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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

49ers Training Camp Day 9 Breakdown: 11-on-11s

Rohan Chakravarthi
Aug 7, 2022 at 12:45 PM--

The San Francisco 49ers continued their padded practice sessions on Saturday, as they began involving more move-the-ball sessions and 2-minute drills during the 11-on-11 scrimmage periods.

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Here's a play-by-play recap of all the offensive plays from the scrimmage sessions:

1st Scrimmage Session

1. Elijah Mitchell rushes for 10 yards on an outside-zone to the left. Trent Williams and Aaron Banks had good blocks on the play.

2. Trey Lance hits Brandon Aiyuk for a 15-yard out-route, and the receiver gets 10 yards after the play with Emmanuel Moseley in coverage.

3. Jeff Wilson Jr. rushes for a yard. Javon Kinlaw was there immediately.

4. Nate Sudfeld hits Jeff Wilson Jr. for a 6-yard play in the flat. There was good protection on the play.

5. Trey Sermon rushes for a 7-yard gain, cutting from the left to the inside for a good play.

6. Ty Davis-Price rushes for 8-10 yards to the right end, showcasing his acceleration on the play.

7. Jordan Mason is tackled for loss of 2 yards by Kemoko Turay, who beat left tackle Sam Schlueter attempting to block on the play.

8. Jordan Mason rushes for a 5-yard on the outside to the left.

9. Brock Purdy intends a 45-yard deep pass for Danny Gray, who burned Tariq Castro-Fields and Tarvarius Moore on the play, but overthrows the would-be touchdown.

10. Elijah Mitchell rushes for a 1-yard gain.

11. Elijah Mitchell rushes for a 15-yard gain, cutting from the middle to the right, getting a good block on the play.

12. Trey Lance is sacked on a coverage sack. He extends the play, hitting Jauan Jennings for a 15-yard gain, who gets 5-10 yards after the play. Charvarius Ward had good coverage initially, but gave through as the play extended.

13. Jeff Wilson Jr. rushes for a 5-7 yard gain to the right end.

14. Nate Sudfeld hits Deebo Samuel for a 20-yard catch on a crosser, who takes off and potentially could've been a touchdown. Ambry Thomas was in soft coverage on the play.

15. JaMycal Hasty rushes along the edge for 25-30 yards to the left side, showing his explosiveness on the play.

16. Elijah Mitchell rushes 8-10 yards to the left end. Trent Williams had a good block on the play. Daniel Brunskill subbed in with the first-team offense after two series.

17. Trey Lance throws an incompletion to a tightly-covered George Kittle, who had a defender in front and behind him, and the pass is tipped for an incompletion.

18. Trey Lance overthrows George Kittle on a 35-yard pass after the tight end got past Charvarius Ward on a deep route down the sideline.

19. Nate Sudfeld throws a 7-out to Ross Dwelley, which is thrown inaccurately to Dwelley's inside shoulder, allowing Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles to break up the pass.

20. Ty Davis-Price gets 0 yards on a rush. Jordan Willis was there immediately.

21. Nate Sudfeld hirs Brandon Aiyuk for a 20-yard completion, with the receiver getting 10 yards after the catch. Deommodore Lenoir was in coverage.

22. Trey Sermon rushes for a 0-yard gain. Kevin Atkins was there immediately and there was nowhere to go.

23. Brock Purdy hits Troy Fumagalli on a 7-out. Ambry Thomas was in coverage.

24. Brock Purdy hits Ray-Ray McCloud for a 35-yard catch on a good crossing route, with McCloud beating Qwuantrezz Knight on the play and being wide open.

25. Trey Lance throws an incompletion over the middle to a wide-open Jauan Jennings. The throw was on the money, but it bounced off Jennings's chest,

26. Trey Lance is sacked by Charles Omenihu, who beat Spencer Burford on the play, and extends the play, rushing to the left end for 8 yards.

27. Trey Lance throws an incomplete 12-yard out-route to Deebo Samuel. Charvarius Ward was in coverage, but the pass was too far wide.

28. Trey Sermon rushes for a 6-7 gain to the right end.

29. Nate Sudfeld hits Marcus Johnson for a 6-yard gain on a checkdown. George Odum was there in coverage.

30. Nate Sudfeld hits JaMycal Hasty on the left side for a 5-yard gain.

Move-the-Ball Session

1. Trey Lance is sacked by Kerry Hyder. Lance double pump-faked on the play, holding the ball too long, and Hyder finally got there for the sack.

2. On 2nd & long, Trey Lance rushes for 7 yards on a quarterback draw.

3. On 3rd & long, Trey Lance throws an incompletion deep to a tightly-covered Deebo Samuel. Emmanuel Moseley was step-in-step with Samuel, and even got ahead of him to go after the overthrow at the end.

