My last article elicited some interesting responses. Some were funny, some were supportive, and others I can't publish on this site.

Here are are a few of the best from the flood of emails I received. (The names indicated here are the names the users submitted into the "name" field in the submission form.)

1) "Hey Oscar go see if you can write for Oakland."
I tried, but I didn't have a criminal record so they turned me down.

2) "Whatever."
Like, totally!

3) "When I first saw the title of your article I figured, man, this guy is going to hate all over this team. I have to say, though, that you brought out some really valid points that do (as it seems you meticulously planned), at the very least, make me question my expectations for the season. For me, the biggest question is still whether or not Alex Smith with begin to start living up to the "hype" of being the league's number one pick, because as far as I'm concerned, he's not really all that close to doing so. This also leads me to believe that part of the reason for the huge moves we made on defense was to compensate for the growing pains Alex Smith still has to endure. I hope Smith answers all of the questions and doubts that have circled him sense he got here, but in all honesty, he is the most unproven player on the team. Thanks Oscar. Now my expectations have lost a couple notches. Don't you know that one of the best things about being a fan is the anticpation of the upcoming season? Gee whiz!"
-Daryl Smith-
Sorry Daryl, didn't mean to take the "new car smell" from your off-season. Look on the bright side, if the 49ers suck you won't be TOO let down. And if they make the playoffs, well you will be pleasantly surprised.

4) "Your right! Things don't look good on paper, like this playa hating article.....Take your negativity to another team that deserves it and didn't strive last season and this offseason to improve! Until then watch like the rest of us and believe da hype!"
-Da Wolf
I actually think that whole "look good on paper" thing was pretty funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

5) "We hope they run into all sorts of problems. Back East, we New Englanders are keeping a close watch on all Niner games. Why? Because after winning our 4th Super Bowl in 7 years we'll have your first round pick in the 2008 draft!! It's how a great organization works - trade a late first rounder (#28) for a much better one(probably #11-15) from a once proud team, win a super bowl and get 2 first rounders in the next draft!!! I kind of think that this dynasty is gonna last as long as Mr. Belichick wants it to...ain't life just grand?(if you're a Pats fan)"
-Tom WIlliams
It's one thing for a fellow 49er fan to be skeptical, but for a Pats fan to email me such smug smut is a whole different matter entirely. I hope Randy Moss fails again and takes your locker room with him."

6) (Email 1) "Whore."
-Alex Smith
What I do in my spare time of none of your business. Oh, and by the way, wanna do us a favor and get your TD to interception ratio above .63? I think that would help a lot. THANKS!"

(Email 2) "Seriously, you're a whore."
-Alex Smith
Oh, I thought you were joking the first time.

(Email 3) "I hate you."
-Alex Smith
The best part was I never responded to any of these guys emails and yet he still felt the need to email me three times.

7) "Ok, for one the key is to make it to the playoffs, you cant tell how far some will go, look at San Diego, they were hands down the best team in football, but did they go to the super bowl, NO. SO KEY IS TO MAKE IT TO PLAYOFFS, FIRST, AND THE NINERS IN THE NFC ARE A PLAYOFF CALIBER TEAM, LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID LAST YEAR, WITH NOT NEARLY THE EXPERIANCE. ALMOST MADE PLAYOFFS, and another thing how many games would the have won if sammy davis or one of those other guys wernt covering wrs. Just something to think about"
I agree with you. Once you make the playoffs it's anyone's game. I just don't know for certain that the 49ers are a playoff team. There are good things, and there are bad things. As with most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

8) "Dont believe the hype...get off the crack pipe! If you honestly do not think the 49ers are not going to compete this season you are seriously mistaken. The fact that so many peple are talking about the 49ers and so many reporters are picking them to go places only proves the fact that the hype is a reality. The only delusion anyone can claim is the they will not go anywhere, now that's a delusion! They are vastly improved and to be on prime time four times this year only reassures the fact the hype is a reality!"
-Juan Padilla
So let me get this straight: You're saying that the media hyping the 49ers proves the hype true? Does ANYONE else see the giant circle here? I swear I don't make this stuff up.

9) "Fantastic article. Well done."
Coming from NCommand, a guy who habitually expresses his disdain for the Nolan regime, I am not sure whether I should feel dirty, or praised.

Thanks for all your mail guys! It certainly makes my days a bit more interesting.