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49ers GM John Lynch remains “very confident” Nick Bosa deal will get done

Jul 31, 2023 at 10:19 AM

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On Sunday, head coach Kyle Shanahan had no new information to share about the contract negotiations between the San Francisco 49ers and star pass rusher Nick Bosa.

"I haven't heard anything, so no updates there," Shanahan told reporters.

A day later, there still aren't any updates. General manager John Lynch spoke with reporters on Monday morning. As expected, he was asked about the contract situation. The G.M. remains confident that a deal will get done.

"We have to strike the right mix of urgency," Lynch said. "I don't like this. I don't like not having one of our best players here. We've got a really good track record that I'm proud of as a group of having our players in. But I also understand it, and understand that we're going to have to exhibit some patience, and understand that, ultimately, this thing will work out. I'm very confident in that.

"And we're just going to have to have that right mix of urgency and patience. And again, I remain confident that we will come to an agreement and get things taken care of so we can have one of our best players, one of the best teammates. This is the guy that addresses our team every Saturday and just gives his wisdom. We miss him and looking forward to the day he's coming back."

Bosa didn't report to training camp with his teammates last week and continues to miss practices. Those are finable absences, but Lynch insists the 49ers won't go that route, even with the holdout going into the second week of training camp.

"I don't think that's really necessary. That's not going to get him in here," Lynch said.

Is the G.M. concerned that the missed practices might impact Bosa's ability to get up to speed ahead of the season?

"I think you always have to strike that right balance," Lynch responded. "Nick, he's a specimen, and he's a specimen because he was blessed with some really good genes. But he's also a specimen because he works as hard as anyone I've ever seen in this game.

"And his plan is meticulous. It's adjusted each and every year. Having said that, I think there's a point that everybody, as long as I played in Year 13, people used to ask, do you need training camp? I needed three weeks. I needed that to get ready.

"And so I don't know what that right time period [is]. We've talked a lot about it internally, but I think that's important to give yourself the best chance to not only play at the highest level but to stay healthy and get yourself primed and ready, calloused to play."

Asked again if there is any concern that the 49ers won't be able to get a deal completed with the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Lynch responded, "No. I'm very confident."

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