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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Transcripts: What Kyle Shanahan, Jimmy Garoppolo, other 49ers said after 24-9 win vs. Rams

Oct 4, 2022 at 6:12 AM--

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and others spoke with reporters after Monday's 24-9 win over the Los Angeles Rams. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Opening comments:

"Alright guys, injuries from the game, we had [OL] Colton McKivitz, he had a knee, did not return. [DL] Arik Armstead, foot, did not return. Go ahead."

Preliminary thought on how serious McKivitz' injury is?

"I'm not sure yet. Looking like an MCL. But you know, it's always, never confirmed until tomorrow."

Kyle, just what do you think of the performance out there today, especially coming off of last week's game?

"I was real happy overall, obviously with our whole team. It was a cool way to win. We knew it would be a battle, to keep them out of the end zone was great. I thought our special teams played well. It was really cool to see because I thought we had a chance to run away with it, especially after [TE] George's [Kittle] touchdown, and then for that to get returned, and then the next time down there thinking we were going to get that field goal and come up short on that. But then [S Talanoa Hufanga] Huf getting that pick six got us right back at it. So, it was cool to not play perfect, but to overcome a lot of things and have a good, big victory."

You said last week that it's early, you can't start circling games, but in some ways was this a little bit of a gut check game for your team?

"I mean we all know how last week went, so that makes eight tough days. We wish the game came faster but each game's different and that was a big one, obviously. Still counts the same, but anytime you win one in your division, and coming off how we were last week, we needed to play good and I thought we did, not perfect at all, but definitely played better."

How close were you to going for it at the end of the half instead of kicking the field goal?

"The one on the two? We were close, we discussed it. If we were on the one, it might have been a little more tempting, but I thought our defense was playing well and stuff and felt, it wasn't that tough."

Did you sense during the week that [WR] Deebo [Samuel] was going to step up with a couple big plays like he did tonight? Like when you're just talking to him at out at practice or you just see something in him?

"I always feel that from Deebo regardless of the practice. He had a good week, but he tends to do that, especially versus them."

How would you describe that touchdown pass?

"Oh, it was impressive, when the ball left the hand on the third down one, I'm trying to think, because I get them mixed together, which one scored, but at first it looked like a pick. It was close, that corner was teeing off on it. We had to wait a little bit because the guy inside, they ran into each other, so we had to hesitate just a hair and Deebo to come down with that throw, and then he did the rest. Which, when you get the ball in his hands, and I think he's shown he does some pretty cool things."

How good of a game did [defensive coordinator] DeMeco Ryans call today? It seemed like he called pressures at all the right times.

"I thought DeMeco did a hell of a job mixing it up. I mean, you can't stick with one thing versus a team like that, versus a quarterback like that, and he mixed it up throughout the game, so I'm excited to sit here and watch it in a sec."

[QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] last week talked about being out of rhythm during his practice week. Do you do things that can get him into rhythm, or did you think it just was going to be natural for things to kind of get clicking again?

"Whenever people in sports struggle to get out on the field and we didn't get a third down and we didn't get to third down a bunch last week, no one feels in rhythm. That's kind of the way we say it, but it really comes down to, that's just a broad statement to what happened. And we didn't convert a third down last week and Jimmy came out on the first drive, and I don't know how many it was, I want to say he converted like three, but he threw some big throws there and it kept us going and allowed us to start with the touchdown. I think last week that was the reason for it, was third down mainly, but I thought he did a hell of a job, went out early in this game and that allowed us to end with some points."

What goes into a play like S Talanoa Hufanga made as far as from a preparation and film study standpoint?

"Not hesitating. It's a play that they run a lot. It's play that we ran a lot. That's a really scary one just to tee off on, you better be right. When you're playing with vision, watching the quarterback, watching the tackle come out, watching the blocking scheme. I think anyone who's seen Huf play this year and even last year, the guy doesn't hesitate and if you do that you better make some very good, educated guesses or it's not long before you give up the big plays and keep both teams in the game and that's what Huf's been really impressive with here this year."

Is it unusual for a second-year player like that to have such command of the game and have such confidence?

"Yeah, I think it is unusual, but I think that's the type of guy he is. I think if you ask people back at USC that was his style. It was similar. He plays the game very well and the more guys you have like that, the better."

