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49ers Mailbag: Reactions to fans’ hot-takes

Marc Adams
Jun 21, 2022 at 3:17 PM--

The good news? We're about five weeks away from 49ers training camp. The bad news? We're about five weeks away from 49ers training camp. We are now in the slowest, most boring time of the year for football fans.

But we have you covered. We asked San Francisco 49ers fans for their hot takes or predictions regarding the team. Several responded. And now we're going to expose them (sorry—I meant "respond to" them).

Let's get to it!

Michael Arbios: Hot take is shouldn't have passed on Brady twice and keep Garoppolo, as Lance isn't ready to be the starter as proven by his poor play in the two games he started last season.

I'm not sure how 'hot' this take is, due to its age, but I agree that the 49ers should have traded Jimmy Garoppolo and signed Tom Brady during the 2020 offseason. It's hindsight, of course. But following the 2019 season, Garoppolo was coming off taking his team to the Super Bowl, and Brady hadn't looked very good that season, his final one in New England. SO, it's understandable that the 49ers stuck with the younger Garoppolo.

I was one of the ones who believed the 49ers should pass on Brady and keep Garoppolo. Clearly, I was wrong.

As for Trey Lance, I'm not sure how 10 quarters of play leads you to believe he isn't ready. We will soon find out.

Erik Goodson: Trey Lance is a top 10 QB.

@MrPTown49:Trey Lance will be a top #15 QB by season's end. Come at me!

I'm combining these two hot takes because they are very similar. Well, except for the part where @MrPTown49 challenged us to come at him. That seems a little combative for a friendly mailbag.

I do like the optimism from both guys, though. Erik may be a little too optimistic in saying Lance is a top 10 quarterback, but I hope he turns into that. And it is possible that the "come at me" guy is right with his prediction that Lance will be top 15 by the end of the season. If any coach can get that out of him, in what is basically his rookie year, it's Kyle Shanahan (see Griffin, Robert III).

Johnny Xuefing Yang: My HOT TAKE is that we could've drafted OT Tristan Wirfs (no.3 overall ranked via PFF) in 2020 or Rashawn Slater (no.9 overall ranked via PFF) in 2021 to solidify the RT!

In 2020, the 49ers traded back one spot with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and drafted Javon Kinlaw in the first round of the NFL Draft. As Johnny mentioned, they passed on Iowa tackle Tristan Wirfs. That may have been a mistake. Wirfs looks like a keeper. So far, Kinlaw has missed a lot of games due to knee problems.

But in 2021, the team drafted Lance. If Johnny is saying he'd rather have a solid right tackle over a potential star quarterback, I would have to respectfully disagree. Having a right tackle that is better than Mike McGlinchey would be nice. But having a franchise QB would be nicer.

@NotoriousGav_: Kyle Juszczyk is a tight end who can play full-back.

Kyle Juszczyk is a good receiver for a fullback. He's also a great blocker. He might make a good tight end, but I'm just not sure he has the wingspan of a tight end. He probably has better hands than many of them though. Still, I think we should leave him at fullback.

@MosesPaiewonsky: Unless Kittle & Deebo miss significant time, there is no room for an Aiyuk or Jauan Jennings break-out season. Stop getting your hopes up.

George Kittle and Deebo Samuel both play very physical styles of football. Neither likes to step out of bounds. They enjoy contact. So there is always the chance one or both could miss some time.

As far as Brandon Aiyuk and Jauan Jennings, I think a breakout season comes down to them. Aiyuk has the talent, and he's been working with Lance a lot in the offseason. Jennings is the best of the 49ers' receivers at creating separation, according to Shanahan. So they both have the opportunity to have breakout seasons.

And sorry, Moses, I'll never stop getting my hopes up. I always believe!

@danielkellybook: Trey Lance is a bust.

Well, look who joined the conversation—our friend, Daniel. I don't think I could disagree with this take or dislike this take any more than I could if it was being set to country music. There is simply no way to label Lance a bust after watching him in college (which is when Daniel labeled him as such). There have been countless great college quarterbacks who have been terrible in the NFL.

And there have been some who weren't as great in college, but have done well in the pros. A recent example is Jalen Hurts. I thought he would be a terrible NFL quarterback. As an Oklahoma fan, I watched every game he played in his senior season. I didn't think he threw the ball well. He relied way too much on his legs, and I saw that as a negative, going into the NFL. So far, he has proven me wrong.

On a positive note, at least Daniel is consistent.

@shoqmax: The 49ers will have the best secondary in the league.

I think this is a great take. The secondary will be much improved this season. Ambry Thomas and Emmanuel Moseley will be better than they were a year ago. Charvarius Ward is now a 49er. Jimmie Ward is still going to make plays. And Talonoa Hufanga should be better than he was a year ago. They may be the best secondary in the NFL. They will certainly be the best the 49ers have had since the Vic Fangio days.

