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Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Shanahan, Brock Purdy, other 49ers react to 33-17 win vs. Dolphins

Dec 4, 2022 at 8:09 PM--

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, quarterback Brock Purdy, and others spoke with reporters after Sunday's 33-17 win against the Miami Dolphins. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Opening Comments:

"Injuries from the game. [DL Hassan] Ridgeway, peck, we have to get an MRI to see how severe and [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo], foot, he'll be out, he'll end up needing surgery. Broke a few things in there, so real unfortunate to have that, obviously."

That's season-ending [Garoppolo's injury]?


What is the feeling in there? Your feeling about what he's given you this season and to see it end like this?

"Just hearing it is pretty crushing. We know what Jimmy's been through, how hard he's worked at this, I got that news in the second quarter, so it was a little different for me. Even with how happy we were with that game. That was a really cool game just as a team and all the stuff that went on throughout the game and just to be able to overcome some things and it was such a special win, but definite mixed emotions hearing about Jimmy. I told the guys right after the game, so I know that gave them some mixed emotions fast too, but it was a hell of a job by [QB] Brock [Purdy] coming in, stepping it up. He did a real good job today and we're going to be ready to do our best to overcome this."

Have you had a chance to see or talk to Jimmy yet?

"No, he had already left by the time we got in, I know his family was here, so I think he got out sometime in the third quarter and everything and went home, so I'll get to him as soon as we're done."

Is there any possibility that you would activate QB Trey Lance?

"No, he can't."

How did Brock seem throughout the whole process?

"Brock came in and made some big plays, he's got some balls out there, forgive me for saying it that way. We have to clean some stuff up, obviously, but just throwing him in there in the heat of battle like that, how much zero that team did too, which you guys could see, that was a big plan of theirs and they had some good adjustments, taking away some of our hot throws, so we were having to change a lot of stuff on the fly. Putting a lot of pressure on him in that way and I thought he did a hell of a job doing it. Protected the ball well and made some big plays too that I thought weren't there always."

We see how emotional you are, like how do you balance that just like the human side of it and dealing with Jimmy, but also the football coach side of you have to move on and have to make do with what you got?

"That's just what we do. Anytime a player gets hurt, especially when it's a season-ending, you know how much these players put into it and how much rides on it for their career, their family, everything is based off of staying healthy, so for the individual, for whoever it is, you're always crushed because it's a very tough sport and this is what these guys commit to coming out of college and you always hurt for guys with injuries. Obviously, when it's the quarterback of your team it affects it more, affects guys a little bit more, but you just look at it as the way we're built to win. Jimmy's a hell of a player and like I said last week we were so fortunate to have him here, but we need everybody. Today we needed a good defense. We needed a good run game. We needed guys to step it up at wideout and tight end and we needed our quarterback to come in and do his job and all those guys did that at pretty high level today. I thought our special teams played well. I thought [K] Robbie [Gould] had one of his best games of the year, if not the best with his kickoffs and field goals and when you play like that as a team you can beat a pretty good team. Miami's a real good team, so that's what we have to look at and we have to make sure to step it up in all these areas not having Jimmy."

How impressive was your defense's performance against one of the best offenses in the league?

"I thought they were real impressive, especially with the way it started out. That first play, having a house call, but they didn't waver. I think [QB] Tua [Tagovailoa], like I was saying all week, I think he's a hell of a quarterback, plays at a very high level, is just very good at going against those zone defenses. I feel like we play zone defense as good as anyone in this league though, so it was a good matchup and he got his, they got theirs, but the main thing was we did a good job keeping him out of the end zone. They moved the ball well, I think they had about seven yards per play, but I think they were 0-7 on third down, so when you can stop guys on third down and you get a few turnovers, it really doesn't matter what you do in between and that's where our guys really stepped it up today."

Was their presence in the box more than what you expected with how they kept going zero?

"They've done it before so you knew that there was chances of it, you just didn't know how much they were going to do it, when it's going to happen, so you need the answers on a number of things. They pop out so much, I think what they did a real good job of early is when they did do it, our quick throws were taken away. They did a real good job of that and when your quick throws are taken away, there's no answer. Until you adjust, see what they're doing and that's what we had to do. And then half the time they don't do it, so you have to be able to play with that. And that's something they've done over the years. They did it a lot more last year, but we knew it was in the arsenal.

Do you and general manager John Lynch meet after this to kind of figure out what you want to do with the quarterback position as far as bringing in a backup or promoting QB Jacob Easton or bringing in another practice squad?

"Yeah, that's stuff those guys even start working on during the game and that's something that they're staying up with everyone's practice squads, who's out there, so they always have a list of people and we'll be discussing that tonight and we know we have to bring someone else in at least."

When Brock had that one on the seam in the two-minute drill to TE George Kittle, do you feel like that kind of settled him in a little bit against the blitz and how he handled that?

"Yeah, that was the first big adjustment that we had to make and he's the one who had to do it, so he did a hell of a job recognizing the blitz, getting that and getting it to who we were trying to on the play."

You successfully challenged two catches, how confident were you on that last fourth down one you threw the flag pretty darn far out?

"Real confident just because I saw it on the scoreboard. Once I saw it, it was pretty easy."