Obviously, Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford is a great quarterback, but he tends to give defensive backs chances. Is that a discussion point when you've been playing Rams the last two seasons that hey, he's going to throw some balls up for you?

"Yeah, that's a discussion point I say a lot. He makes so many big plays and most people who are like that, when you make those big plays you are going to give the other team some chances. And we used to always say that with [Former NFL QB Drew] Brees back in the day, he's going to give you about three in a game and you have to make sure you get one of them, but I see that a lot with some of the better guys and that's why they always have a chance to make big plays."

Your defense has strung together four really good weeks here. Other than just having good players, what is it about that group that's allowing them to succeed at that level right now?

"We've had the same scheme for a number of years. We've had a lot of continuity with it. We lose a few and gain a few each year, but just the core with the linebackers, some key guys on the defensive line, [DB] Jimmie Ward's been here for a while. I know he hasn't been able to play this year and these two new safeties have stepped in. [CB Emmanuel Moseley] E-Man's been here for a long time. Being able to add [CB Charvarius Ward] Mooney. Our coaching staff, we got a lot of continuity there. [Defensive coordinator] DeMeco [Ryans] has been here since day one. [Linebackers coach] Johnny Holland has been since day one. [Defensive line coach] Kris Kocurek came year three, so I would say it's that."

You didn't pile up huge rushing numbers, but you had the breakaway run from RB Jeff Wilson Jr. early. You kept it balanced and you did it with five starting lineman that were completely different than the five that were at the Rams game back on November 15th. What does that say for what you were able to do this week against them?

"Yeah, we knew it would be a challenge. That's how it was last year in the [NFC] Championship Game. They got some guys that are tough to block and those safeties tend to play a little bit different versus us coming up in there. Last year I think we had 20 carries for 50 [yards] in the championship game, which sometimes you have to do that, but when you make some of those third downs that we did, it's not always about that. It's about getting a few more called and then you just have a chance for a big one and you stay on the field and you're not going to have any good ones. They're real tough to run the ball against, but we had some big ones today, which I think was the difference."

What encouraged you most about QB Jimmy Garoppolo's performance tonight?

"How he played throughout the whole game, threw the ball well. He did a hell of a job. Played good."

He was stretching a little bit on the sideline there and QB Brock Purdy kind of started getting warmed up. Were you told anything that Jimmy might have tweaked something or was working through something?

"No, I'm sure he just wanted to throw, get loose, but yeah, there's nothing wrong with him. There was no talk of that."

What did you think about the protesters there? Did you see?

"I saw [Los Angeles Rams LB] Bobby Wagner take somebody out, which I thought it was kind of cool to see."

What was the idea behind the rotation of OL Daniel Brunskill and OL Spencer Burford?

"Yeah, Brunskill just got back for the first time in about a month. He's done real good verse these guys. Spencer's done a hell of a job too here in this month, but we planned on mixing him in there a little bit just so he didn't have to take too many reps, but I'm not sure how it ended up."

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo

On that touchdown throw to WR Deebo Samuel, did you intentionally try to get it over the guy and how?

"Yeah, I mean, I saw him driving on it, so I just didn't want to throw the interception, kind of gave it a 'either Deebo get or no one will', and that's about all I did on the play. And Deebo did the rest, man. He's fun man. He's fun to watch. It's awesome having a guy like that."

You guys been looking for some sense of rhythm or whatever you want to call it for a while. How much does a play like that kind of give you a sigh of relief of like, okay, we can do this and that's our guy?

"Yeah, you almost know Deebo is going to have one or two of those in the game. You don't want bank on it, but you almost can. And no, it wasn't so much about rhythm tonight. Honestly I thought it was third down. It really put us in a good spot as compared to last week. When you're successful like that, it allows the run game to get going and just allows you to open up the playbook a little more."

Did you feel better in this game that, than in the last game, just throwing the ball?

"Yeah, I think every week I'll just keep feeling better and better. The shoulder's just, it's tough during the season to get it right, but we've got long season ahead of us, so hopefully every week it'll get better and better."

This was a long week. Did it feel longer than usual because of that game in Denver?

"Oh yeah. When you go through a tough week like that, it makes this feel a lot better at the end. So we've been in this situation before, it's a roller coaster this season and you just have to ride the highs and lows and kind of stay right in the middle as much as you can and that's how you get success in the end."

