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What Kyle Shanahan, Jimmy Garoppolo, other 49ers said after 27-7 win vs. Seahawks

Sep 18, 2022 at 8:00 PM

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San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and others spoke with reporters after Sunday's Week 2 win over the Seattle Seahawks. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Opening Comments:

"[QB] Trey Lance obviously, he ended up breaking his ankle, he'll get surgery tomorrow morning and be done for the season. [TE] Tyler Kroft had a knee and we will look at that later. Go ahead."

How tough is the injury to Trey?

"Yeah, it's always tough, especially when it's a big one like that. It happened to [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] a couple of years ago, that was a little more towards the end of the game at Kansas City, it's tough you feel for someone so bad. It's a very sad moment, but you don't have time to sit there and think about it. You have to get right back to the game and I thought the guys did a real good job of that and we were real happy about the win, but it was a little somber once you got in the locker room and you see him."

Did you talk to him?

"Yes. He's doing as good as you can. When I went out and saw him he was just asking me about a couple of the plays before, about some of his reads. That's the type of kid he is and I'm hurting for him."

Do you second guess at all the decision to run him up the middle several times, including the time where he did get hurt, because he is being exposed to hits like that?

"Yeah, anytime a guy gets hurt I wish I didn't call that, but no, that's something we were going to do and something we would continue to do. That's a football play we believe in, and something that gives him a chance to be real successful in this league."

How do you feel Jimmy did coming off of the bench and executing?

"I thought he did a real good job coming off the bench, made some real key throws. I thought it got a real tough there in the second half when that rain came back, it was on and off, so we had to be a little selective in certain moments. Especially, it was tough when we lost our run game a little bit there in the third, early fourth because it was a little tougher to throw there when the rain started coming, but I'm real proud of Jimmy and how he came in and was ready for the moment and helped us get a win."

Did he look much different to you? Any sign of rust?

"No, he looks good, still handsome. Doing good."

Given the obviously very strange training camp, this whole offseason for him. You said you had no question that he was going to be ready if called upon, but was there any, and when did you know that he would be just fine if he was in a situation like this?

"The last three weeks or whatever, just seeing him in practice, seeing him on the field, throwing before he officially got back on our team. Jimmy's played a lot of football, he just had to get healthy, so he got healthy and he was a little behind on reps throughout training camp, but that also happened with him farther ahead than he was his ACL year, where he missed everything with an ACL and couldn't do much. And I thought that took him longer to come back from him, so he's played what we expected him to."

Going back to Trey's injury real quick, it was second-and-eight, you ran him in between the tackles, you're running backs were running well at that point, why did you feel that was the best call for that situation?

"Would it have been better if it was second-and-four, is that what you're implying?"

Going against these linebackers, it's not like it's third-and-six going against a nickel defense, that's expecting a pass. It's just a different situation. I'm just wondering why you went with it and didn't go with RB Jeff Wilson Jr. there?

"There's a few options on the play, it could have been a handoff. The defensive end went up on the play, it's the exact same play we ran three plays before that, where [WR] Deebo [Samuel] got a 52-yarder., so there's a lot of stuff that goes into it. And nickel, there's not a play out there where there's not a linebacker on the field, so that really doesn't change anything."

How do you weigh just knowing that it's a risk to run him up the middle, you saw that in Arizona, versus the fact that you think it's going to be a successful play?

"Didn't I just answer that?"

It's just after a severe injury and seeing something similar happen in Arizona, I guess just how do you balance the risk versus the reward?

"You guys watch other teams in this league and Buffalo does it all the time. With their quarterback, it's a pretty normal play. It's part of football and it's unfortunate that he hurt his ankle on it, but it's a very normal ran play. You guys should watch some other people."

What was Jimmy's demeanor through this? Was he unflappable as always, was there already conversation about like, are you ready? Can you do it? Anything like that?

"No, we don't sit there and talk like that. We're on headsets, we're getting ready and if a guy's down and you tell him he is up and he starts warming up, then he is out there ready to go."

Had he taken any team reps in practice the last few weeks?

"No, just with the scout team."

How did the defense come out and play? They created some turnovers, had a lot of energy.

"The defense was unbelievable. I just got on them for not shutting them out, they took offense to that. But no, I was being sarcastic with them, but no, they were unbelievable today. They did great versus the run and getting those two turnovers were huge and getting the one on special teams."

