I was hoping my first commentary of this year's training camp would be a bit more positive. I was hoping to praise the defensive line for being a force through the first week of practice. I was hoping to see comments on how the new tempo of practice will translate into game management improvements. Sadly, Aldon Smith robbed me of that pleasure this morning.

Pardon my surprise when I woke up this morning to learn that star outside linebacker Aldon Smith had been arrested again for DUI. I couldn't help but let out the deepest of sighs, shake my head, whisper a curse word, and put my phone down.

Aldon Smith is fundamentally broken. He either has taken one too many blows to the head over his stellar football career, or he just wasn't fully present when common sense was handed out. For all his given talent and potential, his biggest downfall is just his lack of good judgement. I'm not going to get into social issues like upbringing either. At some point, you have to grow up, put on your big boy pants, be a man, and a responsible adult.

Addiction issues aside, here is a man on the cusp of making 9.5 million dollars this season for simply performing decently. Even more, he was on the cusp on a lucrative contract extension that likely would have made him one of the highest paid NFL defensive players ever. This was the season for him to prove he could produce without Justin Smith next to him. All he had to do was go play and keep out of trouble. Aldon Smith has real talent on the field, the kind of talent you could compare to Charles Haley, Michael Strahan, or Lawrence Taylor when it comes to rushing the passer. That talent warrants that kind of contract he was in line for.

However, his decision making does not. No doubt the 49ers will let this play out in the legal system, but regardless of that outcome they will likely be without his services this season at some point due to a suspension. However, the 49ers don't have the luxury of employing Aldon Smith anymore, and will likely end up releasing him in a similar fashion to Ray McDonald and his domestic violence issues.

I'm not the smartest guy in the world and I will admit that readily. Shoot, I even like to have a few drinks with my friends and family on a regular basis. I could argue that I have a lot more to lose then Aldon Smith does if I get arrested for a DUI, yet I have the common sense to dip into my pocket and call a cab, Uber, Lyft, or a friend to come get me. I make half a percent of what Aldon Smith stands to make and I can do it. Aldon Smith is a guy who can afford a private limo or car service at his whim.

The power of our decisions in life carries weight and consequences and I hope that Aldon Smith finally feels the consequences of his actions. He is a poor teammate and a terrible employee to the 49ers. His teammates that were counting on him to be at his best are now left with a likely void. This team was going to be very reliant on its pass rush this season as we break in a new secondary, and now that is going to be even harder without Aldon Smith.

Yeah, I'm upset as a fan for selfish reasons because I want to win, but as a human I'm just plain disgusted with it all.

I won't feel bad for Aldon Smith one bit if he ends up unemployed. I feel bad for all the people on the team that supported him and helped him after his last issue. His selfishness seems to know no bounds and he doesn't deserve the privilege of playing in the NFL anymore because he hasn't earned it. The only person to blame is Aldon himself. While most of the fan base could forgive one incident of childish behavior, I am hoping that we can't forgive five. Fellow Faithful? How do you feel?


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