There's been a few times this season where you've lost a player for the season and had to go on. What does it say really about the resilience of this team, two quarterbacks, you lost CB Emmanuel Moseley, that you just are still finding ways to win?

"We'll see going forward, but we got a resilient group. That's what I loved about today so much. Just the first play of the game for the defense and it was a big 75-yard touchdown, but they didn't waver, they didn't hesitate. You could tell it didn't faze them and losing our quarterback on the second series in the first quarter there, it was a big deal, but you don't feel any difference on guys on the sideline, so we got a strong team. Guys who love football and we have to make sure to really ride that high the rest of the year and hope it can keep making us better."

How was Purdy emotionally, getting plays in, it seemed like there were some times when you were counting down the clock there pretty close, just how the operation went?

"I think we struggled at it at times. I think you saw us call a little more time outs than we usually do. Fortunately, it didn't come back to harm us at the end, but yeah, there was a few times where just the communication between the ear, the headset and all that stuff. You never know until they come out of the huddle and when they come out in a completely different play than what you called that's when there's a hearing issue, a speaking issue and those are the things we have to get better at."

Is it most evident on kind of those tight window, middle of the field throws? He made a series of those.

"Yeah, Brock naturally looks a lot more often for the deeper one than the shorter one, which is awesome. Sometimes it helped today and a couple early, I thought he missed. Just having someone quick right there and just trying to look for something deeper and then running out of time to come back to the short one, so you like that about a guy's personality. You want that much more than the other way and now it's about playing, getting the guy experience. He got a lot of experience in college, but this is really his first NFL game here and he's going to get a lot more going forward."

You mentioned defense, how much did that start with DL Nick Bosa and is this about the highest level you've seen him play?

"It seemed like it when in some pivotal times. I have to watch the whole game to really compare it to other amazing games I think he's had, but it definitely felt like this was the best one of the year out there. I kind of messed with the D-line and Bosa last night telling them that I thought the linebackers outperformed them last week and I thought they would smile at it, but he didn't smile at all. And right after that last sack where [LB] Dre [Greenlaw] scooped and scored, he came right up to me. I thought we were going to celebrate together and he goes, that's what happens when you talk that that way about me in a team meeting. And I go, I'll make a note, I'll make sure to do it a lot more [smiling], so it was pretty cool to see. He was great, unbelievable."

Talking about LB Dre Greenlaw, you guys didn't have him for much of the season last year. It seemed like today he was just making play after play. You can hear some of his hits echo, what does he mean to your defense?

"All three of those guys. Everyone knows about [LB] Fred [Warner], a leader out there and a captain. You go to the two other guys, watching [LB] Azeez] [Al-Shaair] all last year when Greenlaw went down, how physical Azeez is and how much fun he is to have out there. And then Greenlaw, one of the best games I ever saw, I thought from a player was Week 17 in L.A. last year when Greenlaw hadn't played at all and came back and was one of the main reasons I thought we went to the playoffs last year is because of how he played in that game. I wish we could have all three of them forever, they're studs and they love football. They're a real tight group and they like to run and hit, so it's what you like about him."

Greenlaw guarded Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill on a crosser and didn't let him get yards after the catch, nobody does that.

"No, Tyreek is extremely scary every time he runs a crosser and everyone almost needs a head start and for a linebacker to be able to get there and be able to wrap him up, that was an unbelievable play and it's a play that not many people can make."

49ers QB Brock Purdy

How much preparation did you get this week going against the 49ers first team defense running, I'm assuming, basically your own playbook?

"Yeah, it was nice just going out, running our plays. Honestly for me, it's always a challenge every single week, going against guys like [LB] Fred [Warner] and [LB] Dre [Greenlaw] and [S Talanoa Hufanga] Huff. So, I've continued to chip away every single week. But it was nice knowing that I could just go through my progressions like we're calling it, because they're running that same offense. But this week was just like any other week in terms of trying to chip away and do my thing and try to get better and find ways to find an edge to get better. But yeah, that's really just how it went."

How challenging is it to kind of set apart the emotions of seeing QB Jimmy Garoppolo go down and going out doing your job?

"Yeah, I mean sadly it's part of the game. I love Jimmy. What he's done in terms of just taking me in and being a brother to me and just telling me little things and his experiences so far in his career that have helped him. He shares them with me. He's not like a secretive guy or anything. He wants the guys in that room to be better, to push him as well. So, to see him go down like that, it's like, man, that sucks. Also, I have to be ready to roll for the rest of the game, you know? So, my heart feels for him, man, he's a brother of mine. It's just like the situation with [QB] Trey [Lance] when he went down, it sucks seeing your guys go down like that, but you've got to roll and, and you've got to find ways to win."

Did you have nerves when you went in the game or do you not even have time to think about it?

"I feel like there was a little, just like the whole butterfly feeling of, alright man, we're going in, let's do this. It wasn't like I was out there shaking and like, oh shoot, what do I do? What's my read? None of that, man. It's every single week, I act like I'm the starter. I've got to prepare like I'm the starter. And you know, my name was called. Coach [quarterbacks coach Brian] Greise said let's roll. And just went out there thinking, alright, what do I got to do on the first play? Like check can or not, you know? But once I got hit on, I think it was a rollout, it felt good just to be like, alright, got some contact in and now I can roll and settle down a little bit. So yeah."