A win like this against the defending Super Bowl champion, division rival, what kind of momentum does it give you guys moving forward? I know it's only Week Four, but this was kind of a big game.

"All of them are big, especially after last week. It's always nice to beat these guys division game and every time we play the Rams, it's a dog fight. It always is and always usually comes down to the last couple minutes. And I think [S Talanoa Hufanga] Huf made a huge play for us at the end there to kind of seal it for us."

When the game is that close, how cognizant are you of the fact that one interception, one mistake could lose the whole thing?

"That's any game really. You always kind of as a quarterback have that in the back of your mind and you don't want to be the reason for the team losing or whatever. But yeah, I mean that's football. That's part of the job I guess."

Sometimes it isn't necessarily the big strike, it's not turning it over. As much as they threw the ball, they're the ones that turned that over. Do you have to draw a line between I still want be aggressive and get this guy the ball, but I also don't want to turn it over?

"Yeah, absolutely. That's the fine line you play and that's just being the quarterback, you've got a lot of responsibility. I think whoever has the ball in their hand has the responsibility of the entire organization at your fingertips and you just have to be smart with it. I think it comes with experience, comes with putting in the time with the guys and just being on the same page. But yeah, like I said, it's just part of the job."

As much chatter as there is about Deebo as a running back, how you guys have used him, does tonight sort of show just a quick pass like that in space is probably where he is at his best?

"I mean, get the ball in his hands, let him get some space and some good things are going to happen. Guys were blocking for him tonight. Those screens, the line got out and you saw tight ends make a couple pancakes. I mean they played great all night – pass game, run game, screen game. It was fun. It was good."

It's been seven straight regular season victories over the Rams. How important is it to you that you guys can know you can beat the Rams?

"It's important. I don't know if you ever know that. You like to have the confidence that you can beat them, but like I said, I mean we've had some dog fights against these guys. That's a good football team and you'll give them credit. That D-line, that's a hell of a D-line. And our guys stood up to them and I thought they played really well. Dealt with some injuries and stuff front and guys just kept coming."

Did you have some stuff going on physically in the third quarter? It looked like you were just not feeling right on the sideline?

"No. Feeling good. Just trying to stay loose."

You had a scramble for first down. Is there any trepidation at all about that play because of what happened to Trey?

"I mean you just have to be smart. It's kind of like I was saying about the decision-making stuff. It's part of football, everyone goes through that, the injuries and you never want to see it happen. But yeah, you have to be smart when you get into the open field. It's not really my strong suit I would say. So I try to get down quickly."

The NFC Championship Game was eight months ago, but I know that left a bitter taste in everybody's mouth. Did they give you a little extra juice evening?

"Yes. I mean, just watching that film, you feel the emotions. [DL Nick] Bosa was actually talking about it the other day and just watching the film, it's silent, but you could, you know, take yourself back to that spot and put yourself in that emotional state you were in. And I think that's good for competitors. I really do. And I think after last week, too, it gave us a little motivation."

You've been through this so many times. That game like you had last week and then afterwards, you're smiling. You shouldn't be smiling and people are reading your lips. Does that stuff just totally roll off your back? Do you even pay any mind to it at all at this point in your career?

"I mean, not really. If I'm being completely honest. I get a kick out of it; it's kind of funny. There's things like that that you're always going to be criticized. That's just the position you're in as a quarterback, as a professional athlete and you know, you just have to roll with the punches. You're not here for long so you have to make a count when you can."

Do you recall, I don't know what the cameras caught, but do you recall specifically praising one of Head Coach Kyle Shanahan's play calls tonight?

"I'm sure I'll see it on Twitter, if I look. Did they really get that? Is that real? Alright. Yeah, I mean, we'll see.

This is one of the better defenses since you've been here. How good can this group be from your vantage point and how much confidence does it give you at offense?

"So much. There was honestly a point, I think it was 14-9 and it's not that we relaxed on offense, but you just, you feel confident in the guys on defense. I don't watch much of it, but the couple plays that I do see, it's hell for the quarterback and it's just, that's tough. So I love having them on my side. Hate going against them in practice, but it makes us better. It's a good group over there. They're tough."

49ers DL Arik Armstead

Every time the 49ers play the Rams, it's a close one.

