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Anthony Davis: “Trent, Call Me”

Oct 6, 2016 at 9:18 PM--

Former San Francisco offensive lineman, who retired for the second time in his career on September 26, posted a few Tweets following the 49ers' 33-21 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. A couple of the posts have since been deleted from his account.

The first was a call to 49ers general manager Trent Baalke to give him a call. "Trent, Call Me," he said via Twitter.

Another Tweet described his very limited experience playing quarterback.

Davis also posted a poll asking 49ers fans who they would rather have at quarterback. He provided the options "Blaine Gabbert," "Thad Lewis On 1 leg," and "Kap @ 70%." As of right now, the Kaepernick option is winning with 61-percent of the votes.

Davis made his opinion clear on who he believes the starting quarterback should be. "They need Kap," he Tweeted out. That was also later deleted.

Davis retired following the 2014 season in an effort to get his mind and body healthy. He had suffered a concussion during the season.

Following the 49ers' 2016 season opener against the Los Angeles Rams, Davis suffered another concussion. This time, it was during a practice as the team was preparing to play the Carolina Panthers. He had not practiced since. Davis played just three offensive snaps this season, all against the Rams.

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