You had 45 runs, sometimes you go into games thinking 30 runs, whatever, did you have an idea of that you wanted to make close to that many?

"Yeah, we always want to run the ball, we definitely didn't have a goal of 45 but usually that means some good things are happening. That means your defense is playing well. It means you're controlling the clock and it usually means you're doing alright on third down."

Did you have the sense that after last week the defense was playing a little bit angry and wanting to make up for it?

"I think they played the exact same way they played last week. I mean they got after those guys until those three drives and a couple penalties. So, I thought we did a better job not extending some drives. I know we did it on one. I think we had that one penalty on the big PI. But I thought we did a better job of overcoming. That did happen and they were going down to score and I think that was the drive we ended up getting a pick inside the 10. So, I think that was the difference. When we did make a mistake, we were able to overcome it."

How close was TE George Kittle to playing today and what's your optimism level for next week?

"I thought he was close this week, so I feel a lot better about next week."

You said when Jimmy came back, how surprised you were, that you were able to get him back at all. You're thinking about the next play and everything, was there even a moment where you were like man, I'm glad that happened?

"No. I mean, no. We feel very fortunate to have Jimmy here as our number two quarterback and especially when your starter gets hurt, it's good to know the experience and how good of a player he is. I feel like we've lost our starting quarterback. This would be, I think, the fourth time in six years. So, we have been in this before and I do feel we're a little more prepared with our backup right now. So, I'm happy for that."

As far as your backup, you've gone from Garoppolo, proven, to QB Brock Purdy, unproven. I assume you're going to add another quarterback. Would you look to trade? I know this just happened, but you want someone who's done this before?

"As a backup? No, if Jimmy wasn't available, we were going to go with Brock as our number two. So, we got a lot of confidence in him and obviously we got to get another guy in this building. Whether it's a third or whether it's on the practice squad, but we need a third guy."

I know you're focused on today and the season, but if Trey misses the rest of this year, when he comes back next year, he will have not played considerably for three years, not ever at a major college level. Is there a precedent for what he becomes?

"Not that I know of. You might know that history better than me, but no. It's unfortunate for him. We're really hurting for him, and we were really hoping to see a lot of him this year. To have that bad of an injury where you can't come back from it, we feel for him. But if anyone can do it, it's him."

Jimmy came in and you went immediately pass. It was like three or four straight passes. Was that because of the change in quarterback or something you saw in the defense?

"I think we still stuck with our openers. I forget what the down and distance was at. He came in on a third down, right? Yeah, it was right after second and eight? Yeah, so we threw on the third down but no, that was just coincidence."

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo

Just like riding a bike?

"Just like riding a bike, yeah. It felt good to be back out there. Just feel terrible for [QB] Trey [Lance]. I've been on that side of it. This league is tough, and everyone has their share of injuries, but that sucks for him. I feel bad for him. But he's our brother and you know, we'll pick him up."

Did you talk to him afterwards?

"Yeah, I saw him for a quick second after. Just wishing him well. Like I said, I've been there. I've come full circle in this thing and it's just, it's tough whenever you see a guy get hurt, you feel for him. But Trey's a tough dude, he'll be alright."

How did it feel for you out there without really practicing, without taking the snaps with the first team?

"It was good. [Head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] called some plays that I knew, some new ones for me too. So that was fun. But no, it was a good process. I tried to prepare this whole time like a starter anyways, so it was just, like I said, like riding a bike."

How's the shoulder feel?

"Shoulder feels great."

Some new plays, what were some of the new ones?

"I can't tell you those, man. That was a new one. Yeah, it was just some different stuff, but I mean, I've been a backup before, you don't get the reps during the week. You've just got to get the mental reps and make the best out of it."

You said when you decided to come back that you felt the most comfortable here as opposed to some of the other options that might have been out there. How much do you feel like this is the only place you would've been able to do what you did today and maybe have the success that you did?

"Absolutely. I think that's kind of what I was trying to word earlier on just, I'm comfortable here, the players, the scheme, all that stuff. The locker room, it's comfortable so I'm familiar with it. I'm not saying I knew that this was going to happen, but I was ready for this in case it did happen, and just want to take advantage of the opportunity."

Obviously, there were times where you thought you were going to leave, wanted to leave. Was there a process like while you were here working out during training camp, did it become easier to think, you know what, I could stay here?