"All of our games against the Rams are close. Obviously Huf [S Talanoa Hufanga] made the game-changing play that really put us over the top. I'm really proud of everyone. It was a must-win for us and we got the job done."

How nice is it to see your defense keep the other team out of the end zone for the second home game in a row?

"That's the responsibility we put on ourselves. We feel like if we don't let them score, we're going to win the game. We've been playing really well and we have to keep on going."

What impresses you most about the defense through the first few games?

"Just top to bottom, we're playing very well together. It starts with us up front. On the back end, those guys are communicating and executing at a high level. If we do that, we're going to be pretty good."

How much did you guys need to get this win after losing to Denver last week?

"It was huge. We felt like we could easily be 3-0. Our record wasn't showing that. Any time you play in your division, it counts as two. So this is definitely a big win and we're kind of right back where we want."

49ers DL Nick Bosa

You and LB Fred Warner both last week I believe were saying: "Yeah. We've had good stats and everything, but a great defense takes the ball away." Was that the difference tonight?

"Yes. At halftime we knew that it was going to take a big play like that and there was no better time for [Safety Talanoa Hufanga] to make that play. And yeah, we just try and reiterate that over and over and over again because that's how you win games."

You've been a part of some good defenses since you've been here. I know it's just four weeks, but what is the ceiling for this defense?

"I think it's to be best in the league. It's kind of our mindset every year and this year we have the personnel to do it. Not that we haven't in the past, but at all all three levels are elite players. I think the addition of [CB Chavarius Ward] and [S Talanoa Huffanga] starting to play at this level and then the depth on the defensive line. So it's a group effort."

What makes S Talanoa Hufanga so effective out there?

"I think he' just really smart. He's an incredible blitzer. He can do pretty much anything on the field. I think he trains with Troy Polamalu throughout the off season, so that can't hurt. And yeah, I think his mind is his biggest asset."

49ers OL Spencer Burford

When you've got that hand in the dirt and you see that Rams DT Aaron Donald on the other side, what goes through the mind?

"Just block him. At the end of the day, that's what they pay you to do and that's what you have to do. Knowing that he's a great player, you have to be real refined with your technique and have no mistakes whatsoever. One mistake could kill you or could kill a drive at the end of the day. You have be real refined."

How did you guys win the line of scrimmage on those crucial plays?

"We take it personally. That's what we're here for. That's what they pay us to do and that's what it takes to win games. We have to own the line of scrimmage with every team that we play, whether it be the Rams or anybody. Whoever controls the line of scrimmage controls the game."

Taking it personally. What does that mean?

"Your backs are against the wall. On those crucial plays, either you get it or you don't. You'd rather do than you don't so you can keep the drive alive and get some points."

Even though OT Trent Williams wasn't there, you didn't give up any sacks. How big is that for the line's confidence when you put that up against a great D-line like that?

"We go against the best D-line every week during practice. It all pays off. Those guys give great looks in practice and a lot of those looks we'll see in a game. We're not going to see another line like ours."

49ers S Talanoa Hufanga

Take us through the big pick six.

"Man, just a blessing. First and foremost, I thank God for being able to go out there and have fun. We were in man coverage, locked up with the tight end. They had been running screens all night and I saw a different release than I'm used to. Instead of going and following my man I just turned my head and the ball kind of dropped in my face, I'm not going to lie. I thought [Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew] Stafford was going to catch me, I'm not going to lie. My 40-yard dash time doesn't help when it comes to that, but definitely very grateful to go out there with my guys and have fun."

So what was the different release that you saw there?

"Screens are like - you can smell a rat when it comes to those things. Very quick to the flat, they had been doing it all night trying to get it to [Rams WR Cooper] Kupp. I think they were trying to get back on track, just trying to get things going. Guys are just swarming. The defense was playing lights out. I think we held them to three field goals if I'm not mistaken. Going out there, having fun and just doing your one-eleven."

You didn't exactly catch it clean. What was going through your mind as you were trying to secure the interception there?

"Honestly, I think I read it too fast almost. It's almost like I should have been a little bit more patient, maybe should have focused on securing the catch. I had a couple of those plays in college where I made the tackle on the play. So I think I just read it too quick, but it's kind of similar to what [S] Jimmie [Ward] had last year actually. Screen, pick and then he took it to the house as well, same sideline. I watched my film, I guess."

