The group of the NFL Network show, NFL HQ, sat down to talk a little about the San Francisco 49ers today and the team's biggest area of improvements for 2016. As usual, the conversation went in the direction of the quarterback position, which will likely remain a popular topic of discussion this offseason. Jamie Dukes and David Carr discussed both options in Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert.

Dukes appears to favor Kaepernick. "One of these guys has won games," he said. "The one thing I know – both of these guys have been starters in the National Football League and one of these guys has led his team to three NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl."

Carr went on to defend Gabbert, saying that he played well last season during a bad situation and has impressed his new coaching staff this offseason.

"Stats to me is different than winning games because a special guy is going to win games. His talent are going to help him win games. And I'm not saying that Kaepernick's the answer, but what I'm saying is – what I know – with the right situation, the right quarterback, this offense to me is built for Colin Kaepernick," continued Dukes, which Carr agreed with.

When asked what area of the team the 49ers need to improve upon the most, Dukes went on to answer, "It's going to be toughness when it's all said and done and that starts with the head coach because we know offensively the stuff works."

"Which player is potentially more dynamic to do what Chip wants to do? And I think that's what it really boils down to," said Dukes in closing.

You can watch the entire segment below.

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