@MOBLEY__ERA: 49ers secondary will combine for 14 ints.

14 interceptions is possible. They had nine as a team last season. Only seven were from the secondary. 14 is possible, but a lot will have to go right for it to happen.

@ChrisPolo__: Brock Purdy will beat out Jimmy Garoppolo for the starting job by week 8 of the regular season.

This has to be a joke, right? Chris?

I hate to break this to you, but Garoppolo won't be on the 49ers roster when August rolls around. But there is some good news, Chris. Bay Area media legend Larry Krueger is high on Brock Purdy. He believes Purdy will beat out Nate Sudfeld for the backup job. If he does, and Lance misses a game...

So there's that.

@BayJinthe: Kinlaw will be a dominant run stopper and play 14 games, TDP will have the most rushing TDs, and Charvarius Ward will be an all-pro CB this season.

Ok, let's break down these three hot takes from @BayJinthe.

  • Kinlaw better become a dominant run stopper. The defense lost D.J. Jones. Someone needs to fill that void, or this defense won't be as good as they were last season. Kinlaw has the talent. If he plays 14 games this season, he could be that guy.
  • Ty Davis-Price would probably be my prediction for most rushing touchdowns on the team, as well. I think he will get a lot of short-yardage and red zone opportunities. But don't forget about Jeff Wilson, Jr. That was once his role.
  • I'm not sure Ward will be an all-pro corner this season, but I predict he'll make the pro bowl, especially playing behind this pass rush.

@Linkadez: Drake Jackson is going to win Defensive Rookie of the Year.

I like your faith in Drake Jackson, but I'm not sure he'll have the impact you expect in year one. Don't forget that Samson Ebukam had four and a half sacks in his last five or six games last season. If Ebukam starts off like he finished last year, Jackson may be a role player in year one.

And he could be anyway. I've heard reports that contradict what 49ers players and coaches were saying when they were talking about how great Jackson looks. But it's hard to tell in May and June. In late July and August, we'll learn a lot more about Jackson and Ebukam.

Randy Sherry Mcgowan: No team in the league will trade for Garroppolo and the team ends up releasing him as soon as he can pass a physical.

Well, thanks for bringing the sunshine to the mailbag, Randy. Or Sherry. You wrecked a perfectly nice, joy-filled 49ers discussion.

But that's only because you might be right. If the 49ers can't trade Garoppolo, they will release him. I do not expect him to be on this team when training camp begins. Kittle said he hasn't heard from him. Purdy said he hasn't met or heard from him. Even the QB coach, Brian Griese, hasn't spoken with him. That is telling.

I'm at the point where I'm starting to think they may know they can't trade him but are holding on to him simply to prevent him from going to a team like Seattle, where he'd have an offseason to learn the system and prepare.

Don't be sad, Jimmy fans. You still have the Subway commercials.

Andy Bergendorf: Trey lance/Aiyuk duo or Lance/Deebo duo?

This isn't a hot take, it's a question. I can tell by the use of a question mark. Impressive how I figured that out, isn't it? But I'll respond anyway.

Samuel is made for Garoppolo's style (a short passing game that allows for yards after the catch). I'm sure the 49ers will use him similarly with Lance, but probably not as much in the short game. And let's not forget that three of Samuel's six touchdown catches came from Lance. And the rookie played only 10 quarters.

Aiyuk's strengths play more to Lance's strengths, which would be more intermediate routes, sideline routes, etc. I still expect Samuel to be the guy, but I also expect Aiyuk to improve. After all, he had 826 yards receiving and five touchdowns in 2021, even though he was invisible the first part of the season.

@EddieVaouli: 49ers' offense will find its groove after the bye week. They'll be 5-3, in 2nd place behind the defending Super Bowl Champions.

I could live with that, especially if the offense "finds its groove after the bye week." But I don't know if the Rams will be in first place. They're going to experience what it's like to defend a Super Bowl title. They've lost some key players and will be the team everyone wants to knock off. Here's to hoping the Rams' 2022 season is a rocky one.

David Silva: We release Jimmy G for nothing extend Bosa and Samuel. Trey runs for his life with our crap offensive line and we won't be able to tell if he is good or not.

Chris Foerster would like to have a word with you, David.

I understand the offensive line concerns. But Foerster, the 49ers' offensive line coach, likes Jake Brendel, and pushed for the team to sign him. And Shanahan said he's even better than advertised. So if he is as good as they believe he can be, things may not be as disastrous as some are expecting.

It is a little scary, though. The 49ers are relying on Brendel, second-year guard Aaron Banks, and a recovering McGlinchey. If they come through and play well, the offensive line has a chance to be good. If not, it could be a long season.

Thanks for your hot takes. Our regular mailbag will be back in two weeks!
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