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Ricky Watters on Colin Kaepernick: “I think everyone loves a great comeback story”

Aug 25, 2016 at 12:15 PM--

Former San Francisco 49ers running back Ricky Watters joined Chad, Joe & Lo on 95.7 The Game to discuss the team's quarterback situation. He sounded excited to see the competition heading into preseason, but disappointed that it has so far only featured Blaine Gabbert.

"One of the real storylines of this preseason was the competition between Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert, but you can't have a competition when you just have one quarterback out there," said Watters. "So, it is very peculiar right now. Don't understand what is going on, but what I'm hearing is that Colin Kaepernick is healthy. That he doesn't have a dead arm syndrome or tired arm or whatever. That his zip is back on the ball so – I'm like – as the boxers would say, 'Let's get ready to rumble!'

"I think it would be great to see that competition and I think everyone loves a great comeback story and believe that this may be the best offense for Colin Kaepernick, so let's see what he's got."

Watters went on to discuss Gabbert, who he said isn't "wowing" anybody right now, Kaepernick's relationship with general manager Trent Baalke, the 49ers' tough schedule, and more.

"I'm one of the guys who thinks that this might that system for (Kaepernick)," said Watters. "Where he can just take off and get back to where we've seen him at times behind center."

You can listen to the entire segment on 95.7 The Game.

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