"Honestly, it was kind of the opposite. As it was going on, other teams became interested, things started to happen and the Niners really didn't come in until later in the picture with the whole restructure of the contract, so it was, I don't know, things got a way of working out. I'm not always going to try and control things, but when it is in your control you got to do it but when it's out of your control, you've just got to roll with the punches sometimes. And things got a way of working out for you."

You made $350,000 today. It is part of your contract and it's wise. I mean, how much of the practicality of it hits you right now?

"I mean, now that you said it, it feels good. But I don't know, you're not thinking about that stuff out there. You're in the game, you're flowing with the game, trying to get guys ready so, I don't know, I was kind of in that mode, but yeah, that's always a nice positive."

You didn't go to practice, you didn't go to any meetings. How or when did you know you were ready to play in the game?

"It was more just about getting the shoulder ready. Once that was ready, mentally, I knew the scheme. Some of the new plays took a little while to learn, things like that. There's always some new wrinkles in the offense, but for the most part, it was just once my shoulder was good, I was ready to roll. And it feels good now."

Your knee injury came when you were trying to put a move on a defender. After the injury, how did the internal conversation go with yourself like between being a football player and trying to be risk adverse at the same time?

"I think you kind of figure out, you know, you learn yourself or figure out yourself and you just learn throughout the process of being a young player. I can't do certain things that you used to do in high school or college, maybe. And I think that's just part of the process. Injuries, you know, they suck and everything, but those happen. So, it's how you come back from that stuff. It's going to happen to everybody, but it's who could come out on the other end better."

You had a safe lead down by the goal line, already lost one quarterback, no second thoughts about diving into the end zone and putting yourself at risk at all?

"Wasn't my call, man. I just run the plays. No, it worked out. I kind of had a feeling it was coming. I thought we'd score on the third down, still iffy about that one, but no, you just have to do whatever it takes to win."

It seemed that some of those play calls early on in your outing today were pretty aggressive and you guys pushed it down field, were you happy that you just got to get firing right away to get that flow?

"Ecstatic. Yeah, it just felt good. We were talking earlier, it kind of felt like 2017, where you just go out throwing, make plays, that's what I like to do. It's different than what we usually do around here, but sometimes you need to do that."

Is your arm stronger or do you have more confidence in it after the surgery? And how thankful are you that you didn't overthrow TE Ross Dwelley?

"Yeah, definitely. I don't know if it's stronger. It feels good. That's what I'm happy about. The ball's coming out good, spinning right. So I'm happy with that, but yeah, Dwell made a hell of a play on that, man. He shook a guy at the goal line a little bit and just got in there. He always does."

In a league of big egos and hurt feelings, you've handled this whole situation from having Trey drafted and knowing he was going to be your successor and then saying goodbye to us and then here you are, back again. How have you handled all that? Have you just had to kind of say, it's not about me?

"It's never about you. Yeah, I'm not a big me guy. It's about winning football games. I'm a big believer in that and people can say whatever they want, talk stats, whatever, but when you win football games, that's what we're here to do. And that's all I'm trying to do."

Is it a bit of a strange feeling when you see Trey go down? Okay, well, now's my opportunity, but you have been on the other side of that. And how do you reconcile that?

"Yeah, it was weird. It took me a couple series. I think I was sitting on the sideline, I forget who I was even talking to, but talking about coming full circle. I've been in Trey shoes that sucks going through that. It's tough as a young player, but he'll come back better from it. And if you do that, I think it'll set you up for success in the future and that's what I'm doing."

49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk

How is the team taking the loss of 49ers QB Trey Lance to injury?

"To see him go down early was tough. We know how this is. We tried to rally behind him. Everyone went to go talk to him at halftime. We finished the rest of the game for him, and then we talked to him afterwards, but when you have a guy like that go down early, it is always tough."

I suppose you guys have been through these things enough times to know that is the nature of NFL football, at some point you have to get past that and move forward don't you?

"Yes, we have to put the football down and play again. Most of the guys had the opportunity to come in here and see him, talk to him, and give him some love, and tell him we are all there with him. Everyone knows that is our guy. We love him a lot, we are all still praying for him, and hoping the best for him."

Having said all of that, knowing that you have someone with 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo's experience there to fill in, that has to be a big plus for the team to have him come in there and play as well as he did today?

