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No, 49er fans, Joe Staley doesn’t have tickets to sell you

Brian Renick
Jan 24, 2022 at 2:23 PM--

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Green Bay Packers Saturday night, in the snow, at frigid Lambeau Field to punch their ticket to the NFC Championship game. After the victory the team knew they would be facing either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Los Angeles Rams, depending on the result of their Divisional Round matchup Sunday afternoon.

The Rams jumped out to an early and decisive lead against the Bucs, and not long after, tweets began appearing about Ticketmaster limiting ticket sales to individuals with Los Angeles-area addresses only. This information got 49ers Twitter in an uproar, and then later, more tweets appeared from Rams fans, and even Rams' left tackle Andrew Whitworth's wife, imploring Rams season ticket holders not to sell their tickets to 49er fans.

It's obvious that the Rams organization is keenly aware of how well The Faithful travel, and they only have to look back to the Week 18 tilt to see what type of effect that has on the game. There were more 49er fans in the stands that Sunday than Rams fans, with some estimates at 60/40 or even 70/30. The Faithful were so loud that the Rams offense had to go on a silent count, an adaptation normally reserved for road games.

49ers legend Joe Staley hopped on Twitter to join in on the fun, quote tweeting Melissa Whitworth's original tweet verbatim, except telling them not to sell them to fans of their own team

Staley joined KNBR this morning, and he expects The Faithful to pack the house at SoFi on Sunday.

"It's going to be as much of a home game the Niners can have in an NFC Championship on the road," Staley said. "The Niner fans are going to be loud. The Rams are going to have to go on silent count again. All the wives of the player son the Rams side are going to be crying about it again. And I can't wait because the Niners fans are the best in the NFL, and they travel, and they're going to overtake that stadium. So let's make it happen."

Staley was asked about his tweet from Saturday, and he said, "[t]hat was funny. I'm not a huge social media person, but every once in a while, I like to get on there and stir the pot a little bit."

So is Joe going to help The Faithful make a SoFi takeover happen?

"It was more just stirring the pot," he said. "I can't tell you, today, I can't even go on social media. I can't even look at anything because I have a million requests right now. People think that I'm out here hawking tickets!"

It appears that while Staley's Twitter interaction was fun, the former left tackle is not in fact in the ticket re-selling market.

Regardless, a 49ers takeover seems pretty likely on Sunday.

You can listen to the full interview below.

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