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Brock Purdy, Sam Darnold, Steve Wilks, Chris Foerster preview 49ers-Rams Week 18 matchup

Jan 4, 2024 at 5:50 PM--

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San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Brock Purdy and Sam Darnold, defensive coordinator Steve Wilks, and offensive line coach and run game coordinator Chris Foerster spoke with reporters after Thursday's practice, as the team prepares for its Week 18 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcripts provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

QB Brock Purdy

How does it feel to be getting your first Pro Bowl recognition?

"Yeah, what an honor. I'm very thankful, obviously to everyone who voted and all the support across the country. It's so cool actually. For all my teammates too, for them to be recognized, it's sweet. We've got a special team, special unit of guys and to be listed up there with them, what an honor. So yeah, very thankful for it."

You got the most fan votes out of all players.

"Yeah, I heard about that. It's crazy. I don't know really what to say to that. It's cool. Sort of just this last year, how crazy it's been and then just sort of see that and the support from everybody watching. Just all of it. The whole story. In the last year it's been a blessing."

How is the postseason different than the regular season? Or is it?

"I just feel like you get everybody's best ball. Everybody's in tune to what they need to do at a high level. Every drive, every play, really matters. Obviously that should be the case for the regular season, but postseason last year I feel like I felt that. I feel like even our first game against the Seahawks, it's like we're getting their best shot. It's a close game. All the way up in the first half and then the Dallas game, it's close. Every possession matters. Not turning the ball over, like all the little things matter. So, I just feel like the intensity is just cranked up a little bit more. Regular season that should be the case, but sometimes, things happen and you can lose a couple games and still make it to where you need to be. But postseason, there's very little room for error."

Obviously you're going to do whatever the coach says and go along with the program. Is there a small part of you that's thinking there's a football game going on this Sunday and I'm not playing at it?

"Yeah, a little bit. Just the initial conversation that we had, for me I was like this is all I know is to prepare for the next game and get ready. Especially when we went out to practice and I saw my teammates doing that, and everyone dressed up, ready to go and preparing for the Rams. I'm practicing, but obviously not getting the go for the game. So a little weird in that sense, but it's part of it. Obviously we're doing what's best for the team and the organization so always got to remember that and have that in mind. Yeah, just the competitor in me, obviously I want to play and compete all the time. But that's the case and the situation that we're in."

How plugged in will you be on Sunday? Will you have the headphone on communicating with QB Sam Darnold? What are you planning to do?

"Just be in tuned with the play calls and everything. This week I've still gone about my process and stuff with the install with the plays and everything. I'm going to do my part to help out Sam and what I'm seeing on the sideline, just like what he's done all year for me. Yeah, I'll have the headset on and listening to all the plays and stuff and still going through my process in terms of if I was out there what would I be doing and how I'm seeing the game and stuff and try to help out Sam as best as I can. So that's what I'll be doing."

What are some of the things that you've learned from Sam this year, whether it's during a game, meeting or in practices that stand out?

"A lot. Obviously, he has been a guy who has been here in this league for, I think it's his sixth year now. Just the process, the routine, how to study, what he's seeing with concepts and how he's ran things before. He's been able to pour into me and help me out with that. In meetings, sort of just remind me of little things within plays. Especially before we get up, before the game starts, the night before, we go through all the plays, he, [QB] Brandon [Allen] and I. He just does a great job with just the little things within the plays of, 'hey, reminder on this play, this is where we're going with this or that.' He brings up these little things that are huge for me as a quarterback. Obviously on the sideline and stuff, he's bringing up just good things, tendencies that he's seen on film that they could possibly do during the game and to not forget about. So, he's done a tremendous job. He's a very selfless guy. He puts the team first. He's for the room, not just about himself or anything like that. The dude is for the room and for this organization, so very thankful to have him."