49ers TE George Kittle

How do you explain the dominance over the Rams in this building over the last few years?

"Really we just take it one game at a time, that is all it is. Every single time we play them they have fantastic players all over the board, defensively and offensively. You just look out there our defense slides around, they are fantastic. They hit, they are physical, they are tearing out the ball, they are putting pressure on a really good quarterback, and they are just not making it easy on them. Our offense, we are missing some key guys but the other key players we needed to step up stepped up. We are very physical. We run off the ball every single time and we are just trying to put guys on their backs every single play and whether we have the ball or if we are just blocking, we are having a good time out there."

Does it mean a little more getting the win against the Rams?

"Division rival? Yeah. All you see from them the whole off season or really in training camp is that they don't like us. It is more of 'hey its football we are just going to go out there and do our jobs every single time'. We don't really buy into all of that hype. It is a great rivalry and they are a fantastic football team with stars all over the field. We have to play at our best to beat them which we have done consistently."

How much confidence does the offense get when the defense is playing the way it is?

"I don't think they have given up 20 points in a game so far this year. By that, it means as long as we score 21 points a game we are going to win some football games. It is just on us to put points on the board and hold on to the football."

How important was it to bounce back after last week's loss?

"We had a very sour taste in our mouth. We felt like Denver [Broncos] played a really good game. They didn't allow us to do anything on third down. We had a lot of turnovers. Today we were the complete opposite of that we were pretty good on third down, we didn't turn the ball over, and we got some turnovers on defense and that was pretty big for us."

49ers DB Deommodore Lenoir

Anything go through your mind before impact with Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford?

"Oh I knew before the play. I'm like, "I'm getting him, you ain't getting away from me."

How about your view of S Talanoa Hufanga's pick-six?

"Oh my God. Did y'all see that play? Man, I just heard the crowd screaming and then I saw Huf going the other way. I felt like I saw like a Troy Polamalu flash, you know Huf yeah, All Pro Huf. Gonna start that now."

And I know that you know, by design, the secondary guys don't get that many sacks. When you get a chance to get one on a night when the team has seven, how good does that feel?

"It feels great, you know, I gotta give it up to my D line. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to make that play, so I just gotta give it up to them. They've been on them all night, so props to them."

And as strong as this defense has played on, you guys put points on the board. That's the defense. That's always a plus in the game.

"Oh yeah, for sure. Most definitely. That's kind of what our motto is. We wanna score on defense every time, every time we get a chance. So congratulations to Huf. You did that tonight. Appreciate you."

49ers DL Charles Omenihu

I think the strength of this team is that up-and-down, the line is so consistent. If you look at the sacks, it was well distributed. When you get a sack, that's what a defensive lineman dreams about?

"It's always good. You pride yourself on stopping the run and getting to the quarterback. Today as a group, we did that. Individually, a lot of guys got after them. It feels really good."

The Rams just got 50 yards rushing. That's a pretty good effort by the defense?

"We pride ourselves on stopping the run and it starts up front. With the four guys out there, if you can stop the run, you can rush the passer."

How about when the defense scores points? That's even bigger.

"I was on the field for that play. I saw the screen and I started to turn towards the screen. I saw the pick and said, 'Oooh, I haven't seen anything like that before.' It was a big time play by [S] Talanoa [Hufanga]. Huf has been amazing this year and he's going to continue to do amazing things for us."

And now you have to put this one behind you and then you head to Carolina.

"For sure. This league is 24 hours. You flip the page and go on because you have another opponent that's ready to go after you."

49ers WR Deebo Samuel

Facing the Rams tonight it was such a big game, were you thinking about making a big play this game? Or do you think that for every play in every game?

"Every time I get a chance to get the ball in my hands, that's just my mentality of trying to make it a big play. But it's just second nature to me right now."

The NFC Championship Game was eight months ago. But did that game give you just a little extra juice tonight?

"Of course. We knew we fell short last year and we got to stack wins. One of the things we focused on all week long was getting back to moving the ball, running the ball and converting on third down. We were flying on all cylinders today. The defense left three picks out there."

You played some running back, but is there still anything like catching the pass and being in an open field?