You don't work with the first team offense obviously at all in practice. What was that adjustment like for you?

"Yeah, I mean it's different because after every single practice I get together with Greise and [assistant quarterbacks coach Klay] Kubiak and we go over literally every single play that was ran at practice and just mentally walk through it, get some throws in, but I'm not running those plays live, 11-on-11. So, I just made sure every single week, especially like even this game, just making sure if I get called, I just visualize what I've been doing at practice and rolling, it's live, I'm going to get hit, there's going to be contact going on, but I just get to go out there and just be efficient and do my job. So yeah, nothing really more to that."

Is it a little bit surreal to go from being the last pick in the draft to now being the starting quarterback. Have you had any time to process that at all?

"Yeah, I mean it's a thing. That's just where I fell in the draft. I'm very thankful that I got drafted. I've always had confidence and belief in myself that I could play at this level. Especially through the preseason games and then the times I've got in the game it's football and I played four years as a starter in college. So, in terms of 11-on-11 and speed and all that kind of stuff and seeing the game, I've had that kind of experience, but to get in and play and now starting next week and whatnot, it's something that I've always looked forward to and I've honestly told myself that it's going to happen. So here we are."

Picking up the zero blitz, you were getting that, you hit that one down the seam to TE George Kittle, how much did you kind of settle in from there in terms of dealing with pressure?

"Yeah, I feel like when we went off to the sideline and talked it over, just we had a plan of what we were going to try to do and how we were going to attack that. And so honestly, I have a lot of play makers around me. I just had to buy myself some time, get the ball out with whatever we had drawn up in certain situations. There's times where I feel like I did fail a little bit, not getting the ball out on time or making the right check. But overall man, I had a lot of help around me and so all the guys around me just helped me settle in and play my game."

It's only an hour after the game. You haven't watched this film, but how do you feel about how you performed out there?

"I'm excited that we won first and foremost, but for my myself, I expect a lot out of myself and so I know you can say it's my first time going in a meaningful time in a game and trying to win and everything. But for me, man, I'm a perfectionist in a sense, but that's how the game is. You're not going to be perfect, and I have to know that and continue to enjoy the good parts and learn from the tough times. But you know, I'm definitely a guy that wants to do right all the time and just because we won, it doesn't mean I'm on cloud nine and this and that. I want to get better, and I have to for this team moving forward."

Were the Dolphins doing things that you weren't prepared for that, you know, were new this week that you had to kind of adjust to on the fly?

"I mean, I think once they saw me go in. Definitely the cover zero looks, they tried to pressure me a lot more and everything. We knew that they had done that in the past, in certain situations in the game, but to do that almost every third down early in the game and then even a couple first and second downs, it's like, alright, they're definitely trying to pressure me, get off my toes. Maybe they don't respect me because I'm a rookie, it's part of the game. So those are things that we sort of had to learn and grow with throughout the game and have answers moving forward. So yeah."

When you told yourself it was going to happen, were you referring to one day starting in the NFL? Is that what you meant?

"Yes, sir."

Head coach Kyle Shanahan said you had balls. Have you always had a certain fearlessness to you?

"Yes, sir. I would say I have. Man, just like throwing fear out the window and just going and play. Like, I don't know if I would've ever had an opportunity again to play in the NFL, you know, depending on how it goes. So, it's like you go out there, you prepare as best as you can, you get better every single day at practice. And once you get your opportunity, man, it's what are you going to do with it? So, for me, I believe in the Lord and I trust in Him and I just go out there and just play, so that's really about it."

It looks like your first start will be against Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady. Any thoughts on that?

"Yeah, I think it's cool. I think it's really cool. Dude's been playing football longer than I've been alive, so yeah, to have a first start against the GOAT, it's going to be pretty cool. But just any other game, man, it's got to be efficient, do my thing, and play football."

49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk

How about QB Brock Purdy's performance and what you saw out of him?

"He did a great job. He came in, played a great game, got a win and threw a touchdown pass. He did a good job."

What have you seen from him throughout training camp and the practices that gives you confidence he can do a good job?

"You know he's going to slam the ball, throw it and fit it wherever he can. He's super confident and that confidence bleeds into us that we have in him, we're ready to go."

What are the emotions? There's QB Jimmy Garoppolo, you guys win an important game and a lot of former teammates on the other side. How are you feeling right now?

"Bittersweet. Anytime you get a chance to win, especially against a great team, great coach and great players that we know very well it's obviously great. But to lose our quarterback and the captain of this team it's tough. So, bittersweet."

This isn't the first time you guys faced adversity this season. How much more can this team come together now?

"Not the first, maybe not the last. This is football. In the NFL, it's very fluid. It's week to week. All we can do is go out there, prepare the way we know how and try to put the best product out on the football field every Sunday. We'll just try to do that week to week and see where we take it from there."

49ers DL Arik Armstead

Last five games in the second half, the team outscored opponents 70 to seven. What's going on with you guys in that second half that you're able to shut teams down like that?

"We just find a way to win games. Find a way to head down the stretch, play good football, stay locked in, keep executing. As long as we execute and we play with great effort, we do a good job."