In between drives, do you have a set routine? I see you talking sometimes to Sam, sometimes to quarterbacks coach Brian Griese. Is that kind of just something that you try to do in between each drive to check in and recalibrate?

"A hundred percent, yeah. Usually it's to start off it's Griese with what he's seeing and what we're trying to do. Then obviously the quarterbacks we're all sitting next to each other and after Griese is sort of done talking, Sam and Brandon will chime in with what they're seeing just with everything and sort of the mindset and stuff. They're real about what's going on, what the situation is and where I should be. Again, they remind me of things what with what I can do because they've played the position. They've been in those moments. So it's been sweet having them with me and continue to go with them."

In the four losses, you've thrown nine picks. How do you lock yourself into that mindset of being aggressive but also being smart with the football?

"It's just doing what I'm coached. Our system is really good. We've got really good players. For me, I don't have to be Superman and go out there and say I need to get it done right here and throw in this tight window. I have to go throughout my process and what I'm coached. We'll be successful. That's been the case. The times where I haven't, I've been too aggressive with things and stuff, we've gotten in trouble, turn the ball over. Then obviously those games we've come down to losing some of them. So, that's something that I have to obviously always have in my mind, but at the same time, when I see something and I'm confident about it, I'm going to let it rip. So I think that's sort of the fine line of it. But playing within the system and how I'm coached is always good enough here."

Is there any concern about not playing a meaningful snap for three weeks? If so, how do you kind of try to stay as much in rhythm as possible?

"That's something that I brought up to Kyle and then he brought up some really good points just in terms of like the preseason not getting a whole lot of reps and snaps and then going into Pittsburgh and playing well enough to win. Same with the Bye Week, coming back and having a good performance against Jacksonville. I think I've done it this year, in terms of having some rest and then coming in and playing. And so, that's something that feels good to go back and remind myself about. Not only that, I'm going to be practicing against really good defense, obviously our guys, for the next couple weeks too. It's not like I'm going to be sitting on the couch for the next couple weeks doing absolutely nothing. We're going to be out here still getting good reps against our defense, working on the little things I need to work with my footwork and my reads at practice. Whoever we end up playing in our first round, we'll be ready for it."

Reading between the lines there, did you just at least mildly lobby to play a little?

"It was just part of our conversation, just being real with all the situations and scenarios with this week and playing and stuff. That's something that we brought up and made the decision after that."

QB Sam Darnold

How much did getting snaps in the Baltimore game help you going into this game?

"If I do need to go in there, I'll do my best and whenever I can get reps, it's always helpful moving forward."

QB Brock Purdy said that he's learned a lot from you and how you're for the room. How have you kind of embraced that role this year?

"I think it's kind of, I've always kind of viewed myself as someone who just tries to help the team win however I can. I kind of did that last year obviously when [Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB] Baker [Mayfield] got named the starter, I did everything I could to help that team win and help him get ready for games. So, just continuing to embrace that role and do everything I can to help these guys get wins on Sundays."

What have you learned from Brock?

"A lot. Brock is, just in terms of his process, what he does to get ready for the game, he studies a ton and he's very meticulous about that. And just the way he goes about reading the defense, he does exactly how he's coached and like he just got done telling you guys, he stays within himself better than any quarterback I've been around in terms of just taking what the defense gives him and obviously there's a time and place to be aggressive and try to make throws, but I think he's very poised in certain situations to be able to just check the ball down and live to fight another day."

Brock was just talking about how good of a resource you've been for him specifically on the sideline during games. That probably hasn't worked in the opposite direction yet this year, but I'm guessing it's going to happen on Sunday, or maybe in camp did it happen? Or do you have any kind of examples of Brock kind of helping you out in the heat of the moment, kind of recalibrate the way that you've helped him?

"Yeah, for sure. I mean, he's been in the system now for two years. Obviously, this is my first year in it, so just different things in terms of where to go hot and when I got a blitz, who I should look to on a certain concept or a certain play. So, yeah, Brock has been helping me out ever since I got here."