"I just see it as the same thing with the ball in my hands. I treat everything like a run, whether or not I catch it, I still treat it like a run."

It seems like QB Jimmy Garoppolo was in a better rhythm tonight. What'd you feel from him?

"After having two weeks under this belt. I knew Jimmy would come out there and just be the Jimmy that we know. Even though we missed a few, we still got work to do. He did a good job today on third down as well."

49ers LB Fred Warner

What is it about you guys getting pick-sixes against the Rams here?

"Man, down that left sideline just every time. We needed that in that series, I kind of had a feeling like, it was kind of that time of the game, where one was bound to happen at some point. Of course, [S Talanoa Hufanga] Huff of all people to get that. He deserves it, man. He's playing out of his mind and that was a huge, big time play and at a big time moment."

When did you realize that Hufanga could become such an impact player?

"He was already one last year, honestly. He just didn't have as big a role as he has this year. He was all over the place and you could see moments where he was just a guy, we knew he was a player all along and now he's really just taken a hold of his role and ran away with it."

DE Nick Bosa said last week know, "Yeah, we're playing good statistically on defense, but a great defense takes the ball away." Has that been the difference?

"That was the difference. Yes, I think it was a tight game all the way through. We played decent defense and held them out of the end zone, but we knew that in order to take it and to win the game, we had to get the ball and we did."

But what was the plan against Rams WR Cooper Kupp? He got his touches, but not a whole lot of explosive plays?

"Yes, we knew that they wanted to get the ball in his hands and like you mentioned they did. It's hard to just completely stop him from catching the ball, but were holding them out of the end zone, that was big time for us when they did get down there in the red."

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay

Opening Statement:

"All right. First of all, congratulations. The 49ers, they did a good job. They were ready to go. I liked the way that our guys battled, they competed, got into a one possession game. But the story of the night from an offensive perspective was self-inflicted wounds. Just above the neck errors, where we're not doing the things that we're capable of, and I expect us to be better than that. Defensively I know that we continue to battle. We gave ourselves a chance if we can tackle better. You credit them for making the plays and thought special teams hung tough, but overall, we didn't do enough to be able to win the football game. Got a short week. All we can do is be able to respond, but it wasn't good enough. And we're going to move forward accordingly."

What happened to Los Angeles Rams G Coleman Shelton, and how much are all of these injuries impacting what you guys are able to do on the offense?

"Yes, I'm not going to make any excuses. We've got to play better. The things that we didn't do to execute. You don't take away any credit from the 49ers. But a lot of it was just things that guys that we're counting on didn't do what they're supposed to do. Clearly that makes me think that I've got to do a better job and we got to do a better job as an offensive staff providing clarity to our players for as many missed opportunities as what occurred tonight. I think he got his ankle. I don't know the severity of it, but I thought [Rams OG] Jeremiah Kolone came in and, and battled. I thought our line battled. There was opportunities that I think were capable of making and we didn't do it. It's coaches and players in this together we will continue to stay connected and we'll move forward. It's four games. But that's kind of where we're at. "

What happened on the sideline with Rams LB Justin Hollands and Rams LB Takkarist McKinley? Looks like they had to be separated there.

"I think it's just emotions running high. We got it figured out. Those are the things that when you got a lot of people that want to be able to win and have a different result, different feeling than that things can run high. We have to keep those at a minimum. Those things can't occur, but seem like we got it cleaned up pretty quickly."

Sean, why have it been a struggle to spread the ball around and get Los Angeles Rams WR Allen Robinson Involved?

"It's just been a struggle overall."

WR Deebo Samuel's big play, you guys have talked all week about tackling. Was that missed assignments?

"I think his execution, you look at it, we're right there. It almost goes the same way with [Seattle Seahawks WR] DK [Metcalf] and he ends up breaking a handful of tackles, and he's a great player, but those are things that we expect. I have a lot of confidence in our players to be able to execute at a better level. We will continue to emphasize that and we're going to continue to try to improve and move forward the right way."