What's the key against a guy like Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa, who was trying to get the ball out so quickly and you guys were still able to get pressure on him?

"Just keep going. They have a good scheme. His throws are there. Quick. They're scheming them to get those guys open in the zone. You just have to keep rushing them. They're going to get some, but they have a great team. I think we did a great job today."

You guys are just furthering your reputation as the elite defense that you are. What does it feel like when you just seem to have a rhythm going, the way you guys have been for the last five games or so?

"It is what we expect. We want to be the best defense in the world. We said that in the off season, that's our goal. We have to keep going. Keep executing at a high level. Keep playing hard and everything's going to take care of itself."

49ers DL Nick Bosa

You've seen QB Jimmy Garoppolo come back from a bad injury before. Can you assess what his character's like in terms of coming back from a bad injury?

"I mean, he's going to be fine. It's going to take time, obviously. It just stinks because I really felt him coming on even more so this year. Just as he's always been a great leader, but I felt him really caring about this team and his part and obviously his big role as quarterback. I saw him at halftime and it was pretty emotional."

If you go against QB Brock Purdy in practice all the time when he's running the scout team, what did you observe about him up to this point and what from what you saw today, were you surprised at all?

"It's hard to tell in practice, but, whenever he's gotten a shot in preseason, he looked like he had some dog in him. I love his mindset. He's super tough. He's not afraid to make mistakes. He gets playmakers the ball. He's our guy now, so we have to roll."

You saw QB Jimmy Garoppolo at half time, what were his spirits like? What did he have to say?

"Sucks. Yeah, kind of similar to how I was feeling in 2020."

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan told us that he made a comment at the meeting last night that he thought the linebackers were better than the defensive line last week. You weren't particularly amused by it.

"Yeah, he threw a little shade at me and the D-line, so we kind of talked in our meeting. We don't like being called out like that. It's our head coach so he obviously has the right and he watches the tape more than anybody and he expects the most out of us. So, I'm glad we were able to make an impact."

49ers LB Dre Greenlaw

It seems like Tua really wanted to get the ball out quickly, but you guys found a way to kind of get him off balance, cut off his target. How were you able to do that?

"He did a good job. We knew exactly what he was going to do, to try to get the ball out quick and find the open guy. First play of the game, man. It was exactly what we thought it was going to be, no different. He threw it right off his back foot. But you know, once we got settled in a little bit and were able to believe what we saw, we were able to execute."

Having 49ers DT Arik Armstead back, how big was that?
Huge, man. Having a guy with that length, that experience, his leadership and everything that he brings to the table. Man, it's definitely the piece that we've been missing for our team."

What is it like to get a win like this against a team like the Dolphins?

"It's huge. They're a great, great team and a great offense. They have a lot of weapons and they're going to go really far this year. To be able to get a win on a team that's as talented as them, it just shows the hard dedication that we put in as well, the talent that we got."

49ers FB Kyle Juszczyk

What's your reaction when you hear that San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo is out for the season?

"It's crazy, man. I feel so bad for him and everything that he's had to go through and it just seems like we've been down this road so many times and it's truly unfortunate. I just feel for Jimmy."

During the game, did you have an idea that this could be something significant?

"It wasn't until I think halftime that I found out that it could be something. I was honestly confused. I didn't see him get hurt and the next drive I just saw [San Francisco 49ers QB Brock] Purdy warming up, like, where's Jimmy at? It wasn't until, I think I was running out onto the field that I realized that Jimmy was even out."

How much faith do you have in San Francisco 49ers QB Brock Purdy for now?

"A lot. Brock I think has played a lot of football and I think you can tell, just the way that he plays the position. He has a savviness to him. He has an understanding, he has a confidence to him. I thought he did a really good job today in the huddle. Just commanding everyone's respect and getting the plays in and out, delivering some confident passes out there. So I think we can definitely still do some things with Brock."

How much do you put on your plate now to just, everybody?

"When you lose a starting quarterback, it does put more of a load on everybody. We all need to step it up more. Pick him up in that area and I think we got the guys to do it. I think we got a lot of really, really talented people in our huddle and I think we're ready for that challenge."

49ers RB Christian McCaffrey

What do you know about QB Brock Purdy now that you didn't when you got here?

"Man, he plays with a lot of confidence. Didn't miss a beat. He came in and was great in the huddle. Obviously made some plays. I got to make a couple more plays for him. When something like that happens, it's on us to step up. But he did a great job all the way until the end, staying poised. Managing the huddle and obviously, there's some things that can happen here and there with communication and just having a different quarterback. But I was proud of him. I thought he did a great job."

How hard was it to see QB Jimmy Garoppolo?

"It's brutal. I haven't been around here a long time, but I can't say enough good things about him. I've been in that position before where you're playing and you're excited and it all has to end in a year and it really sucks and it hurts. I can't say enough good things about him from a leadership standpoint. From the way that he operates to his attitude on a daily basis. I'm praying for him and we're all going to have his back. You see a guy like Brock come in and do well like that in the game, it's because of Jimmy. Because they're learning from a guy like Jimmy, learning from [QB Coach Brian] Griese and [Head Coach] Kyle [Shanahan] and these guys. But, yes, it is heartbreaking."

Did you know the severity of it as you were helping him up after that?

