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49ers Training Camp Day 7 Breakdown: 11-on-11s

Rohan Chakravarthi
Aug 3, 2022 at 5:30 PM--

The San Francisco 49ers had a non-padded practice on Wednesday, softening the workload after going an extra 11-on-11 session on Tuesday, as multiple key players got veteran rest days.

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Here's a play-by-play recap of all the plays from the scrimmage sessions:

1st Scrimmage Session

1. Elijah Mitchell rushes for 0 yards. He was rushing to the left and linebacker Oren Burks got there for the stop.

2. Elijah Mitchell rushes for 5 yards up the middle.

3. Trey Lance rushes for a loss on a zone-read with Fred Warner there on the play. Lance should've handed the ball off to Jeff Wilson Jr. rushing to the right, but held on and was stopped for a loss.

4. Trey Lance throws a 40-yard incompletion to Brandon Aiyuk on an off-target throw. Aiyuk was well covered on the play and Lance would've needed a perfect ball to fit it in. Instead, he overthrew Aiyuk by a bit, missing him out of bounds.

5. Nate Sudfeld hits Ray-Ray McCloud for a 20-yard gain. Ka'Darr Hollman was in coverage.

6. Trey Sermon rushes for a 0-yard gain.

7. Tyrion Davis-Price rushes to the outside for a nice gain. Davis-Price's burst was on display as he got to the edge quickly and turned upfield for a couple of yards.

8. Tyrion Davis-Price rushes for a 2-yard gain.

9. Jordan Mason rushes for a 3-yard gain. Mason had a strong, quick initial cut, ran into a defender, and bounced back off the hit.

10. Brock Purdy completes a 20-yard pass to Tanner Hudson. Purdy had good pocket presence, stepping up in the pocket and making the throw.

11. Trey Lance finds Elijah Mitchell in the flat for four yards, but the running back dropped the open pass.

12. Trey Lance connects with Elijah Mitchell on a quick throw to the far flat, gaining a few yards.

13. Trey Lance throws high on an incompletion intended for JaMycal Hasty. Lance faced immediate pressure from Samson Ebukam, tried to throw it over him, and the pass ended up bouncing off of Hasty's fingertips.

14. Elijah Mitchell rushes for a few yards, showcasing his speed on the play.

15. Nate Sudfeld throws a 3-yard completion to Trey Sermon in the flat, who gets 5-7 yards after the catch. Sudfeld was initially sacked by a blitzing George Odum.

16. Nate Sudfeld hits Jeff Wilson Jr. over the middle on a four-yard checkdown.

17. Nate Sudfeld hits Brandon Aiyuk for a 10-12 yard gain. Aiyuk "Mossed" cornerback Ambry Thomas at the catch-point.

18. Tyrion Davis-Price has a nice carry on a halfback draw, gaining around 6-7 yards. There was good blocking on the play, and it seems that the specific play call is complementary to Davis-Price's skillset.

19. Brock Purdy finds Tanner Hudson for 25 yards. Marcelino McCrary-Ball was in coverage and Hudson snatched the 50-50 ball from him, but dropped the pass as he turned around.

20. Brock Purdy's pass is bobbled by Taysir Mack and Deommodore Lenoir intercepts off the batted ball, taking it for a touchdown.

2nd Scrimmage Session

1. Trey Lance rushes for 6-7 yards on a zone-read. Lance made the correct read, as the fake to Elijah Mitchell deked Fred Warner, providing Lance with a rushing lane up the middle.

2. Trey Lance throws a deep incompletion to Deebo Samuel. The ball was accurately placed with Emmanuel Moseley in extremely close coverage, but Samuel dropped the pass. Drake Jackson beat Mike McGlinchey on the play.

3. Trey Sermon has a good rush, cutting towards the middle for 5 yards.

4. Nate Sudfeld hits Ray-Ray McCloud for a 10-yard out. Samuel Womack was in coverage.

5. Brock Purdy finds Jordan Mason in the flat for a three-yard completion, then Mason gets five more yards after the catch. Purdy was sacked by Kerry Hyder and another defender on the play.

6. Brock Purdy throws an incompletion to Austin Mack. The ball was on target, but Deommodore Lenoir was in coverage and recorded the pass breakup.

7. Trey Lance throws a deep incompletion intended for Brandon Aiyuk. Lance was sacked by Kevin Givens, who beat Jake Brendel on the play. Lance's throw was off target, as Aiyuk was covered very well by Charvarius Ward, with both Talanoa Hufanga and Jimmie Ward in the near vicinity. The ball landed out of bounds.

8. Trey Lance throws a deep incompletion intended for Deebo Samuel. There was an overload blitz on the play, causing immediate pressure, and the receiver-quarterback duo appeared to be on the wrong page, as Samuel ran a 20-yard out-route, while Lance threw a 40-yard go-route.

9. Nate Sudfeld completes a 3-yard checkdown to Jeff Wilson Jr, who gets seven yards after the catch.

10. Brock Purdy pitches the ball to JaMycal Hasty, who cuts back behind the line of scrimmage into Jordan Willis, gaining 0 yards.

11. Brock Purdy hits Tanner Hudson for 8 yards on an out-route. Segun Olubi was in coverage.

Red Zone Session

1. Elijah Mitchell rushes for a few yards.

2. Elijah Mitchell cuts back to the middle, gaining five yards. Daniel Brunskill and Spencer Burford had great blocks on the play, paving the way for a successful run.

3. Trey Lance rolls out on a bootleg, hitting Brandon Aiyuk on the run towards the far sideline. Aiyuk kept both feet in for the touchdown grab. Pressure was coming in from Lance's backside as he made the throw.

4. Trey Lance hits JaMycal Hasty on a five-yard checkdown, who then turns upfield into the end zone. I didn't rule this as a touchdown because I believed with pads, the play wouldn't have extended as far as it did, but a good play nonetheless.

5. Nate Sudfeld hits Deebo Samuel for a 7-yard gain. Ambry Thomas was close in coverage, as was Segun Olubi, who saw action with the second-team defense.

6. Trey Sermon rushes for a short gain, but there was a flag on the play.

7. Jeff Wilson Jr. rushes for a two-yard gain to the right side.

8. Nate Sudfeld hits Brandon Aiyuk in the end zone, who makes an acrobatic catch while keeping both feet in for a touchdown. Ka'Darr Hollman was in coverage.

9. Jeff Wilson Jr. has a good cut to the right side for four yards.

10. Brock Purdy hits Tanner Hudson on a 5-yard out-route.

Stats for Tuesday:

Trey Lance: 3/9, 1 TD, 2 dropped pass
Nate Sudfeld: 8/8, 1 TD
Brock Purdy: 3/6, 1 INT(dropped pass on the play)
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