It's 8:30 folks, and we've been given a mini tour of the facility by Jason Jenkins, a 49ers public relations rep. Nothing too exciting as of yet, except for the food. The 49ers chefs make a pretty mean breakfast burrito.

Oh, and I saw where the Matts (Maiocci and Barrows) do their work. They have some pretty plush digs. (Kidding! It really is a media trailer).

Also, I apologize for any typos. I'm blogging from my iPhone and sometimes the built in dictionary hates me.
8:39 am: Scott McCloughan is set to speak in a little bit. Stay tuned.
9:08 am: McCloughan just finished his opening address and he touched on some issues and answered questions as well.

He said that Staley will he back by the beginning of "this next week" which would mean to me he will be back at practice in a week.

He again touched on the theme of comeptition, saying that competition makes everyone better. He said that all three QBs have a good relationship and that they understand it's all business on the field. He also joked that this is the question everyone seemed to ask.

He mentioned that the team will shift between the 3-4 and 4-3 and that we will see the team line up in both formations. In the 3-4, we will see Justin Smith stand up. This just echoes what we have been hearing, Smith will be moved around.

On the wide receivers, he said he feels good about Jason Hill and the rookie, Morgan. At Ted, Ulbrich is holding tight as the starter, and if he indeed wins the job, McCloughanfeels we have enough younger players to fill that void. He also races about Larry Grant and said he was impressed with the later draft picks progress.
9:22 am: Quote of the day, folks. In reference to getti ga sharpie at training camp: "Its like trying to get water at a rave." I don't know why I found that so funny, but I thought it was worth sharing.
9:39 am: Something interesting I'm seeing as I see the QBs drop back. I'm some instances, on 5 step drop backs, the QB does not drop mac in the traditional way, with a right foot wrapping back and the left foot crossing over. Instead, the QB almost shuffles back, standing straight up, almost like an upright backpedal. I have no idea if that means anything, but it is interesting. It may even be something as simple as a fake for the defense to make it look like a screen.
9:46 am: For those who have not been to 4949 Centennial, there is a power transformer (I think the same one that caused some concern for re stadium deal) immediately behind the fans area. For some reason, there was a loud boom that sounded like a generator exploding. Val pointed out that we just heard the sound the universe makes when Patrick Willis hits a defender.
9:54 am: Cam Colvin seemed to turn some heads here at TC with his mix of size and speed. While he seemed to be able to muscle defenders, in one instance throwing a DB out of his way, he also dropped a ball or two that he should have caught. While he's not going to crack the top 5, I could definitely see him being the next project wide receiver for the 49ers.
10:20 am: 11 on 11 just ended (more on that in a bit) and Vernon Davis is off to the side working on catching the ball. He is just not a fluid pass catcher, when it cones to it. Hopefully he can overcome that and make the necessary catches in a game.
10:30 am: During the 11 on 11 drill, both quarterbacks were able to get some work in. Alex Smith started and played with the first team, while Shaun Hill worked with the second team. Smith finished 5 for 8 while Hill finised 6 for 8. Most of Smiths passes were under 15 yards. One of his incomplete passes was a drop by Frank Gore.

Hill had the pass of the morning practice. He dropped back and threw the ball to Robert Jordan. The impressive part was that Hill threw the ball between the linebackers and safeties, and three it before Jordan made his break. He hit Jordan in stride. Re throw elicited oohhs from the crowd.
10:35 am: One other note: when Norv Turner came to the team I heard a lot about how the team was going to employ more motion. Inever really thought the team used as much motion as was advertised. This season, however, there are people moving everywhere before the snap.

On one play, both Delanie Walker and Vernon Davis both motioned from the offenses left to it's right, overloading the defensive right. Then Frank Gore motioned to the offensive right leaving and empty backfield. This is the kind of stuff that Mike Martz brings to the table that should help the offense improve.
11:48 am: Practice finished up about a half hour past the designated time. The staff will be taking a tour of the facilities and if anything cones up I'll blog it.

Ps, when you see the picture David took of everyone in their iPhone, I was typing this message :)
12:06 pm: Arnaz Battle just came out of the main office and he took the time to sign some more autographs. Pretty cool mocein his part. Then he drove off in his hummer.