"I didn't, no. I had no idea. You never know, right? Things happen in a game, and things happen quick. To have an injury like - and I know its a little thing - but to jog off the field, says a lot about him. About his character and about his toughness. I'm just praying for him."

This is obviously a big win for you guys against a good opponent. How much does Jimmy's injury kind of, you know, temper that excitement or enthusiasm?

"It's a brutal league. Things happen. Everybody has to step up when you lose someone. Obviously, Brock stepped up and everybody has to elevate their play. Football is football. And the plan is going to be the plan. It's going to be on us to execute every single play. Obviously defense, finishing and closing out games like that helps. As an offense, it's going to be on us to really elevate our play. Nothing is going to change as far as my mindset, as far as anyone's mindset. It's just go out there and execute."

49ers WR Deebo Samuel

How do you guys rally after losing your quarterback for probably the season?

"It's tough. With this game comes injuries. [49ers QB Brock] Purdy came in and did a really good job. We got the win for [49ers QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo]."

What most impressed you with Brock Purdy's leadership in the huddle and just his vocal ability?

"With not knowing that he's ever coming in, when he got in, you could tell he was ready for the moment and very vocal. There were times that he messed up and it take nuts to call the time out without [49ers Head Coach] Kyle [Shanahan] calling it, you know what I'm saying? The ability that he has to be one of the guys for this offense."

It seemed like he was really comfortable throwing contested catches to you all. Did that surprise you?

"No because he sees Jimmy throwing them in practice. We have pretty good receivers. It's always coming down negative to catch the ball, so it's our job to catch it for him."

49ers LB Fred Warner

What's your reaction when you hear about San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo?

"Man shocked. I had no idea it was that bad. My heart goes out to Jim. The way that he competes, the way he prepares every week. It was just a freak thing. That sucks."

Does this change how you view the rest of the season?

"No, not at all. I think obviously if you ask anybody how I feel about [San Francisco 49ers QB] Brock Purdy, like I have the most respect and confidence in him because I see him every single day on the scout team. The way that he comes out and prepares and competes, the confidence he has, the swag he has. I got all the confidence in the world in Purdy. That's a lot to ask of a rookie. Obviously being thrust into, in the position he is in, but at the same time, he doesn't have to do too much. He has so many weapons on that side of the ball to just get the ball to, and his job is just to protect the football. We have a really good offense. He is in the best position possible."

What has been his role in getting you guys prepared from his work on the scout team?

"He's savvy for being a rookie. You see him doing the no look passes and putting the ball where it's supposed to be. I feel like he's way advanced in terms of like where he is at for being a rookie. So that's really impressive to see every week. He's done a great job of getting us ready every week defensively. So, like I said, I have all the confidence in him."

The big play on the first play of the game. How did you guys settle in and shut things down?

"Yes, we knew it was just a breakdown in coverage. Just a simple mistake out there. Ultimately we want to obviously get him down in that position once he does catch it, but we didn't flinch. We came back to the sideline and you can't look at things like that emotionally. You have to just look at it for what it is and see how you can adjust. I guess that is what allowed us to really settle into the game quicker. Obviously, when you have a play like that. So, yes, we didn't flinch."

49ers T Trent Williams

What was Head Coach Kyle Shanahan's message after the game, with the mixed emotions of the win, but knowing QB Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be out?

"It sucks. Everyone had a lump in their throat, after finding out what happened to Jimmy. The message is, next man up. As much as we are hurting and as much as we sympathize with our brother, the game still goes on and we have to play and we have to try to continue to take advantage of our goals that's in front of us."

What are your emotions for Jimmy? Going through what he went through, coming back, getting a chance to lead this team and now, seemingly, his season's over?

"I'm crushed. Jimmy's like a brother to me. He's such a good guy, such a great teammate. He's such a good soul and a great guy to be around. I was crushed. It took a minute to get that off my mind. It sucks. There is no better word for it. It sucks."

This isn't the first-time you guys deal with adversity. First the trade, and now Jimmy. But it seems like each time has brought you guys closer together. Do you feel this is also going to bring you guys closer together?

"I think it will bring us closer together. We have a rookie who is going to be under center, so we have to be better around him. We have to band together and try to take as much pressure off his shoulders as possible. He's a great prospect. We can win ball games with him. And we got a lot of faith in him."

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel

On offense, that was kind of an uncharacteristic game from Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa that we're used to seeing. What would you credit some of the turnovers and missed passes to today?

"Oh, you're careful to just assume that it was one exact person. We're pretty used to Tua being extremely accurate. I know there was a couple times that he's going to be pretty hard on himself, but at the same time, you should be able to not be pinpoint accurate on one or two throws, and still be able to execute and operate. I think that the guys were a little off just in general collectively, but I know one thing, it wasn't because of preparation. It wasn't because of lack of detail. It was one of those things that you have to go through. I think it's important for our team specifically, that the biggest thing I wanted from this game is to really go out there and feel a playoff type atmosphere and do everything that they could to try to win that game, and when you do that, I think you can actually, win or lose, you can get better from it. We have a young team that at some point in time, you have to have everything on the line, and you have to be able to execute. So, players, myself, the whole team really, the idea is to lay it all out on the line for each other and then deal with the consequences. So, as frustrating as it was, I think that we are well equipped and we have the guys in the locker room that collectively will take this piece of adversity and get better from it, and that's the objective."