You've been in this system now for almost a full season. How does it sort of compare to other situations or other rooms you've been in?

"Yeah, it's a really good system. I mean, there's just, there's answers for everything. I'm not going to sit here and compare it to any other system that I've been in, but there's just answers for everything that the defense does and that allows the quarterback to go out there and play fast."

You've played a lot of football in your career and then this year obviously has been a different thing, but are you going to be a better quarterback next year, wherever you are, for having been here?

"I just think with experience, you continue to grow as a quarterback and as a person. But yeah, I mean with these coaches, with these players, I felt like I've grown a lot this year and then just going to continue to take it one day at a time and one game at a time."

You're going into your first playoffs, so how excited are you about that and I guess how are you going to use this opportunity to get ready for that?

"Yeah, I mean, just excited to keep playing more football. Week 18 isn't the last week of football that we're going to be playing here, so that's always a good feeling whenever you can go into the postseason and I'm excited about that opportunity and like I said, just to continue to help this team however I can."

When you watch this team, the thing that jumps out is that none of these receivers have an ounce of fear running across the middle of the field, and that's not typical around the league. Have you noticed that?

"Yeah, no doubt. I mean, I saw it firsthand when I was on the sideline watching [WR] Deebo [Samuel] take a little screen and [Baltimore Ravens CB] Marlon Humphrey kind of hit him and he just kept going. Deebo didn't even see him coming and he just kind of looked like he just bounced right off him. So, yeah, got a ton of great talent and like you said, a lot of guys that are very selfless in the way that they play, in the way that they act around the building, it's a special group."

This is kind of ancient history, but you could have gotten more money to go elsewhere. Obviously, you haven't gotten to play that much, which you knew wasn't guaranteed, but any regrets about your decision?

"No. No. Zero regrets."

Defensive Coordinator Steve Wilks

Opening comments:

"Referencing the game from last week, I thought the guys performed well. Of course we came out of there with a win. You saw some great things out of [CB Charvarius Ward] Mooney, as well as [DB Deommodore Lenoir] Demo, in regards for us taking the ball away. As we finish up this week, regular season, playing a good football team that's very talented. So, I want to make sure I first of all recognize the guys that we had for us, Pro Bowl. [DL Javon] Hargrave up front, [LB] Fred [Warner], you look at [DL Nick] Bosa. This is my opinion and my opinion only, I don't think there's another corner in the National Football League that's playing better than Charvarius Mooney Ward. So kudos to him in being elected for his first Pro Bowl. Hopefully that predicates also in All-Pro because I think he's playing at that caliber level. In regard to the game this week, I'll take your questions."

In Pro Bowl voting, interceptions are probably looked at the most. How do you judge a defense back as far as whether he's having a good season or not?

"I think what you just mentioned, production. That's going to stand out. Particularly when the fans have a say so in the voting because they don't watch the game sometimes as we may watch it. I think he's one of the best tackling DBs, not just corners, but DBs in the National Football League, when you really break down and watch the tape. He's doing a phenomenal job there. That's one of the things that we believe in. We just, cover corners, we tackle. That's a major part of what we do. I've got to give a lot of credit to [defensive backs coach] Daniel Bullocks as well, just with his teaching and getting those guys to perform at a high level. He doesn't get enough credit as well."

What improvements have you seen from Mooney from last year in the film you watched to where he's playing right now?

"Just in the details of his technique and then the consistency in which he practices. I think you guys heard me say this once this year and calling him out. He's full speed on a Friday. He's going to the ground trying to get the ball. He made a statement the other day talking to the team when [head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] had him break it down, which I love. He said, 'continue to compete against the man in the mirror.' That's what he's been doing all year. That's his quote. He's been competing against himself trying to get better each and every, not week, but day. It's shown up and it's paid off for him."

Do you think him having this relationship with his daughter has really kind turned him around from being happy at home to being happy here and being able to focus more? Have you seen that shift in the last two months?

