San Francisco 49ers RB Carlos Hyde spoke to the media following Wednesday's practice. Hyde will likely be an integral part of Chip Kelly's system which includes an offense that heavily relies on the run. During Kelly's three seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, his teams have ranked 1st (2013), 9th (2014), and 14th (2015) in rushing. The 49ers ranked 21st last season under former coach Jim Tomsula following rankings of 4th (2014) and 3rd (2013) in previous years under Jim Harbaugh.

Hyde was asked how he thinks he will fit in Kelly's system. "I think to me, it's the same responsibility as last year. Being that overall back, the whole complete back, running, blocking, catching, just doing the right thing," he responded.

Hyde stated that the best way for him to stay healthy would be to stay in the best shape possible and take care of his body. He mentioned that he had lost some weight and was looking to be between 220 and 225 pounds entering training camp. When asked if he would need to change his running style, Hyde responded by saying, "I don't need to change my running style at all. I play the way I play. I don't think I need to change it at all."

When asked about the 2015 season, specifically the first game of the season where Hyde's performance was likely the best 49ers highlight of the year, Hyde decided to pass on a response and said, "I'm not even going to talk about that no more."

Fans may see Hyde get more catches from his quarterback. "I definitely think I'll be involved in the passing game a lot more this year, which I'm excited about. I like playing receiver. Another opportunity to get out in space and get the ball in your hands," revealed Hyde. He has had 23 receptions for 121 yards in two seasons with the 49ers.

"In college, I didn't get that many opportunities to catch the ball but when the ball did come my way, I tried to make the most out of it," added Hyde while saying that his ability to catch may be something that is often overlooked.

As far as the amount of time Hyde is on the field, he expressed his expectation to be a three down running back. He wants to always be on the field and always be in the game. "I definitely hold myself to being that three down back," said Hyde.

You can watch the entire interview below.

Carlos Hyde: I Want to Be a Three-down RB