You had some big plays, but how difficult is it to sustain your offense over that defense in a game like that?

"No, they do a good job. When you're playing one of the best units in football on either side it's important that when you have opportunities you have to take advantage of them, and I think if you ask every player in that locker room, they would say that that was not the case today, and that the point is you shouldn't just pass it along to somebody else and it should hurt, you know? But, when you're playing a group like that, that's playing at such a high level, you can't miss opportunities, or you end up making it really tough on yourself. I think that was an outstanding job by the [San Francisco] 49ers defense, just the team collectively. They brought it. That team has some playoff experience for sure, and they're hungry to go and rectify some stuff of the past. If you don't completely execute it's going to be tough for your whole team to come out on top. So, you're exactly right, you're going to make it pretty tough on yourself if you continually don't make the plays that are afforded to you, and it will catch up with you, especially with a pass rush like that."

How did you feel about how San Francisco 49ers QB Brock Purdy did in relief and how the Dolphins defense did against Brock?

"I think that's a pretty good player there. His preseason was as good as any rookie's. I think he and [Miami Dolphins QB] Skylar [Thompson] really were the two guys that really had a real good preseason. I know that coaching staff and that team is very confident in him. It's always a tough task, but when you're able to lean on some good play makers and get the ball in their hands, and when you're able to kind of control the clock with a lot of first downs and the run game, I'm sure he'll have some plays they'd want to have back, but that team will be fine moving forward with him. I'm sick for [San Francisco 49ers QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] and having to go through that, but the same time that's football, and teams get tested with their depth all the time, and no one really cares at the end of the season. It's result based. So, they'll be all right. I thought he did a good job. We weren't able to turn the ball over as much as you'd like and take advantage of those type of situations, but we'll learn from it and that's the point."

A lot was made about you and San Francisco 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan, how did it ultimately feel for you and what was said between you guys?

"Yeah again, I don't really see it that way. Don't get me wrong, to see a lot of people that you invest blood, sweat, and tears with, and to see a lot of people that are a huge part of your journey that you otherwise don't know where you'd be without them, that's a cool part of the NFL and the cool part of football, but it felt like another game for me. I got to shake hands with him before the game and after the game, and I'm kind of used to his routine, so I was messing with him before the game a little bit, but outside of that it was about the Dolphins. Anything short of that I really struggle from an integrity standpoint to have any emotions or thoughts that have to do with my journey, because that's not what the players and the organization for the Dolphins deserve. So, I stay true to my proclamation. After the kickoff it was just coaching football and trying to put players in the best position, they could be to make plays and ultimately, that didn't get done. As I told the team after the game they don't have to worry in the least. I'll get better from the things that I know that I could have done better, and that's what I'm expecting from all the players as well."

Fourth-and-one from your own 19 was a play that did work, obviously. I'm curious what went into your decision to make that call?

"Again, I think part of the job is to do things that make the most sense for your team. I know exactly what's going to happen if it doesn't work, and it's not wishing in hope or living in hope I should say. It was more that there was, I feel like six minutes plus to go. We were down by six and I was pretty confident in a particular play that I figured that at that point in time, if you'd say what's the greater risk: Is it having a two yard distance with the particular play that I ended up calling with your guys on offense that really make you go, as opposed to needing to punt and getting the ball back still having to drive the whole field? And on top of that, I figured that if it didn't work out in our favor, at least it was a short field. It was one of those things that I was very aware of the risk and in terms of the second guessing that will happen if it doesn't work, but I think that's the job of the head coach is to do things for the right reasons and not because you're going to possibly get second guessed. So, that's something that in that moment it's to the credit of the players that I feel comfortable doing that, and thought it was the best for the team at the time."

Could you assess the offensive tackle play with Miami Dolphins T Terron Armstead and Miami Dolphins OL Austin Jackson both out and having two backups?

"I thought they did a pretty good job, because that is a tough, tall task. I think that there were times, I alluded to the fact before, that I think that there'll be stuff that I'll learn from and I think I could have done a better job with them, but for the most part, I thought they really performed and took the challenge, and that's a tough task. They have some good players, and they are trying to sack the quarterback every play. I thought they competed. I thought they gave us a chance to win, but we'll try to get better from it moving forward as well."

Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa

Obviously, you were on the injury report earlier this week, just update with us how you're feeling after this game?

"Yeah. Sucks that we didn't come out and do what we wanted to do collectively as a team. Obviously, it starts with me offensively, turnovers with third downs, communication errors. In that retrospect, it's hard to win a game when you're not on your Ps and Qs, and you're not dialed in. So, a lot of that has to do with just understanding what we're trying to accomplish and what we're trying to do."

We're accustomed to seeing you be more accurate, are you just missing guys?

"Yeah, definitely missing guys in certain areas. There's also some miscommunication of where guys should be breaking, where they're setting their angles on certain routes, things like that. But it definitely was a poor performance from my part in that aspect of the game."

Tua, you hit the big plays but how hard was it to sustain that defense over the course of the game?