1. Jeff Wilson rushes for 8 yards, cutting from the left to the middle.

2. Jeff Wilson rushes for 7 yards over the middle, getting the first down.

3. Jeff Wilson rushes for 5 yards up the right-middle.

4. Nate Sudfeld hits Ray-Ray McCloud on a 6-yard out for a first down. Ambry Thomas was in coverage.

5. Trey Sermon rushes along the right end for a 10-yard gain and a first down.

6. Nate Sudfeld hits Malik Turner for a 1-yard screen. He's met immediately by Samuel Womack.

7. Nate Sudfeld hits Malik Turner on a 25-yard pass for a first down. Deommodore Lenoir was in coverage.

8. Nate Sudfeld hits Ray-Ray McCloud for a 20-yard catch up with Deommodore Lenoir in coverage. This play finished the drive for the 49ers.

1. Ty Davis-Price rushed for a 0-yard gain. Davis-Price hesitated while making his read, and Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw were there on the play.

2. Ty Davis-Price rushes for 6-7 yards to the edge.

3. Trey Lance hits Brandon Aiyuk for a 5-yard out-route with Darqueze Dennard in coverage for the first down.

4. Ty Davis-Price rushed for a 4-yard gain up the middle.

5. Ty Davis-Price rushes for 6-10 yards up the middle, bursting through the hole with his acceleration for a first down.

6. Trey Lance hits Deebo Samuel crossing over the middle for a 25-30 yard gain. Tarvarius Moore was in coverage.

7. Trey Sermon rushes for a 4-yard gain.

8. Trey Lance hits Kyle Juszczyk on a play-action pass for 0 yards. Coming out of the play-action, Lance had a defender in his face and was able to sidearm the throw for a completion.

9. Trey Lance hits JaMycal Hasty for a 4-yard pass in the flat, who gets two yards after the catch on what should've been a first down, but was ruled 4th & short.

10. Trey Sermon rushes up the gut for three yards for the 1st down. This concluded the drive.

1. Jordan Mason rushes for 8 yards up the middle.

2. Brock Purdy hits Austin Mack for 5 yards and the first down.

3. Jordan Mason rushes for 4 yards up the middle.

4. Brock Purdy throws the ball away on a play-action play.

5. On third down, Brock Purdy hits KeeSean Johnson for a 20-yard pass with Qwuantrezz Knight in coverage.

6. Nate Sudfeld hits Jauan Jennings for a 15-yard pass on the outside.

7. Nate Sudfeld hits Josh Hokit on a 2-yard play-action pass.

8. Nate Sudfeld throws an incompletion to Willie Snead on a pass 5 yards behind the receiver.

9. On 3rd & long, Nate Sudfeld hits Malik Turner on a 4-yard pass short of the 1st down, ending the drive.

1. Trey Lance throws an incompletion on a 10-yard out-route to Brandon Aiyuk, who was triple-covered on the play. Emmanuel Moseley was in front of Aiyuk and nearly intercepted the ball over the sideline.

2. Elijah Mitchell rushes for 2 yards.

3. On third down, on a pass intended for Elijah Mitchell in the flat, Trey Lance is intercepted by Jimmie Ward, who returns the play for a pick-six. Lance looked to his left first, faced pressure, and fired to his right, but didn't see Ward lurking.

2-minute drill Session

In this situation, the offense was down four points and had 75 seconds to travel 65 yards down the field without any timeouts. The 2nd-team offense got the first chance.

1. Nate Sudfeld throws an incompletion to Malik Turner on a low pass behind the receiver. Turner almost made a diving catch.

2. Nate Sudfeld throws a completion for the first down.

3. Nate Sudfeld throws a deep incompletion intended for Malik Turner, with Deommodore Lenoir having good coverage on the underthrown pass.

4. Nate Sudfeld is sacked for a loss of 7 on 3rd & 5.

5. Nate Sudfeld throws an incompletion on an overthrow intended for Jauan Jennings, who appeared to slow down for a contested catch.

1. Trey Lance hits George Kittle for a 17-yard completion.

2. Trey Lance throws an incompletion too high for JaMycal Hasty in the flat.

3. Trey Lance rushes for 6 yards out of bounds.

4. Trey Lance hits Deebo Samuel for a 5-yard completion over the middle for a 1st down.

5. Trey Lance rushes for 7 yards and gets out of bounds.

6. Trey Lance hits George Kittle for a five-yard completion and a 1st down.

7. Trey Lance hits George Kittle on a 3-yard out, who gets out of bounds, leaving the 49ers with six seconds left on the clock and 15 yards to go.

8. Trey Lance hits Ray-Ray McCloud at the front of the endzone in the middle of the field for a touchdown as time expires.

Stats for Friday:

Trey Lance: 11/19, 1 TD, 1 INT
Nate Sudfeld: 13/18
Brock Purdy: 4/6
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