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49ers Training Camp Day 6 Breakdown: 11-on-11s

Rohan Chakravarthi
Aug 3, 2022 at 7:00 AM

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The San Francisco 49ers had their second padded practice on Tuesday, and with it came their second 1-on-1 session between receivers and defensive backs, as well as the first battle between offensive and defensive linemen. Additionally, there were three 11-on-11 scrimmages, which was one more session than the other practices so far.

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Here's a play-by-play recap of all the plays from the scrimmage sessions:

1st Scrimmage Session

1. Trey Lance rushes for 1-yard on an RPO keeper. Daniel Brunskill picked up Fred Warner, while Aaron Banks picked up Javon Kinlaw on the play.

2. Trey Lance hits Brandon Aiyuk for a 25-yard gain. Trent Williams had a great rep on Nick Bosa on the play, while there was good protection overall.

3. Trey Sermon rushes for a 3-5 yard gain. The defensive line got there quickly.

4. Tyrion Davis-Price rushes for five yards.

5. Trey Sermon rushes to the right end for 10 yards. Alex Barrett was originally in the backfield, but Sermon cut to avoid him and completed the rush.

6. Nate Sudfeld hits Deebo Samuel, who makes the catch in traffic, for 15 yards.

7. Brock Purdy is sacked by multiple defenders. He continues the play, hitting Josh Hokit for 5 yards.

8. Tyrion Davis-Price drops the pitch from Brock Purdy, killing the play for a loss. Left tackle Sam Schlueter had made a good block on the play, and it likely would've been good yardage.

9. Brock Purdy hits Danny Gray for a 12-yard slant. Tariq Castro-Fields, playing soft off the line, was in coverage.

10. Tyrion Davis-Price rushes for a two-yard gain. Azeez Al-Shaair was there.

11. Trey Sermon rushes for three yards. There was no room to rush further.

12. Trey Lance throws a 20-yard incompletion to Brandon Aiyuk. The ball was out a little too far in front of Aiyuk and Emmanuel Moseley was in coverage. There was good protection on the play.

13. Tyrion Davis-Price rushes for six yards. There was good run-blocking on the right side on the play.

14. Jordan Mason rushes for six yards. He was quick and decisive with his cuts, making the most of the play.

15. Nate Sudfeld finds Austin Mack for a completion of 0 yards. Dontae Johnson was in coverage on the play.

16. Trey Lance hits George Kittle for a 20-yard gain with Talanoa Hufanga in coverage. Aaron Banks had a nice rep on Javon Kinlaw.

17. Trey Lance finds Marcus Johnson for a six-yard gain. Lance was sacked on the play in a coverage sack, holding the ball a little too long. Johnson was met with a hit by Fred Warner after the play, which Brandon Aiyuk took exception to for the second time on the day, and the two embraced in a brawl.

18. Trey Lance's pass is batted at the line of scrimmage. There was a false start on the play.

19. Nate Sudfeld finds JaMycal Hasty for 8 yards in the flat.

20. Nate Sudfeld hits Tanner Hudson for a 10-yard pass. There was good protection on the play.

21. Nate Sudfeld finds Brandon Aiyuk for a 20-yard pass. Aiyuk had a great release on rookie Samuel Womack, who was tailing the receiver tightly. It was a good ball from Sudfeld.

22. Nate Sudfeld finds Jordan Mason for 12 yards with Ka'Darr Hollman in coverage.

23. Brock Purdy finds JaMycal Hasty for 5 yards. Qwuantrezz Knight was first to the ball-carrier.

24. Jordan Mason rushes for three yards to the right side. Alfredo Gutierrez false-started on the play.

25. Trey Lance hits Kyle Juszczyk for a 1-yard gain.

26. Trey Lance hits Deebo Samuel on a screen, who gets 15 yards after the catch. The pass was high, but Samuel corraled it and made the most of the play.

27. Trey Lance hits Trey Sermon for a 2-yard gain. Dre Greenlaw was there immediately.

28. Nate Sudfeld throws an incompletion behind Deebo Samuel on a pass traveling about 15 yards.

29. Nate Sudfeld hits Danny Gray on a short 2-yard pass, and Gray gets 12 yards after the catch.

30. Trey Sermon rushes for 0 yards. Kemoko Turay beat Daniel Brunskill and got the initial stop.

2nd Scrimmage Session

1. Trey Lance throws an incompletion to George Kittle. Azeez Al-Shaair was in coverage. Spencer Burford held Kevin Givens on the play.

2. Trey Lance finds Deebo Samuel for a 20-yard strike over the middle. Daniel Brunskill was pushed back, but recovered enough for Lance to make the throw in a tight window.

3. Trey Sermon rushes for 10 yards, cutting the inside-zone to the right side.

4. Nate Sudfeld rushes for four yards off a bootleg. Jake Brendel had a nice rep on Jordan Willis.

5. Brock Purdy is forced to throw the ball away, as Drake Jackson immediately beat Alfredo Gutierrez on the play.

6. Brock Purdy is sacked by Drake Jackson after holding the ball too long, eventually settling for a one-yard rush outside.