"Yeah, it was tough. And we knew what we were playing against. A really good front, you look at the linebackers that they have, very intuitive and then their safeties with how they try to mix in their coverages of making things look the same. Not easy being in the back there and then having that kind of pressure and trying to read it at the same time. So they had a great game plan for us. We were hoping to have a lot more chances to make some plays, but we didn't. We had a lot of opportunities offensively and didn't capitalize. So that's the result of the game."

Did you come out of it okay, health-wise, after taking those hits?

"Yeah. I would say as good as I can be coming off of a game. We'll assess some things but, as good as I can be."

When you think about some or all of the third down plays in today's game what, if anything, are some common denominators or what stands out about third down today?

"Execution. Execution and executing those plays. It's not what we did today, and that was the result of a lot of three and outs from what it felt like offensively. And no one really to blame but myself, so we'll be better from this."

What happened on the third down miss to Miami Dolphins RB Jeff Wilson Jr.?

"Yeah. It was just poor ball placement. And nothing, nothing more than that. I was just bad."

How would you assess the pass protection? You had two back up tackles playing.

"Yeah, I think they did really good. Stepping up against really good edge rushers. And it's not just their edge rushers, their interior rushers are really strong to be able to push the pocket and allow those guys to collapse. And so, I think they did a phenomenal job. We'll take a look at the tape and see what we can get better at offensively."

The fourth and one from your own 19, down points, obviously that's one the plays that worked. What was going through your mind when you heard you guys were going for it?

"Just get the first down. That's all that was. Never thought like, 'oh, this is the biggest moment of the game' or whatnot. Just knew that, 'hey, Mike's calling this play and putting the ball in my hands, giving me that decision to either hand it off or throw it or run it.' So just the belief that he had in me, for us to go down and convert on that. So, I would say the same with our other fourth down that we had where we weren't able to convert. Tough. It's tough. Even in that play, we had some errors. But like I said, we'll all look back at the film collectively as a unit offensively, and we'll get better from it."

The two touchdowns that you did have, could you break down each play?

"Yeah our personnel, we were in 20, I think they were in base. And so really they had no adjustments to the bunch, they just had their linebackers stacked inside. They ended up bringing a guy off the edge to that side. So there was a little pocket or there was a little area that was voided. So we gave [Dolphins WR] Trent [Sherfield] the ball and Trent turned that into a touchdown. And then on the other play, we went fast on the ball and we saw quarters, they gave us the right coverage for the right play. And we took a shot."

Because some of the passes were high, the broadcast team was wondering whether maybe you were a little bit emotionally charged or a little juiced for the game. How did you feel in terms of your preparation and your emotions entering the game and joining the team?

"I felt like myself during the game. Like I said, there's instances where I just flat out wasn't getting the ball directly to our guys. But there were also instances where there were miscommunications of, I thought I was supposed to be here, whereas normally you're here. And so just communication errors and we'll continue to get better from those."

So as far as this season, this was the first time that you started and finished the game healthy and lost. And what was the message from Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel after the loss?

"Yeah. I've also been on the other side of that, where I have played in this organization and we have lost games. This isn't something that is new, where we're on a win streak and then we end up losing and we can't find our rhythm. I would say this is nothing for us to worry about, but it is an opportunity for us to get better from. So don't think that we're taking this lightly and we're just going to move on from it. It's a great opportunity for us that we will use and take going into the LA game next week."

Any thoughts on QB Brock Purdy and his performance coming in?

"Yeah, I thought he did a tremendous job. Being a rookie, it's hard in this league to do what he's been asked to do. I know what it feels like to come into a game being a rookie. And so, just the poise that he had, doing what was asked of him with action fakes, with his drop back game, I think he did a great job."

Miami Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki

Can you go through that play that was reversed of what you thought had happened?

"At first we called a play for man coverage, and then canned it to play for zone coverage. We got the zone and ran out. The ball was here. The defender stuck his arm in so it ended up hitting like his forearm. I tried to catch it off of the ricochet of hitting his arm. I pinned it against my head as I was going down. I don't know, I'm not in the booth, or on TV, so I don't see all the angles. It seemed like from all of the angles that I saw it looked like a completion. Who knows these days, but catch no catch, whatever it is, I thought it was a catch and especially when you called iton the field."

What's the general takeaway getting to play a really good team on the road? How will this help you later in the season?

"Everything is still out there for us. It is not like this was do or die and now the season is over. We got a lot of football ahead of us. Obviously, we put a lot of effort and work into this and you know it was a big game and a lot of hype around it. I think we are just going to learn from it, get better, and move on."

It has been awhile since you have lost a game by more than a touchdown. How much confidence do you have that this group is going to turn the page tomorrow?

"I think without a question will be fine. Not really concerned about everybody bouncing back. That was a good football team that we played and I think that we showed that we are also a really good football team. It was a fun atmosphere to play in. Obviously I wish it was different outcome. We still got a ton of football ahead of us."

Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill

Is there anything you can pinpoint as to why you think the offense was just not necessarily clicking right away?

"I don't know, man. I just want to focus on our room because we're such a young group and I keep all the guys motivated, the offensive line, even [Dolphins QB] Tua [Tagovailoa]. So, my message all day to the guys was just stay locked in, it's going to turn around for the good and as you saw, we began to move the ball in the second half the way we've been doing all season. So we're just going to build off this, man."