Tell us a week ago that you guys need to finish in the redzone. What were the

"Yes, there were some bad play calls. I put us in some bad spots, Sarah. And then it's just overall execution. We're letting a free runner when we should have him accounted for in a play that maybe walk in for a touchdown. And so however you want to cut it, we have to be better collectively, coaches and players. And there's no other way around it and there's no other way I know how to fix it other than go back to work. Everybody needs to be able to look inward. But the red area, I mean, to have three good drives and only come away with nine points in a game, that was a back and forth battle like that, that ended up being the difference. And then when you do make it a one possession game and you got some momentum, a couple game first downs, and we throw an interception for a touchdown on a screen those are the things that, you know, don't help you win games."

What happened on that pick six from your view?

"Yes. They were in man coverage. That's not a play that you like versus that look. It was like de ja vu, same thing happened with [49ers S] Jimmie Ward last year and that same spot we were just in two by two instead of three by one this year. Again, we have to have better clarity for our guys understanding some of the different things and it's very frustrating."

Rams QB Matthew Stafford

So tonight was a one possession game until that pick, what happened there?

"[San Francisco 49ers S Talanoa] Hufanga made a nice play. I've got to do a better job and try to get us out of that play. You know, it's a huge swing in the game. There's no question about it. You know, it was one of those games we knew it was going to be a battle. We weren't good enough, myself first and foremost in the red zone. Had some opportunities to put some points up and didn't get touchdowns there, and that's probably the difference in the game."

The red zone issues, at least tonight, is that, you knew coming in that's a great defensive front, how much, was that?

"No, that's execution on our part as well. You know, there were some plays that we can execute better, whether it's throwing and catching or, just assignment wise, so a lot to clean up. Proud of the way we fought. Give them a lot of credit, it's a good football team but like you said, one possession game. We make a critical error there and they capitalize on it, and that was that."

What was Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay's message to the team after the game?

"You know, he just said our defense did a great job, played great tonight. Special teams did a nice job. Offense, we've got to find a way to get in the end zone. We get down there in the red zone, and it seemed like a lot of the things that they were successful on defense, are things that we can control and do a little bit better job. So, it's frustrating to lose football games. There's no question about it, especially in the division, you know, a really good football team we just played. Got to find a way to look at it, fix it and move on. It's a short week for us and a good team coming to town."

Matthew, sorry if you were asked this right at the jump, but did the, I guess how did the types of pressure they were bringing, if it did, affect the way that you guys were able to spread the ball around tonight?

"The types of pressures, I don't know that that affected how we spread it around, but they did a nice job of mixing stuff up. They were doing a great job of getting to some of that stuff with tempo on the ball as we were going fast, put some good looks to it. You know, we've just got to do a better job of executing is really what it boils down to."

You may have already covered this and if you did I apologize, but what happened on the pick six?

"Yeah, I mean, Hufanga made a nice play. I've got to do a better job and try to get us out that play. Got to find a way to recognize that and get out of it and get us into something where you're not going to key on that. So, that's on me. I can do a better job there."

Do you mean when you're calling it pre-snap or--

"Yeah, I should change that play."

And what happened on the quarterback sneak? It was like second down, second-and-three, was that a called play?

"Yes. They did a really nice job, but we played them a few times last year and every time we got into a third-and-one, they were doing a really nice job of playing in the gaps and really penetrating. I think we thought it was second-and-two over the headset, but I thought we could get it. We got two, and we got it to third-and-one and ended up converting on it, but yes, that was a call play."

What adjustment was there for you, if any, with Los Angeles Rams OG Shelton Coleman returning and then, you know, leaving the game and having to get Los Angeles Rams OG Jeremiah Kolone in there?

"Yeah, I mean, it was a gutsy performance by Coleman trying to come back in, and I just don't think it was fair to him probably to try and play. He is doing everything he can to try and play through it. I'm not even sure, to be honest with you, what it is at this moment. I was just proud of him for giving that effort and then Kolone did a hell of a job. I don't know that I've been in there ever with him in a team period, and the communication was seamless. I thought I did a great job. That's a tough position to be in on the road and the cool thing about him is he's just flat line all the time, ready to go. Nothing's too big for him, and I was proud of him for stepping in and playing the way he did."

What changes in that regard, because again, like you guys said, most you guys said, he's not getting any of those looks during the week or anything like that, so is there an increased onus on you to—

"Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I mean, the first thing I told him, I was like, 'Hey, I'm going to be in your ear all day, you know, don't worry about it. You just go play.' And try to make it as easy as I can on him, but he was ready. I mean, all the stuff I was trying to say to him, he was already thinking the same thing, which is great. He does a great job of obviously being a pro's pro and never knowing when your opportunity's going to come up and he was ready to go."