"Absolutely, We have another guy that can come in and execute, and run the offense is a huge bonus for us."

The two of you seem to have some chemistry as a carryover from the previous times you have been together.

"I think it is a testament to all the work that everybody, receivers and the quarterbacks all put in. If someone goes down, someone has to step up. Receiver, quarterback, no matter what the position is, we all have to work as a team to do that."

Seattle has dominated the series throughout the years. How does it feel to beat them in convincing fashion?

"You know how nice that is to come back at home after getting upset last week. We got to come home in front of our fans and get it done. It feels great to beat those guys."

49ers DL Arik Armstead

You know that there is no drop off when 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo comes in just because of his experience here?

"100%. We have shown we can win games, he has shown he can win games over the course of years, so we didn't expect any drop off."

How nice is it for the defense to pitch a shutout?

"I wish they would have had a zero on the board. Definitely we stepped it up today. We got some huge turnovers and some huge stops."

How much confidence does a performance like this on your side of the ball give you guys?

"It really was what we expected. We feel we can dominate and not let people put points on the board against us. It really is just the expectation for us."

Did you guys feel like you had to step up more once 49er's QB Trey Lance went down?

"No not really, we always want to put it on our shoulders. We can go out and win a game, scoring on defense, and shutout. That would be amazing."

Can you take us through what it was like in the locker room at halftime when Trey came in?

"It was pretty regular. We all went in there to see Trey, to see how he was doing and to tell him we were all thinking about him."

49ers DL Nick Bosa

You guys came out of the locker room at halftime, you got a sack right away. What was the mood at halftime in terms of, just focusing on the game?

"We were in an eerily similar situation to last week and we obviously didn't come out last week and finish the game. We made sure that we weren't going to let up at all. I think we did that and we capped it off with a win."

You and DL Drake Jackson split a sack. Can you talk about his progression?

"He's been getting better. He has gotten a lot better every day. I try to challenge him to work on one thing every day. For him it's going to be about working every day and trying to find certain things to improve on. And he's done that and if he keeps doing it over time, he's going be a very good player."

You had a season ending injury in your second year. What are your feelings about what QB Trey Lance is going through and have you talked to him?

"Yes, I've talked to him a little bit. It's the worst part of the game, obviously. It happens instantly and there's no going back. Once it happens, you feel like your life is over for a certain amount of time. If he gets surgery, whenever that is, then that starts your road back. It's not going to be easy, but he will be back, and he'll be fine. It's just really tough right now."

Fortunate is the right word that, back on the 29th, the organization and QB Jimmy Garoppolo came to an agreement that he will come back. How fortunate is that for the rest of the team?

"It definitely turns out to be a very smart move for us. The fact that we have a quarterback who's done so much for this organization already and has all the experience that he has. And the fact that we get him back is very big for our team. And we're excited for him, but obviously we're hurting for Trey."

49ers WR Jauan Jennings

How hard was it to adjust to 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo?

"It is not hard at all, we had him last year. I have been practicing with him too so it was smooth."

You like to get under the defensive backs skin with your trash talking, can you talk about that a little bit?

"It is part of the game. It is not something that I look to do. I don't look to get under your skin I am trying to put you on your back, is what I am trying to do. It comes with the game, you can't lose your head. You just have to stay focused."

Is it your goal to make them lose their head?

"Like I said my goal is to put them on their back. If they lose their head they lose their head. My goal is to put them on their back."

Is the hardest part about 49ers QB Trey Lance going out being that he worked so hard in the offseason and he goes out for the season after only playing five quarters of the season?

"Besides that he is a human being. How would you feel if you hurt a part of your body? Not too good, I am sure. I think for his family, and I am thinking for him.

49ers FB Kyle Juszczyk

How much do you feel for QB Trey Lance?

"Foremost, so much, man. We all really, truly do feel for Trey so much. We feel for Trey on so many levels, on a personal level and on a professional level. That's our quarterback man. We supported him all the way through and we were so excited for the development that he was making and what he was going to do this season for us. For him to go down with an injury so quickly, it truly is unfortunate. We feel for the guy and we're going to try and pick him up and help him in every way."

Did you have a chance to talk to him after the game?

"Very quickly, just to give condolences and to tell him to keep his head up. We told him that we had his back and that sort of thing. But we haven't had a long discussion yet."