Out of most of the players, you've had the most success in the playoffs. How much does today's experience, do you think will help you in the post-season this year coming up?

"Well, I feel like my message to all the guys is to just let your passion show. I feel like a lot of people may take it as frustration, man, but I look at it as passion. That's all this game is about, playing for your brother, playing for one another and making plays. So, when your number's called, we just have make plays, you know?"

Tyreek, sometimes when you're winning games, it can disguise some of the little mistakes you're making. How much can a loss help you guys dive into the film and really pinpoint maybe some of the little things you can do better?

"For us each and every week we do the same thing. On Mondays, we go in, even after a win, we go in and we correct the good with the bad. So that's always been our mindset and we're going to continue doing that as an offensive unit. So we're going to continue getting better."

Miami Dolphins RB Raheem Mostert

Can you describe the first play of the game?

"Yeah, it was definitely an exciting moment. Especially being the first play of the game. Then for the emotions to be high, not only for myself, but for the team and for [WR] Trent [Sherfield] to go and catch that ball, slash, and take it to the house. I was trying to pick up speed to get down there as fast as I could to see if I could try to get a block or two. That was definitely a lot of volume and high emotions on that play for sure."

You guys are obviously so familiar with this defense, but actually going up against them in a game situation, did anything surprise you?

"No, not really. No, I think the biggest thing for us was we weren't detailed enough. I know specifically me, I left some stuff out there that I knew I could have made a play, I could have been game changing. I wish I could take that stuff back. But yeah, it's all about our execution and it starts from the play calling on down. We'll get it right. We got a big, big match up this week against the Chargers. We've got to flush this game out and I know it's going to be a little bit tough for me especially now that I'm done walking out of this stadium and stuff like that. But man, that's the game that we play and that's the sport, you have to take all those goods and highs and lows that go with it. It's all going to be fun and we can't wait to get back in LA and spend a little bit of time together. I know I talked to the running backs already and told them that we're going to do a little bit of extra meeting time. To know our opponent, know what the game plan is, be more detailed, be a family and all that good stuff."

What was the story with the running game today? There weren't a lot of yards, but there weren't a lot of attempts.

"It was whatever was being dished out. We had to take it for what it was. The game plan was for us to be balanced and we're in a situation where you want to take advantage of what they had, you know? Unfortunately my boy, [49ers QB] Jimmy G [Garoppolo] went out the game. I'm hoping everything's alright with him. I'm going to go talk to him and talk to his family. My wife's here and she's real close with his sister-in-law. I'm going to go talk to his brother and all that stuff. So man, that sucks. I'm going to go ahead and talk to him and see what's going on."

Miami Dolphins DT Christian Wilkins

Can you talk about the 49ers performance?

"They're a good team and they showed it today. We fought hard as a team and everything like that, but it came up short obviously. But San Fran's a heck of a team and I just feel like this is a good [experience]. You try to find the positive and everything and this is a learning opportunity for us. We come on the road, this is December football and if we want to be the team we can be and want to be, you have to have experiences like this. So just learn from this one onto the next one, the 24 hour rule. That's my thing, that's the rule in the NFL. So we'll learn from it and get better because we have to play next Sunday, it will be here before we know it."

What did you learn from this one today?

"Obviously we have to watch the tape to really be able to learn from the little details. There's obviously things we can clean up, obviously things we could have done better. So definitely have to watch the tape to fully know. I did feel like we competed hard and we competed to the end, regardless of the score, regardless of the outcome, regardless of what happened. I did feel like we did fight hard, so we got that. We just have to clean up some other things."

Is there anything they did that you weren't expecting when San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo went down?

"No. I wouldn't say so. I feel like they pretty much stuck with their offense. They did a little more short passes and quick passes, things like that. Probably just get the quarterback going into the rhythm, but respect to him, he did a good job just stepping up. I told him after the game, way to step up.' It was definitely respectable. We just, like I said, we fought hard, but there's some things we can get better and things we can clean up."

Sometimes a win can disguise some mistakes. So maybe you can look at this as a loss to pick apart some of the mistakes?

"Yes, absolutely. When things are going good, it's going great. Sometimes you don't want to fall into that trap. So that's what I'm saying. It's good. This is a humbling loss. Take it as a learning experience, not a loss. That's how you have to look at it and just learn from it, move on and get better."

Miami Dolphins OL Connor Williams

What are your thoughts on how you guys protected the pass game?

"I'm proud how everybody stepped to the play today. I think from left to right, I think we did a great job. I mean, obviously they're a great D line, that's a high caliber D line. To be able to do what we did and hold up the way we did,I'm proud of us. Obviously it is never perfect, obviously things need to improve. We are going to hit the film room and try to improve on those, but I am proud of everyone."

What makes DL Nick Bosa so hard to stop?

"You know, everybody at this level has, about the same talent. I think at the end of the day, it's that energy, It's that effort to it. So I think that's what we're learning, that in those big games you got to be able to step up into that environment and execute at that high level."

What was it like after the first play, the touchdown?

"Obviously it was electric. Definitely for 14 [Miami Dolphins WR Trent Sherfield) to get that ball. I mean, it says it all right there, but then just being able to put it in the past, being able to move on to the next game."


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