"I've seen definitely a change in his demeanor. We talk about it all the time. I think he is at a different place and space in his life and how he handles certain situations. I'm just so proud of him. Not only what he's doing on the field, but who he is as a father. It's just tremendous."

When you have someone like that in that room, what does it do for the younger guys, specifically Deommodore Lenoir?

"It definitely shows how you've got to lead by example, and he does it the right way. I've got to really recognize [S Tashaun] Gipson [Sr.] as well, older vet in the room that shows those young guys how to do it. But Mooney has been consistent all year in his approach and how he studies the game. He sees certain things. I talked to the coaches about this watching tape, even when the play is not coming to his side, just the way he uses his eyes and how he positions himself based off certain route combination. You can tell that he understands the concepts."

You were able to take a longer look at S Logan Ryan this past weekend and DL Sebastian Joseph-Day a little bit shorter, but what were just kind of impressions of both of those guys?

"Logan, again, great communicator. I don't know if you guys saw that one open-field tackle that he made saving a touchdown. That's his job as a safety in the National Football League. I think the guys love playing with him. I think he has really accepted and fit right into the culture that we have and it shows out there on the field. Sebastian, I thought he did some good things. He is a guy that has been a two gapper his whole career. So, [defensive line coach Kris] Kocurek is still working on him, number one with his stance and his get off, but his effort was there. We've just got to continue to improve on his technique."

How eager are you to see some guys that haven't gotten a lot of snaps this year in this game?

"It's going to be great, just to be able to see those guys come in and perform as they did the latter part of the Commanders game. The one thing that I enjoy is seeing that the standard didn't change, doesn't matter who's in there. So, definitely looking forward to whoever's out there still playing the 49ers way."

At the beginning of games and halves, DL Clelin Ferrell seems to be really impactful. Are you noticing that as well? Is there a way to get his endurance better or spot him better so that he's big in big spots for you?

"To be quite honest, I don't think there's an issue with his endurance. He runs, if you look at his GPS, he probably runs more than some of the other skill players, to be quite honest, the way he chases the ball and runs down the field. I think he does a lot for setting the tone early in the game. And Kocurek really does a good job just how he rotates those guys and constantly trying to keep them fresh. So, I think Cle has been consistent for us and hopefully he can continue to do that for us moving into the playoffs."

What are the areas of improvement you're going to emphasize over these next two weeks before the playoffs?

"I think as we've been talking, it's no different from the beginning of the year, fundamentals and technique. We talk about our weapons all the time, eyes, hands, hips and feet. What happens this time of the year, guys start pressing, wanting to try to make a play, get outside the scheme. They feel like here's the playoffs and then now we've got to increase our play. Our standard still stays the same, be one of 11. So, that's been our approach all week is just really fundamentals and technique, getting off blocks, setting edges, running to the football, because our scheme will take care of itself."

Greenlaw has played really well for you, but he didn't make the Pro Bowl. How much do you expect him to play in this game when you have an extra linebacker up to try to maybe reduce some of his workload in Week 18?

"Well, Kyle will make that call in regards to how much he wants those guys to play. The mindset that we are trying to create is that we can't let up. We want to win this last football game. We want to have momentum going into the playoffs. So, Kyle will determine exactly how much those guys will play. In regards to him not making the Pro Bowl, it's definitely disappointing. He hasn't mentioned anything. I'm just saying it's disappointing in regard to myself because I think he's still one of the elite linebackers in this league. The way he plays, he's a tone setter for us, him and Fred both out there. He missed a few games. Once again that happens a little bit from a standpoint of the voting. But if you know football, he's one of the best in the league."

Seems to be a scenario where CB Isaiah Oliver could play some safety on Sunday. If that does come to pass, who else is available to play nickel to kind of fill in it?

