisco 49ers and we ask that all blessings from on high will rain down on Candlestick this Saturday in total victory so help us God.

Sources of Information: Mercury, SF, Inside Bay, and my own personal analysis and opinion.