What was it like having 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo back in there and how did he look to you?

"I thought Jimmy looked great. It felt like Niners football, man. We've been doing this thing for five years, you know? Jimmy's been around for a long time and I mean, props to him for just being such a professional and being ready to go. Every backup quarterback talks about how you need to prepare like a starter, but I mean, Jimmy's really been practicing like that for like two weeks. We've changed a few things, but he came in there and he ran everything like a well-oiled machine, man. It's not simple. We do a lot in this offense, even when he just hands the ball off 45 times. We do a lot as far as motions, audibles and that sort of thing. There were zero hiccups from him. So that was extremely impressive."

49ers DT Javon Kinlaw

How does it feel to beat the Seahawks?

"Since I have been here I think that is the first time we beat them. It felt good I'm not going to lie."

How about the defense today, you guys were swarming all over the place. You didn't let up anything, it was just the special teams play that gave up any points?

"Shout out to the offense. The offense was the reason we could go out there and play like that. So a big shout out to the offense. It was lights out all over the field."

When QB Trey Lance went down right when he was getting helped on the cart, the entire team went out there and had some words for him, what was the message there?

"I was too far to get out there. I am sure everybody was trying to keep him uplifted in the moment like that. It is tough to see your brother go down like that in the heat of battle. I hadn't seen him yet and when I did see him I wanted to make sure I put my arms around him and let him know I am here for him."

49ers WR Deebo Samuel

What were the emotions when you realized how serious QB Trey Lance's injury was?

"At first I really didn't know what happened. I just saw [QB] Trey [Lance] on the ground and I was hoping he would get up. But I mean to seeing all the work Trey put in from last year to this year, it broke my heart. I will pray for him, you know? He's a great, great guy. That's what makes him so special?"

How hard is that though? To just keep playing football when you see your teammate go down in that fashion?

"When a teammate goes down it's hard at first, but in this game injuries happen. So, you have to put it behind you and focus on the game."

What you say about the interior or the offensive line adjusting to just their second game?

"Offensive line played really well. Like I just said, we ran the ball very well. That's what opened up a lot of things in the pass game. Overall, at the end of the day it's the little things that we have to work on, but we are happy to get a win."

You have a new quarterback after your starter gets hurt .How much confidence does it give you having a guy like Jimmy Garappolo?

"I wouldn't say it's a new quarterback.[QB] Jimmy [Garapolo's] been here. I mean, since I've been here. So you know, everybody's kind of used to him. So I just wouldn't say it's new."

It looked like you were going to be dropped for a loss on your long run. Can you just take us through that play?

"It's just my mindset. I mean it, Trey Lance handed it off and he put a trust in me to make a playand that's just what happened. I've always been the guy that makes the first guy miss whatever happens after that happens"

49ers LB Fred Warner

What was the vibe on the sideline when the QB change happened?

"Just real somber. You hate to see a guy go down like that. I didn't really know what was going on until I asked around. It just sucks. Those things are just freak accidents that are unfortunate. So I'm feeling bad for [QB] Trey [Lance]."

You guys got your home win at Levi's Stadium. Tell me about how that home element played into the win.

"Huge, huge, huge. I've been a part of some pretty loud games. This one was super loud from start to the finish. I was so happy to be back home in front of our fans. It's the faithful. They call them the faithful for a reason. It was super fun to back out there."

I know you didn't give up many yards against the Bears and the defensive stats look pretty good, but was there a little bit of anger from that game that carried over to this game? Or do you just look at the next game?

"Yeah, I think the latter. I think we learned from what we did in the first game. Just some of those penalties and not playing a full four quarter game. In the second half, regardless of the penalties, honestly there was a couple plays where we were off assignments and that's where they made some plays on us. So we learned from that. We adjusted and knew we wanted to play a full four quarter game."

Can you talk about playing a cleaner game? You've only allowed 2.6 yards per carry. What's been the key to that so far?

"I think it all starts up front. The defensive line just causing penetration on every single down. It makes our job in the back end so easy, just playing off of them. We go into every game knowing we want to stop the run, and it's honestly a mindset of all eleven swarming to the football. I think when you turn the tape on, you see that."