"I thought about trying to get you out there, if that's possible (laughter). No, no, seriously, we don't know where exactly, Oliver may play a little bit of safety, definitely the nickel position. [CB] Samuel Womack [III] is a guy that's played there before. So we definitely have some options. Most important, we've just got to do a great job trying to get to this game in regards to who finishes."

Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Chris Foerster

I don't know if you can say or not, or whether you know or not, but do you expect to have OL Jaylon Moore for this game?

"Jaylon was able to practice today. I think he was a full participant in practice."

You've talked a little bit about OL Ben Bartch and liking him as a center prospect. Has he done any work there and is he a possibility at center on Sunday?

"Yeah, he works it every day he's been here. He has been working it on the scout team. He also worked at some with our group today. [OL Jon] Feliciano was doing some other things and so, he was able to get some center work. He's been doing it all along. We've been trying to rotate him in at guard and center. Not natural for him yet but he's working really hard at it. And so, it's a very good possibility on Sunday that you'll see him some at center."

For a few years you had Tennessee Titans OL Dan Brunskill, obviously you could do a little bit of everything and you had to replace him this offseason Feliciano was kind of that guy. How important has he been to have just a dependable guy who can be kind of your sixth man but also start?

"Yeah, it's huge. I mean, you get these guys, these veterans, they understand the game. They understand the positions. They've had a career of starting at left guard, right guard, center. So, it doesn't trip them out when all of a sudden one week you're at right guard, one week at your left guard, the next week you're at center, you go in and end the game at center. They've done all that stuff before. So, it's invaluable and yet at the same time, they can start and play, it's cool. It's really good. It seems like every team you're on, you have that guy, you need to really find that guy because they really are invaluable. You'd love it to all be young guys, you'd love that position, the six, seven, eight linemen to all be young and developing players for a lot of different reasons. And you hope they develop into starters as opposed to having three or four old heads in there that are just you know what they are and they're solid. But like we talked about the other day, we were talking about the splash plays for a guard and the splash plays for running back. That sometimes just the good old dependable, the comfortable old shoe works for you for lack of a better term, that's what Feliciano is."

What did you like about him when you were looking at him in the off season and has he exceeded your expectations?

"Here's the thing, and I think when we study film, there's not a lot of teams that do what we do. I mean, we look a little different us, the Dolphins. We kind of have a style, [head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] and [Miami Dolphins head coach] Mike [McDaniel] and the guys that do it. So, it looks a little bit different and we kind of do a little bit more outside zone and run a little bit more. So, when you study other teams, you just don't see them do that as much. So, you have to look hard, whether you're evaluating college film, free agent film, you have to look a little bit harder to say, where do I see glimpses of what we do? And then you say, how many times do you think you can do this for a sustained amount of time in a game? And really you didn't see it at all until what I saw is I saw him pull on some plays at center or get out in space in some of the toss crack plays and, and I said, you know what, it's in there. And Jon's not a guy coming out of college or through his pro career where you said he'd be a great scheme fit for our offense, but it's in there and if you drill it every single day and it's there, you can pull it out of him and he can do it consistently. So, we saw that little glimpse and when he got here, even Kyle would say earlier, you're like, I don't know about this Feliciano guy, but then when you give an opportunity to play and he practiced it, he got kind of used to it. It's there and it's kind of cool to see."

There's a motion you do mostly with RB Christian McCaffrey that looks kind of funky and he ends up in some funky spots where he shuffles to the side and you end up in some weird areas. What is the benefit of that motion in particular and sort of how did that come to be?

"Well, some of it is, you motion for coverage tells, others you just get him in a position where he can best release to do what we need to do for a pattern. So I mean, I think it's all play-driven and depending upon what we need from the back and it gives a little different look to the defense at times or undresses the defense or tells us something. So there's a lot of different reasons to do it."

How do you find the balance of guys may be sitting out? I know you've mentioned before like when T Trent Williams missed a couple of games, he didn't play his best when he came back. So how do you find the balance of that when you've got guys that may sit out this week and then you got a Bye Week next week?

