There were a few interesting things to note from Mike Nolan's Tuesday press conference.

The first was the fact that linebacker Brandon Moore would remain in his starting role on the team. This was obviously going to happen considering the great game that he had against the Vikings.

When Vernon Davis returns from his injury, he will be the likely starter for the 49ers. While Eric Johnson has performed well in Davis' absence, Nolan describes Davis as the more "complete" tight end. He may not be better now during his rookie year, but Nolan feels confident that Davis has the most potential.

A possible return to the throwback jerseys

Nolan also mentioned that he would like to see the team's 80's throwback jerseys come back, opening up the possibility for the team to return to those uniforms. He mentioned that the players like them as well. While it is not his decision to make nor would it be possible to switch to those uniforms for the 2007 season, it may be possible to do it after the 2007 season. Nolan also mentioned that there has already been some discussion about returning to the throwback uniforms. The reason that they can't switch back this season is due to league notification rules. Nolan also mentioned that he would like to "tweak" the uniforms a bit should they return to them.