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Offensive Woes Continue

Andre Tameta
Oct 7, 2007 at 6:01 PM

Trent Dilfer's emotional reaction summed it up.

Be happy when the 49ers score a touchdown. It will be a rarity this season.

For the third straight week, the 49ers dropped another game because of their lack of offensive punch. Once again the 49er defense was left to fend for themselves, ultimately losing 9-7 to the defensively stout Baltimore Ravens at home.

Fans booed without mercy as the 49er offense continually went three and out. Even when offensive coordinator Jim Hostler tried to mix up with his play calling, the Raven defense was there to sniff it out. At least the offensive line only gave up three sacks. Can't you just feel the hint of sarcasm?

The 49ers need to find a soul on offense. With the bye week coming up, the offense has a lot of soul searching to do.

With both Dilfer and the injured Alex Smith unable to run the sorry excuse that is the 2007 San Francisco 49ers offense, Hostler's seat is starting to get warm.

Yes, it can and will get worse for Hostler if the offense does not start making plays.

Norv Turner's departure for San Diego has clearly affected the effectiveness of the offense.

All the organization and preparation that impressed Mike Nolan and ultimately landed Hostler the offensive coordinator position has been all talk, no substance.

It is clear that Hostler does not have the experience necessary to call a game offensively. On the opposite side of that spectrum, defensive coordinator Greg Manusky has done an incredible job with the defense.

For a team that gained notoriety for revolutionizing offensive football, the lack of offensive firepower is almost heartbreaking.

Even when the 49ers were re-building after Aeneas Williams ended Steve Young's career in 1999, the offense was at least bearable to watch. With this incarnation of the 49ers, the offense is just flat out offensive.

That is why when the Ravens of the West faced off against the original Baltimore Ravens, we knew what to expect.

Despite not even scoring a touchdown on offense, Baltimore almost went down to a 52 yard Joe Nedney field goal late in the 4th quarter that sailed right. Just like the offense, the kick wasn't even close.

As for the almost equally putrid Ravens' offensive display, well, there's not much to say about them except for: "They are who we thought they were! We let them off the hook!"

Speaking of Dennis Green, he came from the legendary Bill Walsh coaching tree. Wonder what he is doing without a job right now? Seems like Hostler needs a mentor ala Smith and Dilfer because he has no clue calling plays.

When fans get excited for another booming punt by Andy Lee, it's time for someone to be held accountable for what is going wrong with the offensive unit.

It sure won't be the easily scapegoated John York this time. He actually opened up the pocketbook to bring in talent.

Nolan, it is time you make your offensive coordinator responsible for this debacle.

As for the 49ers' playoff expectations during the preseason, there's not much to say except for "Playoffs, You Kidding Me, Playoffs?!"

Smart man that Jim Mora Sr.

Once again, more sarcasm.
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  • Yknotsmile
    I am the first to agree that the play calling needs improvement. The upgrades on Defense and Special Teams have aided in the defensive improvements Manusky has implemented. There are some similarities between our coach from Baltimore and the style of play that Nolan expects from the 49ers. Singletary said similar comments that "the team needs to buy into the coaches style of play". I spoke with Jim Hostler at a recent 49er luncheon and we traded offensive strategy with the weapons the 49ers have at their disposal. Utilization of the offensive line are key to the 49ers success. This means playing to the strenghts of both Larry Allen and rookie sensation Joe Staley. The line gets props for their abilities to pick up the blitz with 8 and 9 in the box. The same goes for Gore's ability to pick up 3 yd avg! I believe improvements can be made playing strong and split formations and utilizing the great gifts our Tight Ends and Mr. Norris possess in not only blocking but in recieving!! Lastly, our QB situation has not evolved just yet. We are missing valuable seconds when we should release the ball to deeper patterns than 10 yards! Please send me Hostler' email so we can discuss.
    Oct 9, 2007 at 11:12 AM

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