"Yeah, the thing is that these practices become important. You need to practice. Everybody needs to practice. Everybody needs to practice hard because you can't just take weeks off. Nobody can. It's any sport, you just don't take weeks off and jump back and play at the level – we've been playing pretty solid football through the season. You want guys to stay at that level. And at some point, you realize a guy doesn't need to play a game to risk injury because of where the game is. It could be the end of a game that you're getting killed in or it could be a game you're way ahead in, or it could be a game that doesn't have as much consequence in the big picture. At the same time, you still want a guy to get ready. Same thing in the preseason games. You're like, okay, should they never play a preseason game? How many snaps are there? Is it 30 snaps? Is it 40? What is that number? So, it's that balancing act between what's the health of the player now? Where is he in his development? What does he need to do to keep his edge and keep himself ready to go? Because if you look at it, you say, okay if a guy practiced once a week, Trent usually practices, let's use him for example. He usually practices on Thursdays and Fridays. Fridays is more of a down tempo practice for us. Thursday's a full speed practice. Wednesdays he doesn't practice. He's with strength and conditioning. So, if you take that and say three weeks, this week, next week, the following week, that's three practices and no games. Is that enough work in 21 days to be ready to play at the highest level? It could be for Trent, or you might need to have a few more reps than that to be sure you're ready to play. Same thing with preseason, it's a balancing act and how many of those reps are to a point where, like Trent would say to me we're scrimmaging against the Raiders, and he's getting bullrushed a little bit. And I'm like, hey dude, you need to sit down a bit and anchor. He goes, "I only got so many anchors left in this body." [Laughs] He said, "so I ain't gonna waste them all in training camp against the Raiders. I'm going to save him for the season." And I said, "understood, big fella" and so he does the best he can, but it's right. It's one of the reasons he's been able to play as long as he has is not every rep is a full. He understands the big picture. And so, it's us talking to him, and that's my relationship with him, Kyle's relationship with him, we're able to say, hey, Trent, we think you need this. And I think as he's gotten older, he has appreciated that he does, everybody needs to stay sharp. Everybody I think I always go back to other sports, Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson, all of them, they still shoot free throws. They don't stop shooting free throws because they're great players. They still shoot free throws. They still have to practice."

You put OL Colton McKivitz into the starting lineup right away. And he obviously held the position, he's played through all these games. The first three-sack game with Steelers LB T.J. Watt, everybody was a little nervous about it outside the building, you guys didn't seem to be so much. What have you seen from him? Is he about what you expected?

"Colt's really doing a good job this year. I mean, obviously there's always room for improvement and he's getting better every week. He works really hard. He's got a great attitude about getting better and Colt's got great responses. I'll ask him, hey Colt, what happened on that play? And Colt looks at me and says, 'yeah, I didn't do what you've told me to do a thousand times' [laughs]. I said, okay, what are we going to do about it? So, the point is he understands what he needs to do and how he needs to do it to fix it. And that's not like, oh, coach knows everything, but he's like, yeah, I get it. I didn't do what I'm supposed to do, and I have to do it. And so, he's got that workman-like attitude that every single day, I'm going to get out here, I'm going to work, I'm going to do things well and win. I was worried after the first game because I think I explained to you guys, we did have a chip system set up to help him. But sometimes the chip system based on coverages is not, you need to get those guys out and sometimes chipping isn't the best thing, so you have to take your chances. And we did more of that than I would've thought we were going to do, but we had to do it. So, Colt had to hold up on some one-on-ones, and he lost some and gave the three sacks the first game. And I had to be sure that he understood that if we put anybody out there and give him that many one-on-ones against that player, he was going to get beat. And some we could've got the ball out, others the guy beat him and got a sack. And so, I had to make sure he is okay coming out of that. And he was, but some guys, it's hard, the bright lights come on and you're like, you don't want to be the guy that everybody sees, oh crap, that was the sack that cost us the drive, the game, whatever it is. And Colton's got that tough mindset to get himself through it."