Seahawks HC Pete Carroll

Opening comments:

"First off, it sounds like quarterback [QB] Trey Lance got hurt. We're thinking about him, it's too bad that he got knocked out. We're sorry about that one. What a distance from one week to the next. The league just reminds you how you get humbled. We didn't do anything like we wanted to today off the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball. We didn't deal with it right. We had 10 penalties, they had one. We had three turnovers. They had none. It was just really hard to win this football game today, the way we did it. We have to bounce right back. We don't have any choice. We have to get going again and make sure we get back on track to do the things we want to do. We didn't run the ball worth a darn today, and I'll give them credit. They're a nice group. They held Chicago to 200 yards last week, they're real. But we have to get right and we have to score. We have to make some points. I know everybody felt that when we came out of halftime. They were kicking a field goal and we knocked it down and ran it back for a touchdown. That's the play you need, that's the play you need to get things going. We needed to capitalize on that with the next drive and stop the and make some points but we didn't do it. So it was a very hard game and credit to them. They did a nice job."

Pete, there have been no offensive points in six quarters. What's it going to take to turn that around?

"We have to do everything better. We have to run the ball with some consistency. We actually protected pretty well early in the game for first three quarters, but we just have to make more things happen. I think this is most connected to what we're doing with the running game to make the passing game come to life off the play passes and that really didn't even show today. We ran the ball for nothing. We have to execute better. The 10 penalties thing, that's odd that it was like that. We can't play football like that. We've been giving too much. It made too easy on them."

What happened on the trick play?

"He threw the ball right to their guy. I wish I had called time out. I should have before we ran the play. I don't know. It was a really cool play to call and to give a shot to, but it asked a lot in in that situation. I just wish I would've got us out of it."

Did you get the look that you wanted pre-snap?

"It looked like they weren't all over it. They weren't really tight. I had a chance. I was right there looking at it and I just needed to get it done. I didn't get it done."

Have you had that in the playbook for a couple years or is it recent?

"No, it's been around. It's not a new play."

How difficult is it to bounce back in a game like this six days after you had an emotional victory at home?

"Yeah, we didn't look very good, did we? We didn't look like we did very well with that. We wanted to and intended to. We had figured when you win that game, it was going to be a challenge. So we took it head on, but we didn't do well enough with it. We didn't come back and play like we wanted to play. We missed too many tackles. We didn't look the same. I have to do a better job."

What is your concern level with the tackle? That was a problem in the preseason.

"It's different guys. We have to do better. We have more guys. We need more guys around the ball so that guys don't get stuck in the one on one so much. We just have to do better."

What did you think of Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith's day?

"He couldn't get going. He just couldn't get rolling and nothing worked. We didn't do anything anywhere. I didn't see him do anything that really took us out of the game. I thought he was going along with it, but we just needed to have a whole compliment of ball on both sides of the football. It just wasn't there. Being down 13-0 is a huge turnaround when we screw that up and don't get in the end zone. The punt screw up was just a misfortune. We get knocked into the catcher and they get the ball at the 22. That's one touchdown. You can see it. We're not worried about if we get behind by a little bit, we know we can come back. We just have to make sure to keep the game close enough where we can come back, which we didn't do."

Is that illegal? To block the returner?

"A guy can get blocked into the returner."

How did things change when Trey got hurt?

"I don't think it did at all. I thought it was different for them. Their offense changed. They did [QB] Jimmy's [Garoppolo] offense, which we were prepared for. That wasn't a big factor."

Was there miscommunication on the touchdown to TE Ross Dwelley?

"We didn't cover it right. We had an assignment in there that we needed to do better. We didn't do it."

What did you think of RB Kenneth Walker III? He didn't have a ton of touches but what did you think for his first time?

"I couldn't even tell. I don't think he got a chance to even get going. I like the third down make that we had. Other than that, he didn't get an opportunity. [RB] Rashad [Penny] didn't get anything either. We didn't get a shot."

Do you have injury updates for DE Shelby Harris and G Damien Lewis?

"Yeah. Damien has a quad bruise and Shelby's back bothered him. He had a back injury going in but it was a hamstring that bothered him during the game early on."

Did you get any more clarity on CB Justin Coleman since we talked on Friday?

"He has a calf injury that was not serious. It just was too late in the week to recover. We'll see by the end of the week where we are. It'll be a fast turnaround if he can get back. He has a chance."

How do you feel LB Colby Barton did in there?

"I have look at the film. I don't know enough. I thought he made a couple nice tackles."

