49ers allocated $5.979 million for 2010 rookie class

May 9, 2010 at 7:17 PM--

The rookie pool is the maximum in cap space a franchise can spend on its draft choices and undrafted free agents.

The San Francisco 49ers have $5.979 million to spend on their rookie class' contracts.

According to Len Pasquarelli of ESPN, here are the team-by-team amounts for 2010 (in millions):

Rams       - 11 picks - $7.596
Buccaneers - 9 picks  - $7.137
Seahawks   - 9 picks  - $7.057
Eagles     - 13 picks - $6.976
Patriots   - 12 picks - $6.278
Lions      - 6 picks  - $6.035
Chiefs     - 7 picks  - $6.007
49ers      - 8 picks  - $5.979
Browns     - 8 picks  - $5.878
Raiders    - 9 picks  - $5.854
Broncos    - 9 picks  - $5.798
Bills      - 9 picks  - $5.657
Steelers   - 10 picks - $5.198
Bengals    - 9 picks  - $4.889
Texans     - 9 picks  - $4.800
Redskins   - 6 picks  - $4.709
Titans     - 9 picks  - $4.683
Dolphins   - 8 picks  - $4.472
Giants     - 7 picks  - $4.335
Panthers   - 10 picks - $4.190
Colts      - 8 picks  - $4.121
Cardinals  - 7 picks  - $4.010
Jaguars    - 6 picks  - $3.954
Falcons    - 7 picks  - $3.930
Packers    - 7 picks  - $3.863
Chargers   - 6 picks  - $3.821
Vikings    - 8 picks  - $3.787
Saints     - 6 picks  - $3.446
Ravens     - 7 picks  - $3.438
Cowboys    - 6 picks  - $3.417
Jets       - 4 picks  - $2.660
Bears      - 5 picks  - $2.003

The pool is the maximum amount of money that each club can spend on its first-year players.

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