7. Azeez Al-Shaair comes off the edge on a linebacker blitz, getting past the chip from Kyle Juszczyk, while sacking Trey Lance. This was one of Lance's few snaps where the pressure appeared to stunt him initially, as he was slower with his progressions, leading to the sack. It could be attributed as another coverage sack.

8. Trey Lance scrambles for five yards. Daniel Brunskill picked up the Fred Warner blitz and had a nice rep. Colton McKivitz had a nice rep as well, and Lance navigated the pocket well en route for the rush.

9. Nate Sudfeld's pass is batted by Robert Nkemdiche, who was locked with Jake Brendel on the offensive line.

10. Nate Sudfeld hits Danny Gray for a 14-yard pass. Gray caught the ball in traffic, initially being covered by Ambry Thomas, who played soft on the rep, while making the catch over George Odum in coverage.

11. Brock Purdy scrambles for 10 yards off a bootleg.

12. Trey Lance finds Brandon Aiyuk for a 6-yard gain.

13. Trey Lance is sacked by Nick Bosa, who beat Jaylon Moore. The receivers failed to get open initially, and the rep was essentially a coverage sack again.

14. Tyrion Davis-Price rushes for 10-yards, cutting back to the middle and utilizing force, laying his shoulder down and running physically.

15. Nate Sudfeld hits Danny Gray for a 40-yard catch. Gray burned Ambry Thomas and Sudfeld threw a great ball ahead of Gray.

16. Trey Lance's pass is tipped at the line of scrimmage by Samson Ebukam. Overall, there was good protection on the play.

17. Trey Sermon cuts back to the middle for 3 yards. Talanoa Hufanga was there on the play.

18. Nate Sudfeld throws a 15-yard incompletion. The blitz was there and Sudfeld overthrew the receiver.

19. Nate Sudfeld is forced to throw the ball away following another blitz.

20. JaMycal Hasty rushes for 6 yards.

21. Nate Sudfeld throws a 10-yard incompletion to Jauan Jennings. Qwuantrezz Knight made a great play, being tight in coverage and deflecting the pass from Jennings's hands.

22. Jordan Mason is stopped for a 0-yard run. This was one of Mason's worst runs of the day, as he failed to cut earlier to the right, reading the play too late.

23. Brock Purdy finds KeeSean Johnson for a 6-yard completion in the flat after being sacked by Drake Jackson, who beat Alfredo Gutierrez once again.

24. Brock Purdy throws an incompletion behind his receiver. Drake Jackson was the initial pressure, beating Alfredo Gutierrez again.

25. Trey Lance throws an 5-yard incompletion in the flat to Elijah Mitchell. The defensive line appeared to stunt Nick Bosa to the interior, where he worked against Jake Brendel, and the defensive line got pressure on the play.

26. Trey Lance rushes for three yards. On the play, Lance ran too horizontally, instead of cutting and running downfield. Talanoa Hufanga made the play.

27. The defensive line feasted all-around, as Nick Bosa beat Trent Williams, Kevin Givens beat Spencer Burford, and Samson Ebukam beat Jaylon Moore for a combined, immediate sack on Trey Lance.

28. Tyrion Davis-Price rushes to the right for six yards.

29. Nate Sudfeld throws an incompletion to Ross Dwelley with Dontae Johnson in coverage. The pass was overthrown.

30. Nate Sudfeld throws a 35-yard pass to Danny Gray, who once again burns Ambry Thomas. The pass was a little underthrown.

31. Trey Sermon rushes for a 4-yard gain, cutting from the right side to the middle on a nice play.

32. Trey Sermon rushes for a 2-yard gain. Sermon made a nice read, cutting from the middle to the left, but there wasn't enough of a hole that materialized, stopping the play.

33. Spencer Burford commits a false start.

34. Trey Lance connects with Brandon Aiyuk on a 6-yard pass, with Aiyuk gaining 6 more yards after the catch. Deommodore Lenoir was in coverage.

35. Trey Lance is forced to throw the ball away after Kyle Juszczyk is beat by Nick Bosa after picking him up.

36. Trey Lance hits Brandon Aiyuk for an 8-yard out. Aiyuk made a great catch, getting up to make the play and keeping two feet in bounds. Lance pinpointed the throw over his own receiver to hit Aiyuk.

37. Tyrion Davis-Price rushes for 0 yards on a halfback draw. Kerry Hyder was there initially and Drake Jackson beat Sam Schlueter to get into the backfield.

38. Nate Sudfeld hits Tyrion Davis-Price on a screen pass, who takes it 15 yards down the field. This was Davis-Price's best play of the day.

Stats for Tuesday:

Trey Lance: 10/16, 2 batted passes, 1 throwaway
Nate Sudfeld: 11/17, 1 batted pass, 1 throwaway
Brock Purdy: 4/6
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