The punt block was by CB Tariq Woolen. Between his height and speed, is he about the ideal guy?

"He's the ideal guy. Yeah. That's as good a guy as you can find to do that. Hopefully that's just one of a number coming."

Your defense, you guys talked about run stops. Did you see anything better there other than the tackling issues?

"That's part of it. They ran the ball downhill better than we expected them to. We thought they'd been a good perimeter run team. So we had to adjust a little bit. We played pretty good defense in the second half. We got after it pretty good and got the ball back a number of times, and third downs were okay. We seemed to get the stops that we needed. We needed to hand it to the offense and get something going on the other side to keep us rolling. I thought there were nice halftime adjustments that got us to tighten things down and gave ourselves a shot."

Seahawks QB Geno Smith

Geno, how difficult is it to bounce back six days later after an emotional home win?

"We can't let that be an excuse. You know you have to play games every week, you know you're going to have some short weeks. I don't really think it was because of last week that we didn't get it done today. I feel like we really shot ourselves in the foot. We had some uncharacteristic plays here and there. We just need to keep working, get back to work, and clean up the mistakes. Then obviously just get ready for next week."

Has there been a jarring as of a difference from one week to the next like these last two games?

"No, I don't think so. Honestly, I really believe that we just didn't do what we needed to today. I feel like we had a great week of practice and our preparation was on point. I feel like everyone was locked in and we had great energy the entire time. I just think we made some mistakes that we couldn't recover from."

What do you think you guys need to do between now and next Sunday to get the offense going?

"It starts with evaluating the tape and every man being really hard on himself. Seeing where he can improve and how he can be better. It starts with me, of course. Diving back into work, getting back into the tape, and getting back to the weight room tomorrow. Then flushing this and getting back to work."

What were you thinking when you were jogging out to wide receiver position?

"Man, I thought it was going to be a touchdown, honestly. I thought we had worked that play well all week and we had a good look for it. I didn't really get a chance to see the exact throw since I was on the other side. Obviously, you don't want to have any turnovers at all, let alone the red zone taking away points. I thought it was going to be a positive play and it ended up not being that. Obviously, can't have that."

What was the hardest thing about getting the passing game going today?

"I felt like we were efficient, but they make it hard on you. They have a great pass rush. Like I said before, they're a championship team and hats off to them. They played a great game. For us, we can't let that be an excuse. We need to play better, I need to play better. I plan on doing that."

Did they disguise something that threw you off on that interception?

"No, they just made a play. They tipped it and they got one."

What have you seen in practice or in some of the games that gives you confidence this offense can turn itself around?

"The first thing is that we've done it before. We've been very efficient and we've scored plenty of points. We've had opportunities in the past where we've showcased that we can be a great offense. I think it just takes every man diving into the work, really being hard on himself and when he watches the film back, says 'what can I do better?' Then, obviously, going back to work and getting back to practice. We need to clean up the minor mistakes that we had today, and once we get another opportunity to go play, we need go make it happen."

Is there something about how teams have been covering Seattle Seahawks WR DK Metcalf through two weeks that limited his explosive plays?

"They're doubling him and that's going to be the case all year. They're going to make it hard on him and they want to win too. It's very hard to cover DK and [WR] Tyler [Lockett] with just one guy. They're going to put multiple guys on him and do whatever they can to make the other guys on our team beat them. We want to get the ball into our play makers hands and we have to figure out ways to do so, but also, other guys have to step up. I need to do better as well at getting other guys involved in order for us to be great."

Were the 49ers doing as much schematically to try to prevent the big, deep passing plays as Denver was last week? Or was it more about the pass defense?

"I think it was both. They were playing more of a shell defense than they had played in the past and then they got a great pass rush. We're going to see that every week. It's the NFL, all the teams are good. We just need to work on us, focus on us and be better with the things that we're doing out there."

Seahawks LB Jordyn Brooks

What changed when QB Jimmy Garoppolo came in and how much of that play calling changed along with it?

"Less QB runs. [QB] Trey Lance, they like to do a lot of QB runs with him, so they got away from that and passed a little bit more."

We saw more penalties today on some of the young guys, how much of this is just the growing pains of getting everybody up to speed and used to this?

"I think some of them shouldn't have been called. Sometimes the game goes that way. So, I think they did fine. I'm still excited to see their growth."

What did you tell them after the game? Have you talked to any of the rookies, maybe after some of those penalties?