What do you think has to happen for you guys as an offense to start clicking consistently and scoring?

"Yeah, I think it's a couple weeks in a row of just stalling out with some good drives, and whether those are missed opportunities, like they were tonight, or turnovers, and the last one, just opportunities to score more points and move the ball good enough at times. We've just got to capitalize with touchdowns. Our defense did a great job of holding those guys for the majority of the night out of the end zone, and it's on us to just make sure when we get those opportunities down there, we execute a high level to give ourselves seven instead of three."

In terms of the connection, you and Los Angeles Rams WR Allen Robinson II clearly working through troubleshooting. Is there something we don't see, in terms of some of those missed connections or missed opportunities?

"No, I think he's doing a great job of, a lot of those are kind of 50/50 shots at the moment, and we just haven't hit on some of them. Some of those were late, kind of desperation shots late in the game, but I maybe can put that ball in the red zone maybe in a little bit better spot, maybe a little bit more back shoulder for him on the fade. Just keep trying to put it in really good spots for him, and he's doing a great job of working on all his routes, and I think it's one of those things you've just got to continue to work and continue to work out. All the trust in the world in him as a player. I've just got to do a better job of getting it to him."

To that point, I mean, even if you guys had practiced that a hundred times and done it a hundred times, it's still a very low probability throw.

"Yeah, it's tough. It's a tough play."

Would you like to see him get more involved in the higher probability stuff too?

"You know, I think there were opportunities tonight. I spread the ball around or tried to. You know, Higs [Los Angeles TE Tyler Higbee] had some nice catches and Sko [Los Angeles Rams WR Ben Skowronek] had a nice one on third down. I've just got to do a better job of just trying to find him."

Rams WR Cooper Kupp

Rams' Head Coach Sean Mcvay called tonight, particularly as it pertains to spreading the ball around a struggle all around. What did you see out there? Where do you think that struggle is coming from?

"You know, it's hard to say without seeing the film. I thought the San Francisco 49ers had a good plan and we need to execute better. I thought there's just a lot of times where it was just us messing up. Things completely under our control, things that we know we can do need to get fixed. Then, it's we sit here and say, we just have to execute better and say that every single week. At some point you just have to do it. That's our issue right now."

Where did the issues in the Red Zones specifically come from?

"I'm not sure. Down there everything gets tighter. You just don't have the vertical grass. All the windows get smaller. You just have to be able to make some tough catches down there. Be able to find the spots. It's me as well. I have to do better down there. I have to be able to get to the spots and get into the timing and the rhythm of these plays and make tough plays. It's a really good league we play in and we are playing against really good football players. We just have to make tough plays."

Do you think that this stuff that the team, is struggling through is fixable?

"Yes, without a doubt. It's fixable. I mean, we'll look at the film. Obviously these kinds of games hurt. It's a gut punch. You walk off that field and don't accomplish what you have worked so hard to accomplish. Again we will watch the film and in some ways be encouraged. It allows you to say: hey look, this is all stuff that we have answers for. It's just doing it better."

Rams LB Bobby Wagner

Bobby, earlier this week when we were asking you about WR Deebo Samuel, you were one of the guys that said we gotta wrap up. Was it a situation where you guys didn't wrap up or were you guys in a bad assignment or was he just great on that play?

"Just judging without watching the film, we just had to make plays I think. Then he broke tackles, you know, credit to him."

Bobby, what happened at the end of the first half?

"I know the fan wasn't supposed to be on the field and I thought security was having a little problem, so I helped out."

About QB Jimmy Garoppolo, you had talked earlier in the week about how he's a guy that's done it, you can't count him out. What was he doing tonight that was made it effective for him?

"He got the ball of his hands and put it in the playmaker's hands. We were trying to get after him and pressure him and, he was able to kind of back up and get the ball into [WR] Deebo [Samuel] and some of the other playmakers' hands. Like I said in the beginning of the week, I have a lot of respect for him, especially for how he's handled that situation. Last year nobody thought he was going to be back for his team. Beginning of this year, nobody thought he was going be back on this team. All he does is come out and make plays, and that's what he did today. We have to make sure next time we stop him."


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