OL Jake Brendel was a streak free agent. He's now been a Pro Bowl alternate in back-to-back years. Did you envision that for him? And talk to us a little bit about what his strengths are as a player?

"Well, Jake Brendel, the first time when he and [OL] Jesse Davis came to us in Miami when I was there on the practice squad. And we the head coach there at the time cut three starters, three draft picks for the Miami Dolphins after like the fifth or sixth week of the season. He just cut them. He was tired, done with them, wanted to make a change. So, [former NFL coach] Adam Gase cut three guys and we poached three practice squad players. One of them being Jesse Davis, the other being Jake Brendel and some other, I don't remember the other player. And the day you got out there with Jake, you're like, wow, this guy's got some quickness, this guy's got some strength, he's got some toughness, he's intelligent, and I just liked the way he played and you saw everything that you would want. Now, we didn't do everything in Miami and subsequently, they didn't that we do here. And I knew that in this system he was kind of a prototypical center for the system, the quickness, the speed, the strength and things like that. And intelligence, the importance to how he can run a line, leadership qualities and things like that. Who's to say, who envisions Pro Bowl, not Pro Bowl. I love the guys they play really well. I just think the system, [head coach] Kyle [Shanahan], how we do things, how we build, plays build upon each other. It allows guys to maximize their abilities. They get to show everything that they are, they can be highlighted in this offense if they're willing to use the plays because the plays work together. And so, you can help yourself if you understand the offense. And that's kind of what these guys have done. Not to diminish that they're not Pro Bowl players, but it all fits together for them here. And that's why these guys have all been able to flourish and have some success in the system because they are the right guys for what we do. Not just temperament, not just intelligence, but physically the quickness and things that we need."

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By David Bonilla
Apr 18

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy achieved a remarkable feat in 2023, setting a single-season franchise record with 4,280 passing yards. This accomplishment is noteworthy, considering the illustrious quarterbacks who have graced the organization's history. A significant portion of those yards came from wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, who amassed a career-high and team-leading 1,342 receiving yards. Most of his 75 catches originated from passes thrown by Purdy. Amidst significant offseason chatter surrounding the 49ers' star receiver, including several unsubstantiated trade rumors, Aiyuk's future remains uncertain. Former NFL player James Jones, now an analyst, expressed concern for Purdy should Aiyuk's tenure in the Bay Area come to an end. "I

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49ers' Brock Purdy addresses young fan's question about scripted NFL

By David Bonilla
Apr 18

Taylor Swift, the Kansas City Chiefs, and a Super Bowl overtime matchup. If the NFL is scripted, the league came up with a good one this past season—unless you're a San Francisco 49ers fan. During his inaugural youth football camp at Levi's Stadium this past weekend, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy faced a candid inquiry from one young participant: Is the NFL scripted? "No, the NFL is not scripted," a smiling Purdy responded. However, the quarterback added, "Good

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5 reasons why 49ers QB Brock Purdy will be better in 2024

By Marc Adams
Apr 20

The San Francisco 49ers appear to have found their quarterback. It was a bumpy road on the journey to locate him, too. There was the up-and-down tenure of Jimmy Garoppolo, whose relationship with Head Coach Kyle Shanahan seemed dysfunctional, at times. Then there was the short-lived Trey Lance experiment. Garoppolo and Lance are no longer being with the team, and one major reason is the emergence of Brock Purdy as the team's QB. Purdy finished his second season with a trip to the Super Bowl, after having a Pro Bowl season in which he finished with 4,280 yards and 31 touchdowns. He also led the league in multiple statistics, including passer rating (113.0) and QBR (72.8). Additionally, Purdy finished fourth in NFL MVP voting. But a year ago, no one knew what to


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