"Just keep going. It's week two. We got so much ball left to play. So much room for improvement. So just keep going."

With the way that the Niners were running the ball, what's the challenge of maybe getting off some of those blocks and kind of getting there to make the tackles?

"I think they are the best in the league in what they do, as far as running the ball. So next time around, we'll be ready for it."

Seahawks FS Quandre Diggs

What's going on with the 49ers defense?

"We just got to tackle. Everybody has to be in their gaps and be responsible for what they have. It's one of those where there was a lot of leaky yardage, which leads to short distance on third downs. When you've got a team that can run the ball well, you get them to third and two and three, they can continue to run the ball. They don't have to throw it. That leads to you staying on the field longer."

It seemed like it got better in the second half. What were you guys doing better?

"I mean we knew what they were doing. They were just running the ball. It was up to us to man up or not. We manned up for a while and then at the end of the game, those guys just toughed it out and they played good today. So, credit to them for coming in with a plan and sticking to their plan."

How much do things change when they change quarterbacks defensively for guys?

"You know at any point that [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] can come in. You plan for those type of things. When you've got a guy like Jimmy G that's a backup and they want to create some momentum, they can go to that at any point.He's a proven vet. He's somebody that's won a lot of games for them, so they trust and believe in him. We know that too. So, it just changes, of course. You know he's not going to run the ball."

Was there any sort of emotional hangover from Monday with that win and having to come back on a short week like this?

"I'm not sure. If it was, it's the league that will humble you quick. We were humble today and it's just part of it. I don't see why we would be riding high, everybody's doubting us anyway. We shouldn't be feeding into all the hype anyways. I mean, obviously we're not that good."

Seahawks DE Quinton Jefferson

You guys were on the field a long time with that running game of the San Francisco 49ers. Can you tell me what was going on?

"They kicked our butts, long story short. That's the NFL on any given Sunday. The blessing is we get to come out next week and redeem ourselves I know guys are chomping at the bit to get back in the lab, get this thing right and come back with a better performance. The San Francisco 49ers played well. They ran the ball well. When you run the ball well and we can't stop it, its going to be a long day."

In terms of what was happening with the front, was it pre-snap or what what was happening after the snap?

"It's what happened after the snap The San Francisco 49ers run that outside zone stud better than any team in the NFL. They have perfected it. It's one of those things. You have to be disciplines. A lot of it is we have to make tackles. We had too many opportunities to make tackles in the backfield. When you get those opportunities you have to put them on the ground"

Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett

Tyler, obviously today was a kind of a frustrating day offensively. What did you feel was the issue out there today?

"I think we put ourselves in some bad positions with the third downs. We put ourselves in a third and 10, a third and 12, a third and 13 third and 9. I think when you look at last game we put ourselves in great positions on third down to be able to convert. It was third and short, third and medium. It's hard just being able to play against a great team like the San Francisco 49ers and put ourselves in that type of position. I think they did a great job of stopping our run game which hurt us because, you know, when we run the ball, everything else around works. I think they did a great job in just trying to make us one dimensional and just trying to take away everything else."

What happened on the fumbled punt?

"I probably could have said something just so he kind of had a heads up, you know, about where the ball was going. I was more focused on the ball just because of the conditions. It rained, it didn't rain, it was windy, and it wasn't windy. So I was more focused and concerned about just trying to maintain and catch the ball, but I could have let him know, you know, that I was right there. What a lot of people might not know that just on the return game, if you're the punt team, you can push that defender into your returner and it's not a flag, but if that defender runs into you, it's a flag."

Does that situation happen often? Not the result, but to tell the guy who is blocking he is getting close?

"Yeah. I mean it depends. I mean, sometimes you say something sometimes you don't but just in that situation, I probably could have said something."

As an overall offense, what do you think needs to happen between now next week?

"I mean, I think we just need to watch film to see what the San Francisco 49ers did to stop some of the things that we thought we could take advantage of and just kind of learn from it. I mean, we went against a great front seven, you know? I think they did a great job. They are super physical. I think for us, when you're going against a great front seven like that, the more and more that you can be able to get first downs, the more and more that you can control the game and do what it is that you want to do. If we're not able to control the ball as much as we want. It puts us into a bind because now we have tried to get things going offensively and it's hard when, you don't have a rhythm."

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